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Event Host:
the Contact Consortium

Event Producer:
DigitalSpace Corporation


Avatars98, Inside Cyberspace and Everywhere, is the third annual conference of the Contact Consortium. The event is hosted by the Consortium and its Special Interest Groups. Additional support is provided by Consortium Corporate and Institutional Members. Substantial volunteer participation is coming from Consortium Individual Members. The website and event virtual world AV98 is produced by DigitalSpace Corporation, notably Bruce Damer and Stuart Gold working with volunteer members of the Consortium including webster Anita Roy Dobbs and many others.

Avatars98 is produced by Digitalspace Corporation as an in-kind contribution to the Contact Consortium. Digitalspace specializes in producing virtual and physical events. We invite you to contact us to produce your happening inside cyberspace!

Learn more about the history and philosophy behing Avatars98 on the About Avatars98 and Digi's Welcome pages.

Opportunities for sponsorship and other volunteer contributions are available. Please feel free to contact us.

Avatars98 Homepage

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