Avatars2000 Starship C3/blaxxun Event
Face-To-Face in New York City & Virtually.. everywhere else
Saturday October 14th, 2000

Scenes from Starship C3

Virtual Address: www.starshipc3.com (Saturday, 10/14/2000)

In Person Address:
Avatars2000 Face-to-Face
Saturday, October 14th
2:00 - 5:00 EST
Open-i Media (PC Classroom)
75 Franklin Street
New York, NY (between Broadway and Church Street; near the Franklin St Station on the #9 train)

Contact: Mary Jo Fahey, mjfahey@interport.net

Preview Larry Rosenthal's 3D animated pilot called Starship C3: The Rescue! that blends Brilliant Digital and blaxxun's Internet 3D technologies. Look for details in the attached newsletter and learn why Larry chose these two technologies to create his pilot. Larry will also be available live via blaxxun's 3D chat browser to describe how he created his realtime 3D movie and chat environment.

Viewers will join the adventure by watching a three minute cliffhanger in which the crew of the Starship USC3 Hugo fall victim to the same fate as the vessel they've been sent to find. Viewers will then be able to interact with each other in 3D environments using avatars of the characters in the story.

Click Here for the PDF version of the invitation flyer


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