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Roland's Session

Roland Vilett, along with Ron Britvich, is a key part of the engineering team that brought us Alphaworld and then Active Worlds. Roland worked on the client interface side and now directs development on the server side as well. In this session he talks about the history and reasoning behind features in AW and takes questions about new features and the future of the platform.

Logs courtesy Bruce Damer and HenrikG

* Active Worlds chat session: Sat Nov 21, 1998 2:21 PM *

Immigration Officer: ALL: Roland will be giving a talk on the brief history of the development of AW and features developed and to be developed..

Roland Getting Started

Roland: um, hello?
Zeke: where is it going to be ??
Mauz: hi Roland
Little Cupid: There you are roland! Wooohooo!!!
HenrikG: hi Roland.. your late! haha
Uldor: Hi Roland
Little Cupid: ALL: Roland will be giving a talk on the brief history of the development of AW and features developed and to be developed.. BIGBOARD NOW
Uldor: I got here just in time
Cara: Hello Roland
Little Cupid: Is this the BIGBOARD? Kewl!
Peacekeeper 59: Hi Roland
Peacekeeper 58: hi Roland
MaiTai: wow, you know thee imagration officer Little ?
Zeke: Hi Roland !!
Uldor: should be more ppl than this
Little Cupid: heh heh MaiTai - he's my Uncle *grin*
Zeke: yeah ... you'd think so Uldor !!
Little Cupid: roland? are you the lady av?
Mauz: people don't know where bigboard is :)
Uldor: maybe they don't all know
MaiTai: <----should get to know Lttle, mybe she can put a good word in for me !! *wink*
Little Cupid: hah hah MaiTai - good word? LOL
Runs Deep: ummm is this where roland is speaking?
MaiTai: :-)
Roland: hi
Kasper Voyager: Here :-)
Little Cupid: Sure is!
Little Cupid: Kasper!! Wooohooo!!!
selda: where is Roland speaking?
Runs Deep: soo?
Little Cupid: Here
Mauz: hi Kasper :)
Runs Deep: are u speaking?
MaiTai: yeppers, thats a "big board"all right
Zeke: Hey Roland ... good to see you ... nice dress ... *wink*
digigardener: roland is on the air
digigardener: air
Kasper Voyager: Hi Mauz :-)
Uldor: shhhh don't tell hime Zeke
icey: were is rowland holding his speech
Roland: ahem
LaurieAnn: oh
Zeke: oh well ... so much for the dress ... ;o)
icey: hi roland
Little Cupid: LOL
Roland: um, hello?
MaiTai: how do you read it, I have'nt finshed collage yet
Roland: hehe
Mauz: nice bunny Roland
Little Cupid: Helllloooo roland! *bows*
icey: will it be pod 1?
Roland: I'm on a P133 here with a flaky modem, so bear with me :)
Kasper Voyager: We hear you LOUD and clear Roland :-)
MaiTai: hi Roland *heathy hand shack*
BinaryBud: aaaaawwwww
Roland: if I suddenly vanish I'll reconnect as quick as possible
Roland: :)

icey: lol
Chloe: digi how do we get to where roland is speaking? i don't see him on the big board? :(
Roland: okay
icey: :-)
Mauz: right here Chloe :)
Little Cupid: Chloe - he's here. LOL
icey: where are you gonna speak roland?
Uldor: right here Chloe
"tuna girl": hi hi
Uldor: hehehe
Little Cupid: Have the av's changed again? Roland is female???
LaurieAnn: :)
Roland: so I don't really have a formal presenation prepared for this...I've been to busy watching the Star Wars preview again and again...
Roland: and again...
MACgator: hi all
MaiTai: Look out Roland, your fans a flooding in on ya !!
Little Cupid: Eeeeek!!! <thwack>
racgator: hi
Roland: but here's what I'd like to do
HenrikG: you can do that when you retire Roland:)
Little Cupid: mac and rac *waves* ;-)))
Chloe: HG when you find it lemme know//i'll join ya :)
Roland: I'd like to start out with a brief history of the development of Active Worlds
icey: here? yes that's good
MACgator: hi LC :o))
racgator: hi little
Roland: this should be a fun review for those of you who have been around since the beginning
Little Cupid: Kewl ;-)))
MaiTai: <---thinks Litle is popular
Zeke: cool !
