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A look at Avatars98 Discussion Pods
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If you signed up as a speaker for Avatars98, given time in the schedule and a fit with our conference themes, you may have opted to select to speak in Active Worlds (a Windows-only environment). If you did, we will customize a discussion pod just for you. Here are views of a generic discussion pods to get you used to the space you will occupy with others attending your session..

View of discussion pod inside the Av98 hall. We are looking down from the front entrance, where attendees of your session will be teleported to.

Coming into the pod, with session title on the top banner, your name, affiliation, time below. These will be taken from the items you entered on your speaker form.

Speaker on stage (if you choose to stand here) with an image, web text, and URLs in the background and on the side panels. There are also objects indicating weblinks and other signage available.

When you have filled out your speaker form and wish to use a discussion pod for your track you should contact us about coming in to see your pod and even be present when it is built.

Avatars98 Homepage

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