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Speaker Tracks

  1. The State of the Metaverse
    • building the New Cyberspace
    • Is the vision materializing?
    • Visions and predictions
  2. Making Worlds that Work
    • Design and architecture of spaces
    • Avatar designs
    • Events, how to plan and host them
    • Gaming comes to worlds
    • Worlds for Learning
    • Virtual universities and schools
  3. Live3D: Stories from Avatar Cyberspace
    • humour in Virtual Worlds
    • Human stories behind the avatars
  4. Its About Community
    • Governance
    • Resolving disputes
    • Building your community
  5. Tech Track
    • Object modeling
    • Building bots
    • Caretaking your server
  6. General Interest Sessions
    • Is there life outside of Virtual Worlds?


Presentations are fluid experiences within the context of this experimental medium. Please be patient and be prepared :>) The report from the first conference is available at : http:// ETC. We are incorporating many lessons learned from that first program, and expect to learn many more from this years activities.

Specific presentation times will be communicated by the track coordinators and/or moderators. Please plan on attending your entire session, so that you can be available to jump in to fill a slot in the event of a network failure or other problem. Time allotted for each speaker will be determined by the track coordinator and enforced by the panel moderator. In general, 2/3 of the allotted time should be allocated to the presentation and the final 1/3 of the allotment should be reserved for Q/A session. Check with the moderator in advance of your session.

More Guidelines

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