Roland: and interesting for those of you who are more new to online VR :)
Runs Deep: shhhhh
Little Cupid: LOL
Roland: then I want to give my brief opininon of where we currently are, and where we are going
racgator: go for it roland:-)
MACgator: *chanting* Roland,,Roland,,roland LOL
Roland: and then open it up to a general discussion about the AW technology, inclyuding Q&A
MACgator: hiya Mai Tai:o))
HenrikG: <leaning back with a beer> :)
Little Cupid: Kewl ;-)))
Roland: for as much time as we have


AW History Lesson

Roland: okay back
LaurieAnn: thinks Roland got cut off
racgator: roland...when do you begin your talk??
Little Cupid: WB ;-)))
icey: he can leave his hat on
MACgator: YS :o))
Little Cupid: LaurieAnn! *waves*
HenrikG: hi Shamus:)
MaiTai: WB, poland, did you put close on ?
racgator: hi young long time:-)) nice to see you
Roland: I'm on a new computer now, last one kept dropping its modem
MaiTai: roland, sorry
Uldor: now I'm disoriented
racgator: k roland
Kasper Voyager: wb
racgator: hi uldor:-))
Zeke: cool av there Roland !!
Roland: okay
racgator: hi henrik
MaiTai: just washed my hands and I can't do a thing with them !!
Roland: so let's start with the histry of AW...I'll try o cover this as quickly as possible
racgator: lol mai
Roland: development on AW first started in early 1995 at Worlds Inc
MACgator: *wonders if roland will mention protagionist* ;))
Roland: for the first six months or so all work was done by a single programmer, Ron Britvich
Roland: aka Protagonist
Little Cupid: Wooohooo!!!
MACgator: lol
LaurieAnn: *clap*
Roland: I joined Worlds Inc. in September of 1995 and started working on AW with Ron shortly there after
racgator: well said roland
Roland: By then Ron was already up to build 38
"Bill": hello
Roland: so I don't know much about the builds befor then :)
HenrikG: they were slower ..hehe
Roland: so I'm not sure how many people remember build 38, but it was a...tad...bit less sophisticated than what we have now :)
racgator: hi bill
icey: maybe more difficult work henrik
Ewasx: heheh
BinaryBud: :)
Chloe: :)
Roland: basically we had a three dee window and a field for entering chat text
"tuna girl": ‚ف[
Roland: there was only one avatar, the immortal Cy
Chloe: no prpeties box
Roland: there was only one world, AlphaWOrld
Roland: you could build
racgator: LOL remember it well:-))
Roland: most of the time :)
Little Cupid: LOL
Kasper Voyager: :-)
Zeke: hahahaha
Roland: to become a citizen, you had to immigrate via a web page
Chloe: took me an hour and 1/2 to run to my place :)
racgator: lol chloe
MACgator: lol chloe
Roland: the system emailed you back an "immigration number" that you had to enter in order to be come a citizen
LaurieAnn: lol
Roland: it was an ingenious way to keep people from creating a zilliion ciitzenships, since you could only have one citizen account per email
Roland: address
MaiTai: <-----stands by little in hopes her uncle shows up, and she interduces me :-)
MACgator: then hotmail happened LOL
Little Cupid: LOL MaiTai
Chloe: no teleports
Roland: the first thing I added to AW was the first "action" commands...
rypp: *clap*
Little Cupid: Wave?
Roland: teleport, bump, visible on/off, etc...
MaiTai: Good call roland
Ewasx: ahhh
Roland: this allowed people to add a little bit of behavior to their buildings
Little Cupid: Oh! *blush* Like I really know building.
Roland: it was very primitive, but a big step forward nonetheless...
racgator: im sure it was
Kasper Voyager: Teleport command was restricted at first
Roland: most of those action commands are still with us today...amazingly enough
Roland: they are starting to show their age I would say :)
Chloe: cause they're GOOD! :)
Ewasx: : )
racgator: mmmm
MaiTai: they eork, thats what counts
LaurieAnn: yeh
MaiTai: work even
Roland: yes they work ;)
Roland: however I also fear they may be a little bit much for some new users to grasp...someday I'd like to see something a bit more user friendly...
