Avatars 97 Party Photo Gallery

Dan Bernstein and his Avatar, Leola!
Dan says "See you at Avatars98"

Come as Your Own Avatar Party Scenes
This fabulous post conference party and Avvy Awards was held at the Anon Salon in San Francisco on October 24, 1997

Avvy Awards winner C. Scott Young accepts his prize

Peter Hughes shape changing as a butterfly av.

Peter Hughes again!

Leola's head, as seen by JM Valera

Galen Brandt in a fabulous avatar, nearly matching her radiant persona

Conference audio pro Chris Gordon in one of the best costumes of the event

Jm Valera, famed Microphone Training Wizard, takes a hapless av hostage

Screen capture of the Avatars 97 VOCE

Magenta doing her wondrous candelabara dancing
at the close of the Avatars 97 party

Conference Chair and Contact Consortium Co-founder Bruce Damer
in his Jalaba robes from Cairo accepting the light from Magenta

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