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AV98 Ground Zero and two live webcasts from the Digigarden (in-world) and the Electronic Cafe Santa Monica (webcast on the right) click to get a larger image

See our Avvy Award Pages including scenes from the ceremony

Images of the live Avatars98 event at the Digital Garden in Santa Cruz California, unofficial conference HQ!

Daphne's great photo pages on Avatars98 (parse through all five!)

John Passalacqua's images and report on Avatars 98

Victoria Popdan's Avatars98 pages from ACCD.

Seth Dobie's pages on the ECafe Santa Monica event, including live pictures

The New York VRML SIG's Avatars98 coverage including: images of Larry Rosenthal's Stardock Alpha world and some great Avatars

Bonnie DeVarco's images of the educators' track in Pod 2

Video Resources

freeplayer_g2.gif (1187 bytes)

Stuart Gold on Stuart Gold: Stuart Gold of Shadow and Light Productions created this interview with Avatars98 Chief Architect Stuart Gold. This was taken of Stuart (San Marco to his in-world friends) live at the Digigarden location (HQ so to speak) of Avatars98. Note that you must have Realplayer G2 installed to view this file.

Allan Lundell produced this great documentary piece which captured the event at the Digital Garden in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The Avvy Awards were captured live in this segment and Allan inserted cubical views of the finalists.

BoulderMan's great Avatars98 video clips including live singing from the Boulder Colorado node for Av98 in Traveler.

Jun Moriya's video walkthroughs of Avatars98 and other worlds. He also produced an Avatars98 report page in Japanese.

Audio Resources

Av98 Radio (Karen Lake Americas "Presentation Doctor") playing at AV98 ground zero attached to the microphone

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Karen Lake's interview with Bruce Damer (you need realplayer G2 to hear this). Also seee the Powerhouse Profile of Bruce.

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