Roland: but anyway :)
Roland: Moving on to around February 1996
racgator: i think they are user friendly....
Ezekiel: Erm hi
racgator: when i entered the program:-))
Roland: that was when AW first became a 32-bit app
HenrikG: .68 :)
Chloe: timeline: Middle
Roland: back then of course most of us were still on Win 3.1
Ezekiel: Hi JLt
Roland: but this new beast Windows 95 was starting to make the scene
Little Cupid: LOL
JLt: :-))
Uldor: it was written for win 3 ?
MACgator: 95 beta ,,,ugggh
racgator: and what a difference
Roland: so going to 32-bits was the first step to movingover to Windows 95 completely...
BinaryBud: damned if ya do damned if ya don't
MaiTai: <---bought new puter for win95
racgator: lol
Roland: also at that time, the amzing concept of "dynamic downloading" was introduced :)
Vandahl: HI LC
Roland: if y'all remember, the early AW browsers were shipped with all the art included, all textures, sounds,everything
Immigration Officer: Everybody, please deposit all trash in receptacles provided
Ezekiel: I NEED a faster connection!!!!
Roland: the install was 4 megs...in 1995
Little Cupid: :-)))
Vandahl: HI Roland
Roland: with most people on 14.4 modems still...that was a hefty dowload
Kasper Voyager: :-)
Immigration Officer: (keep your local conference world clean :)
Uldor: still is
racgator: hi van
Roland: anyway we added the ability for the browser to download the art files on the fly, from a web site
racgator: lol uldor
Vandahl: Hi Uldor, Hi Rac
MACgator: hi Van:o))
Chloe: woo!!
Sidris: hi, rac!
Uldor: Hi Van !
Chloe: hoo!
MaiTai: little, your uncle talks to much
Roland: removing the requirement that all art be shipped with the browser
Vandahl: Mac & Rac on at the same time???
Ezekiel: JLt I think I'm gonna leave there's to much slowdown even here!
Chloe: *whispers hi sidris honey :P::::)
MACgator: SIDRIS :o))
racgator: hiya sidris:-)) nice to see you again:-))
Little Cupid: heh heh MaiTai
JLt: okay..I will meet you
racgator: hub van:-))
Roland: to this day that was probably one of the most difficult-to-implement features I ever added...it was surprisingly complex
Ezekiel: k see u!
MACgator: sygate van ;)
Vandahl: Nice AV LC
Roland: anyway...that feature allowed us to move quickly to April 1996
Vandahl: Mac?? what is Sygate??
Roland: when we first introduced the amazing concept of...more than one world!
MaiTai: but its used to the max drom what I can see
Roland: wow
MaiTai: from even
Sidris: to think I started building on a 486. everything was pink!
Roland: it's not just AlphaWorld anymore...
MACgator: modem sharing van
HenrikG: Colony:)
racgator: lol sidis
Strawberry Wine: wwhat is this meeting for??????
Roland: at the time, we first called them "zones", but over time that term was dropped in favor of the less-techy sounding "worlds"
Zeke: hahahaa ... now on to Beta World ... ;o)
PNNL Booth Woman: hi cantor
Roland: Version 1.0 of AW was released in summer of 1996
Strawberry Wine: what is this meeting for??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/
MaiTai: <-----enters MaiTai into worlds
Cantor Dust: There you are
Mauz: shhh people Roland is speaking
PNNL Booth Woman: right in front of ya
Roland: for that we also managed to add....multiple avatars!
Little Cupid: ALL: Roland will be giving a talk on the brief history of the development of AW and features developed and to be developed.. BIGBOARD NOW <----- Strawberry Wine
Roland: wow
racgator: just to see how aw started and is still developing straw
Immigration Officer: Avatar Fire Walk at: AW 0N 4078W (join them but come back).. ECafe
Chloe: no more CY :(
Roland: not just Cy anymore...
