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Exhibit Hall to Open for Booking After November 7th!

Where will the exhibition take place?
The Avatars98 exhibition, complete with booths, art show, webcam walls and discussions with noted speakers, will take place in a variety of worlds online. Due to the gracious donation of a large world by Circle of Fire Studios, we will host a significant portion of these activities in the AV98 world in Active Worlds, including booths (or stands as you British say) in a main tradeshow hall. We encourage you all to download and install Active Worlds so you can experience this part of the show (Windows only, sorry Mac/Unix users!). If you can't get Active Worlds to run on your system (even under emulation), you can still experience the events in the other worlds. Note only that, through the magic of database technology, even if you can't run Active Worlds, you will still be able to build a booth in the AV98 main hall (more details to follow)! Of course, you can still arrange to have a booth made (or make it yourself) in the other world platforms and we will tie you in to the main event page.

Who can have a booth and how much does it cost?
Avatars98 is a fundraiser for the Contact Consortium so we are asking for donations for the booths in the most central high traffic area of the main hall of our AV98 world in Active Worlds. The rates for these booths are as follows:

  • $100 US for an 8 by 8 meter booth in the main island
  • $200 US for an 8 by 16 meter booth in the main island
  • $400 US for a 16 by 16 meter booth in the main island

Preview our Glorious Line of Booths from the AV98 Main Hall!
superior virtual conference hall design brought to you by the great team of Koolworlds, construction and Stuart Gold, Architecture

What can I do at my booth?
There will be a variety of choices of booth layout and accessories, such as signage, images and text billboards, animations, and teleporters. You can opt to have someone at your booth for part of or the whole day or talk to us about getting a custom made bot, which can talk to people and answer questions. You can link your webpages, webcams, audio and video streams and teleport visitors to your own ongoing discussion pod. Of course, your booth will be advertised in the Big Board, the conference program.

What about free booths for volunteer groups?
There are a lot of you out there putting in your all for the betterment of virtual world cyberspace. In recognition of this and to serve the community good, we will be offering a large number of freebie booths (small 8 by 8 meter booths) in part of the AV98 world conference floor. You will get signed up by filling out the form, just like the paying customers, and your booth will be advertised in the Big Board, the conference program.

How do I get signed up for a booth?
Getting a booth in the AV98 world will be as easy as filling in a web form. Booth signup will be available after November 7th so check back to this page for updates. Feel free to contact us today and let us know you intend to book a booth. Also, we recommend that you get signed up on the Newsfeed for updates on when bookings will open.

Accessories for your booth

See our gallery of accessories to decorate your booth:

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