Adobe® Atmospere world designers have created some stunning 3D worlds to take you into the land of Middle Earth. From the lighthearted Hobbiton to the dark and ominous Khazad Dum you can travel the paths as the characters did in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

Click the pictures to enter these worlds. If you do not already have the Adobe® Atmospere browser plug-in, it will be automatically downloaded so you can view these worlds.


Hobbit Party (main entry point)

designed by Shawn Johnson (Whystler)

Hobbit Hill

designed by Shawn Johnson (Whystler)


designed by JamesSF

Council of Elrond

designed by Francesca Crolley

Galadriel's Mirror

designed by Heart

Khazad Dum

designed by Greg Henle


designed by Lace

Hobbit Hole Gallery

designed by Shawn Johnson (Whystler)