MACgator: butch rocks
HenrikG: Cy was enough.. <stern look>
MaiTai: thought it was a game at first
Roland: and also, I believe at more or less the samem time we added avatar animations
Strawberry Wine: ok Mauz
Strawberry Wine: sssshhh
Kasper Voyager: Yeah
Roland: something we pretty much take for granted now...but once upon a time everyone was looking pretty...stiff
Chloe: heheeh
Little Cupid: LOL
Immigration Officer: Check out BIG BOARD and join in with speaker sessions (pods 1..6)
rypp: lol
racgator: lol
MaiTai: yeppers
Sidris: stiff Cy rocks!
MACgator: only in meta :o))
Roland: now for some reason my records of 1996 are sketchy...I don't recall exactly what was added when
MaiTai: but the women still had great legs :-)
Uldor: drugs hehehe
dZap: gravity?
Chloe: properties box
Roland: but fall 1996 saw he first best version of version 1.1
Roland: build 133 I believe
Roland: that was when we introduced the integrated web browser
LaurieAnn: my first
Strawberry Wine: do you remember when we had to use those dumb aliens at the gateway
BEM: mine too
Roland: which was a huge step forward for integrating 2D and 3D content seemlessly
HenrikG: the first set of avs were replaced for simpler to be used with animations Roland
Roland: well, for people that had IE anyway :)
Little Cupid: :-)))
Cantor Dust: grown
Roland: we also added the amazing "picture" command :)
Chloe: woo hoo!!
Kasper Voyager: I still used Netscape and wondered why it don't work :-)
Roland: something else I'm sure we all take for granted now :)
LaurieAnn: best!!
Strawberry Wine: ssshhh
racgator: true roland
Roland: but there was a time when you were limited only to the textures on the object path, nothing else
Strawberry Wine: can you people qiuet down on the talking please
Roland: the picture comman allowed people to customize their buildings and creations to a degree never before possible
Zeke: gosh ... we sure have come a LONG way !!
MaiTai: stone age VRLM
racgator: sure have zeke
Chloe: you are he only one i hear besides roland wine :\
Roland: we also added linking to WAVs and MIDIs anywhere on the web at the same time
Little Cupid: Wooohooo!!!
Ewasx: LOL
racgator: chloe???
Little Cupid: *grin*
Roland: version 1.1 also allowed textures on avatars...
MACgator: not such a good move lol,,,we want MP3 LOL
Roland: it was all flat-shaded polygons before that :)
Roland: MP3! yeah :) I want that too... hehe
"Mike": \Paige?
Little Cupid: Kewl ;-)))
rypp: will be much to download
MaiTai: the girls hated that I bet
Zeke: now all we need is an RWXMOD that will work with textures !! LOL
Uldor: seesh! that must have looked miserable
Chloe: mp3's are just as big as midi's
Kasper Voyager: When we get rid of modems... :-)
Roland: anyway...we managed to release version 1.1 in December 1996
Roland: just in time, because...
Chloe: weneed streaming audio :)
Roland: in January 1997, Worlds Inc., unable until even the very end to understand the value of what they had...
Roland: cancelled AW and laid everyone on the project off...
BinaryBud: BOO
icey: :-(
Little Cupid: <thwack> Worlds Inc!
racgator: idiots
Ole Miner: boo
MaiTai: Bad thing !!
Roland: fortunately for us, however, instead of just tossing it in the trash, they put it up for sale...
Uldor: that was a good move hehehe
Uldor: oops
MaiTai: Yaaaaa
racgator: yahhhhhooooooo
MACgator: LOL
Chloe: thanks fo JP :)
Zeke: COOL !!
BEM: Who is "they"?
Roland: so certain other individuals who DID perceive AW 's value worked their butts off for two months in order to acquire AW from Worlds
Little Cupid: "they" worlds inc
Glitha: hi drifter
runs deep: outta here pal
Roland: by the way, I wasn't one of those people...I took a two month vacataion :)
Chloe: who was that?
racgator: ohhhh no butts:-((
MACgator: we want names LOL
BEM: thx
LaurieAnn: ha
racgator: lol roland
MaiTai: <---thinks roland is wise beyond his years
Drifter: Hi glith, shhh
Roland: but by March 1997, Circle of Fire had full rights to the AW technology...and work resumed!
Ewasx: u still had no separate textures for objects at that time?
