In each of the seven Lord of the Rings worlds that you see on this site is a hidden object. Your task is to use the clues below to locate the object inside it's respective world.

Can you solve the riddles? Do you have what it takes, clever one?


Clue #1

Put this aside and join the celebration.
You may pick it up again for your protection once the revelry has ended.

Clue #2

A mighty weapon for a small warrior has been left
where many travelers’ feet have trod.

Clue #3

While arrows are preferred in this magical domain,
this weapon will do nicely to keep unwanted visitors at bay.

Clue #4

Such an adornment shall lay in the dark world
until it once again crowns the terrible & beautiful.

Clue #5

Smooth ribbons of gold, their paths intertwine.
The elves have the answer well in hand.

Clue #6

The friend of Hobbits pays a visit to his favourite keeper.
This steely aggressor will not be needed until the visit ends.

Clue #7

One half of the powerful duo.
A perilous place for such a precious thing.