Avatars 97 Daily Schedule Grids
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Daily Grids
Wednesday Oct 22 Thursday Oct 23 Friday Oct 24

Wednesday Oct 22nd Schedule Grid
26th Floor

Time Room 2601/02 Room 2603 Room 2605

Registration in 2nd floor room 8/9, Setup of exhibits room 2608

1:00-2:30 Designing Worlds that Work Avvywood

Virtual World Universities


Break, coffee service

3:00-4:00 Grand Tour of the Virtual
Landscape circa 1997
Down at the
Render Farm

VRML Consortium 1: Avatar Standards

4:00-5:00 Grassroots Virtual Community Plumbing the Underworld

VRML Consortium 2: Living Worlds

Reception Follows

New Media Minds/NTT Forum and
Avatars 97 Conference Opening Plenary Panel

Yerba Buena Gardens Theater
3rd and Howard, San Francisco

2nd Floor
Note that on Wednesday, registration is on the second floor in room 8/9. Registration moves to room 2604 on the 26th floor on Thursday and Friday. No other activities are planned for the second floor.


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