MACgator: IBM and compaq still have his cv ;))
racgator: ssssssmmmmmmmmoooooookkkkkkkkkiiiiinnnnn:-)
Roland: first day of official operations I believe was March 8, 1997
Roland: By May 1997 we had version 1.2 out
Strawberry Wine: who owned AW before COF did?
Little Cupid: Worlds Inc. LOL
MACgator: scroll back strawb
Roland: people asking questions...we'll get to Q&A at the end okay?
Chloe: Worlds.inc wine
Roland: thanks
Kasper Voyager: Worlds Inc
HenrikG: www.worlds.net
racgator: k roland...keep going man:-))
MaiTai: 10/4 good buddy
Roland: version 1.2 introduced the concept of tourists for the first time...we added this because it was becoming apparent that we needed a way to get poeple into AW quicker
Roland: the immigration process, although simple, was confusing enough people that we felt we needed an easier way for people to see it
Chloe: so that's where the lamers came form :)
Roland: somewhere around then we also introduced the amazing"sign" command :)
Roland: allowing people to customize their work even more...
Roland: actually I 'remember exactly when we added the sign command...but it was sometime around then
MaiTai: <----pys roland on the back for that one
Zeke: THANK GOD (Roland?) for the SIGN command !!
MaiTai: pats
Roland: sorry, I mean, I can't remember...anyway
Chloe: we read typos roland hon...tis ok :)
Netropolis: it was before july/96 for sure :)
Roland: version1.2 also introduced the object password...since object theft was becoming a rapant problem
Roland: rampant
Netropolis: oops.. sorry about that :)
racgator: lol net
MACgator: nice word rampant
rypp: hehe
Roland: it allowed people to protect their hard work with a password so others couldn't just take their models and use them elsewhere
MaiTai: I can't remimber my own Bday, don't feel bad
Roland: an ability, interestingly enough, till completely missing from the web today
Roland: still
racgator: yeah true
Roland: also summer 1997 saw the first introduction of a new product...the uniserver
Zeke: activeworlds is pioneering a LOT of technologies ahead of everyone else ... for sure !!
Roland: for the first time, someone (with a a lot of money :) could run their own AW universe separate from COF's
MaiTai: cutting eddge
racgator: lol
kato: will real voice ever come into aw roland?
Uldor: wow, they had unis all the way back then
Ewasx: Univac's little brother
kato: or just telegrams
kato: and type
MaiTai: yepper, and it cost !!
Roland: this is still an emerging concept...but now there are at least half a dozen different AW universes that I know of
Roland: more on that later :)
Zeke: gosh ... that many ??? WOW
Uldor: seesh!!
Roland: August 1997 saw the release of 1.3
Peacekeeper 59: There will be a question and answer period when rland is done with his talk
Roland: in my opinion, probably the most significant new version of 1.3 to date
Roland: it introduced most of the new features that shape AW as we know it today
racgator: yip
Roland: including...
Roland: the worlds list'
Roland: the contacts list
Roland: telegrams
Roland: joining
Roland: eject
Little Cupid: :-)))
MaiTai: <----thinks back to the good old dats
Roland: privilege paswords
MaiTai: days
Chloe: boo hiss "eject"
Chloe: mute :
Roland: and fully integrated HTML hel
racgator: :-(( dont like the eject....however Q&A later:-))
Roland: yes Q&A later :)
Roland: those were just the biggest chnges:)
Strawberry Wine: shhhh roland is taling
MaiTai: much needed ones
MACgator: eject is ok,,,its the ejectors
Roland: and then, with build 177, in September 1997, something shocking and terrifying appeared...
Little Cupid: LOL
Strawberry Wine: talking
MaiTai: Ekkkk
Roland: the registratinscreen :)
Chloe: lol
racgator: LOL
Roland: oops
BinaryBud: hehe
Roland: registration screen
MaiTai: heck broke out in worlds !!
racgator: $20 isnt too bad:-))
Roland: since this is a technical presentaation I don't want to go into the details of why that was added :)
MACgator: boo hoo,,my poor $20
Roland: suffice to say, it kept us busy for a good month getting it in :)
Roland: and on October 8. 1997. registration was first switched on
Roland: and AW citizenship was no longer free...ah well
Strawberry Wine: i remember that
Strawberry Wine: i was shocked
Roland: :)
MaiTai: it helps keep the rifraf out I think too
Uldor: a day that will live in infamy
racgator: lol mai
Zeke: LOL@Uldor.com
MACgator: I'm rif raf and I paid ;))
Uldor: hehehe
Roland: then work started on version 2.0
Ewasx: LOL
MaiTai: hahah
Rifraf: lol
racgator: lol
"tuna girl": .....
