Schedule of Events

SATURDAY October 14th:
Sneak preview of AV00 presented at VLearn3D 2000 ( in front of a live audience at UC Santa Cruz after 2pm Pacific Time.

SUNDAY October 15th:
12 noon US Pacific TIme (GMT-8, 5pm VRT):
We "open the doors" to the main Cyber-Spacestation "AV00" and other worlds

12:30pm PST - 4:30pm PST:
Speaker tracks will be running in the AV00VDR hub sections, visit AV00vhub to enter the speaker areas.

Tracks include: Designing Worlds that Work
Learn 3D: Educational Worlds
Live3D: Stories from Avatar Cyberspace
Calling all Colonists!
Its About Community
Keep those ships in orbit in the Tech Track
General Interest Sessions

12:30pm PST - 4:30pm PST:
Special presentations in:

Out of this World Art Gallery ring in AV00Art
Earthside Webcam ring in AV00cams
Outer Planets World Tours, special events in-world in AV00tour

Calls go out for gathering in the world AV00Avvy

W e start the Avvy Awards

A ttendees will be treated to a "cosmic" experience, so stick around! Later: Party on!

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