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Here are just some of the Face-to-Face Physcial Location Event spots or "Nodes" for Avatars98. Feel free to contact the F2F node host directly to arrange to attend the event closest to you. Remember, nodes are volunteer events, and the node host decides what is going on there and whether they can accommodate guests.

Just like John Glenn did here, get your location front and center with a webcam broadcast from your location!

If you would like to host an event in your town, all you need is a computer connected into one or more of the conference worlds and some friends to share the experience with. By listing yourself and your email here, you make it possible for folks in your area to contact you and possibly share your event's connection to the conference. Contact us and tell us your location, email address and any URL you would like listed, and we will add you.


United States (alphabetical by state)


Mexico and Central America

Stand by for Central American and Mexican Locales

United Kingdom

Western Europe (alphabetic by country)


Central and Eastern Europe


  • South Africa Locations to be announced

Australia and New Zealand

The Far East

  • Nagoya Japan: Nagoya University (contact Christopher Boudreau)
  • Singapore:I will round up a group of volunteers to promote online volunteering to all visitors starting at 20:00 local time. See this page for more details (contact J.M. Cheng)
  • Beijing China: at the IPM Information and Software Technology, a laboratory of Plant Protection Department at the China Agricultural University (CAU). See the lab website at: www.ipmchina.cn.net/ipmist (contact Zuorui Shen)

Southern Asia

  • India locations to be announced

Middle East

South America

  • Brazil and Peru and Argentina locations to be announced

The Carribean

On Orbit

  • We're working on it (NASA?)

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