Strawberry Wine: i need to talk to you Uldor after this is over
Roland: in some ways, less of a major version feature-wise, but behind the scenes 2.0 involved an ambitious re-implementation of much of the underlying client/server architecture
Uldor: k Strawberry
Zeke: To say the least ... when I show version 2.0 of AW to people ... they can't believe something like it already exists on the internet
Roland: AW was growing fast, and it had outgrown some of the limitations present in 1.3
Roland: among other things, the avatar limit was raised from 12 to 50
Roland: making discussions like this one possible :)
Little Cupid: Kewl ;-)))
BEM: and the contact list too
Ewasx: : )
Zeke: NICE !
racgator: yiiiiiippppppeeeeee
Uldor: Yay!
"Bill goats": hmmm
The Observer: cool
Roland: multiple objet selection was added, a nice tool for builders
"Bill goats": does anybody know where the cyberlife booth is?
MACgator: and you dont have to grant PS Status LOL
Roland: and everyone's favorite new feature, the VRT clock :)
Ewasx: : ) : ) : )
Little Cupid: Wooohooo!!!
BinaryBud: :)
MACgator: should be GMT
racgator: yeahhhhhh
Chloe: :)
Zeke: yeah ... now I don't EVER know what time it is !! LOL
MaiTai: <----puts hands togeather in claping mostion
BinaryBud: BB stares at the BB :)
Roland: we also raised the infamous cell data limit
racgator: lol zeke
Crow: my favorite no feture was the awm files.... :)
Roland: keeping the hated building inspector at bay for a little while longer :)
MaiTai: hahaha,
Zeke: that was good and bad ... LOL
Ewasx: made the BI more tolerant huh?
MaiTai: he did'nt mean it little, we all love him
Bluescruiser: <cheers for Roland>
Roland: more on the techy side, we dropped the use of an internet protocol known as UDP
kato: 9.8n 0.6w..cyber life booth
kato: :-)
Little Cupid: LOL MaiTai!
Crow: I turned my BI into a BD
Strawberry Wine: sshhhh blue
Uldor: oh um Yay ! I guess hehehe
Roland: UDP had been used since the beginning to implenent the chat and avatars
Roland: it was a great solution in theory, unfortunately in practice it didn't work for too many different people
Roland: so it was dropped...and th reliability of AW went up quite a bit
Zeke: UDP = Unknown Destination Packets ... LOL
Kasper Voyager: It's all TCP now?
Roland: also 2.0 introduced message sets for the first time
MaiTai: <---never had problems with aw ..... NOT!!!
Roland: allowing the creation of non-english versions of the browser for the first time
Ewasx: : )
Zeke: nice job Roland !!
racgator: wow....sounds great...i didnt know that:-)) well done...*clap*
Roland: this summer saw the release of the beta of the new SDK
racgator: software development kit:-))
Roland: this is a powerful new tool for developers to add new behaviors to worlds like weve never seen before
CornwallUK: hi
MACgator: hi Cornwall:o))
CornwallUK: what tool?
racgator: hi corn:-)) how are you:-))
CornwallUK: hiya Mac
Zeke: I wanna get my hands on the SDK !!
Roland: some of you may have witnessed the first ever SOCCER GAME we had in AW just a few days ago
Little Cupid: Wooohooo - botball!
Roland: :)
racgator: yes roland
BEM: Aww i missed it. [:o(
Drifter: go yellow!
CornwallUK: hiya klassi
MaiTai: No one tells me anything around here
Roland: thanks to the SDK and the hard work of several determined AW citizens :)
racgator: LOL mai
MACgator: we was robbed,,,the ref was biased
Zeke: MaiTai ... there was a soccer game .... lol
Little Cupid: LOL
Roland: dang this computer is freakING OUT...
