Avatars 97 Photos: the Sessions

Spoonman Mark Petrakis in his session on All the (virtual) world's a stage

More Conference Session Scenes

Jerry McDonough, Jim Funaro and T.L. Taylor speak on the role of Anthropology in virtual worlds

Attendees at the SRT/Stuart Gold remote session on TheU Virtual University and the launch of the architecture competition
AlphaWorld from Space
Chip Morningstar in his session on the history of virtual worlds

Frank Revi and Karen Marcelo in the Biota.org session on Nerve Garden

Jerry Brown, former Governor of California, talks about voting and civic structure in virtual communities and how to bring that to use in reall communities of place

Charles Ostman navigates the virtual terraform in his Biota.org session

Unlabeled session

Amy Jo Kim et al in the session on designing worlds that work

Tom Reiss about to don his VR glasses and demonstrate how he can thereby walk, suffering Parkinsons

Tom walks into our imagination and admiration in Galen Brandt's virtual healing session, repeated at lunch due to popular demand


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