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Welcome to
Live 3D, Learn 3D
Avatars 2000, Cyberspace for a New Millenium

Welcome to a new Millenium and a new show from the Contact Consortium!

This year Avatars 2000 in Active Worlds has proudly joined forces with Live 3D, Learn 3D!

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Avatars2000 Cyberspace for a New Millennium

Avatars2000 co-chairs, Razzle (left) and Windancer (right) posing proudly in the Avatars2000 space station main ring.We would like to welcome each and everyone of you to this year's presentation of Avatars 2000, the fifth in the Avatars series of conferences by the Contact Consortium.

This year our theme is Cyberspace for a new Millennium. Journey with us in this year's Cyberspace-Station, discover 3D worlds that you may have thought only existed in your imagination. Internet 3D is growing, the frontier is widening, and pioneer users are making headway into uncharted spaces. Explore and learn, enjoy and discover what will be the Cyberspace for the New Millennium.

Have Avatar Will Travel!

Windancer, and Razzle
Co-Chairs, Avatars2000

An extended Welcome and background information from DigiGardener (Bruce Damer), Co-Director of the Contact Consortium ( and chief running-around gopher for Avatars2000 can be found in the "About Avatars 2000" page.

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