MaiTai: <---would have played
racgator: ohhhh no roland:-((
The Observer: heh heh
Roland: ARGH
kato: mine does that too..hehe
Little Cupid: MaiTai - ya need to read the AW newsgroups *grin*
MACgator: email techsupport@activeworlds.com roland ;))
MaiTai: just becouse I have stidff leg, one wanted me
racgator: go to another puter roland
HenrikG: LOL mAC
The Observer: even yours !??
Little Cupid: hah hah hah Mac!
"Mike": uuuioplkjhgfdddsazzxcvbnmm,./
Sidris: Roland, if you can (I probably missed it) could you tell us about gravity, when it was implemented, a bit of the history behind that?
Zeke: if it's Windows Roland ... that's normal !! LOL
"Hovy": you need to soak in a nice warm fingerbowl !
icey: ok..roland's gone
MaiTai: sound like my puter
icey: he's gone..just like that
racgator: he is having probs:-((
icey: it''ll blow out
Zeke: uh oh ... Roland's bot is dead ... ;o(
Ewasx: gotta hammer Roland??
MaiTai: thanks Little, I'll pick up a copy today :-)
racgator: over:-))
icey: his computer did blow out jez
Little Cupid: heh heh MaiTai
kato: crashed
Rifraf: don't blame the Rifraf.. we didn't do it
icey: :-((
BEM: The king is dead. Long live the king!!!
Lone Dragon: Henrik,perhaps you could take over?
racgator: isnt this a good meeting:-))
Zeke: we blame the rifraff any way ... lol
"tuna girl": hmmm
Little Cupid: It sure is!
MaiTai: <----wonders if little would like to get a cup of coffe after this is over ?
Lone Dragon: BB?
HenrikG: I don't see the future Dragon:)
icey: this world is full of full with good machines i mean
racgator: lol bem
Little Cupid: Sure MaiTai! LOL
Drifter: Shawna lynn tg'd me to tell everyone to come to AW
MaiTai: :-=))
Uldor: he's just ducking out of the question & answers part
kato: he will fix that in version 2.1
Glitha: we appear to be leaderless rabble
Ewasx: LOL
kato: :-)
MaiTai: hahaha
Little Cupid: hah hah Uldor
Drifter: normal
Little Cupid: lol kato
BEM: Off with their heads!!!
Lone Dragon: yes i guess he covered the past pretty much
Kasper Voyager: Does anyone have a guitar? :-)
Zeke: Kato ... Roland will fix the Q&A part in version 2.1 ??
MACgator: better than a rabbleless leader ;))
BEM: He hasnt talked bout the future yet!
racgator: yes lone...i wanted to know aabout the future:-))
Glitha: me too
Hamster Huey: doo-dah...
HenrikG: I think gravity was added spring of 96
LaurieAnn: best part
Little Cupid: Is there an AW theme song? LOL
kato: don't know..just joking zeke
racgator: drifter....we are all in a meeting right now:-))
kato: :-)
Drifter: Let me peer into my crystal radio
Lone Dragon: Another AW first
racgator: HH....hi there:-))
Drifter: I know
Uldor: there's a Yellowstone theme song and a Meta theme song
kato: karoke time
Zeke: yes LC ... "Alpha World Drifter" ...
Little Cupid: Oh? How does it go?
Glitha: I thought you were without peer
Mauz: i thought gravity was added October 1996
MaiTai: Hmm. hmmm. hmmmm hmm. hmm
Lone Dragon: the Bastards killed Roland
MaiTai: something like that
Hamster Huey: raccie :)) *hamsterhugs* :)
Mauz: with version 1.0

[switching to new machine]

Where are We Going?

Roland: okay back
Mauz: with version 1.0
Little Cupid: Nice singing Mai! LOL
kato: anyone wanna play a game of bot ball while we wait
The Observer: wb
dZap: wb
Little Cupid: Wooohooo!!!
Hamster Huey: mac-man :)
Rifraf: WB Roland
racgator: :-)) HH..hows it going??
Zeke: Hoo RAY !!!
Ewasx: yaaaaay
"tuna girl": who is that in the robot avatar?
kato: :-0
MaiTai: thanks :-)
Kasper Voyager: wb :-)
Roland: dang that laptop melted down completely :)
kato: wb roland
MACgator: hamster :o))
racgator: wow WB roland
Drifter: Don't blame me. I hope she starts tging you mac
Uldor: questoins & answer time !!!!
Hamster Huey: Kasper!!! :))))))
Little Cupid: LOL - the screen flashes by!
MaiTai: LOL
Glitha: future!
BinaryBud: :)
MACgator: bloody end users ;))
Chloe: get a REAL puter roalnd lol
Uldor: it literally exploded !
Drifter: I'm riff raff
Glitha: raise the price
Hamster Huey: Chloe!!!!!!!!!
Glitha: and keep em oout
Drifter: and proud of it
Roland: this ain't my computer :)
Hamster Huey: *moons Chloe* ;)
Little Cupid: LOL
Rifraf: *looking for an attorney*
Zeke: LOL@Drifter.com
Roland: okay..almost done
Chloe: uh oh :((
The Observer: ex friendss lol
MaiTai: special "mission impossable " puter
racgator: bye a laptop from me roland....LOL........ill sell you a good one:-))#
Roland: now we're working on versino 2.1
Drifter: moons out early tonight
Crow: anyone want a soccer bot?
Shaggy 2 Dog: me crow
Glitha: its a sliver of moon
kato: see..told you zeke..2.1;-0
MACgator: typical software engineer,,,,blame the hardware ;))
Roland: which will bring us whispering, and bot support
Roland: and file transfer

LaurieAnn: :)
Roland: among other things
Hamster Huey: LaurieAnn :)))
Uldor: avatar creation ?
Glitha: what's whispering?
MACgator: file transfer????
Zeke: FILE TRANSFER ???? KEWL !!!!!
Roland: okay...that brings up up to now :)
Roland: so where are we going?

MaiTai: ys, what he said !!!
Infinity Man: hi Hamster... :)
MACgator: goodbye ICQ:o))
racgator: yeah
Uldor: custom avs ?
The Observer: or me rac
Hamster Huey: Uldor :)
Little Cupid: We have file transfer? kewl!!!
Zeke: ICQ bites the dust !!
Uldor: Hiya Huey :)
The Observer: yup ..
Little Cupid: LOL
"tuna girl": can tourist also do transfer?
MaiTai: sence when
Roland: well..beyond 2.1...is 2.2, or 3.0, or whatever you want to call it
Hamster Huey: INFINITY MAN!! :))) been forever
Drifter: tuna, I love tuna
Haba: Roland, you mentioned "the amazing multiple worlds". When are we going to see "the amazing multiple universes"?
Roland: as usual, there are a million things I'd like to see in that version, and we'll only get to a fraction of them
MaiTai: inquireing minds want to know
Infinity Man: yeah we just moved to Utah... been busy getting settled
racgator: is it Q&A time?????
Zeke: Didn't ya hear earlier haba ?? there are already 6 of them !!
Uldor: whens build 9 coming out ? hehehe
Roland: but some of the things high on the wish list include...
BinaryBud: BB needs Roland to put the codes in for a parallel port "StinkJet" smell device..:)
MACgator: I got the amazing multiple personalities
selda: like what Roland?
Infinity Man: We now have one of the five computers up...
Roland: custom avatars
Lightwave: is this a tour ?
The Observer: cool
Sidris: LOL, Bud!
BEM: Oh YeaH!
Hamster Huey: hahaha :))))))
Infinity Man: so Laurie and I are sharing it
Roland: improved bulding interface...
Uldor: that's all I really want :)
Little Cupid: Zeke - can ya make me a Little Cupid avatar? *grin*
Roland: I still think building is too hard :)
Infinity Man: yeah for custom avatars!
Crow: y
Hamster Huey: so the little guy ain't online yet?? LLOL
Sidris: Stink, er... scent and moisture packets and we'll never leave home again!
racgator: sygate infinity???
Chloe: lol
Strawberry Wine: me too
MaiTai: I'
Hamster Huey: Chloe?
MACgator: me too roland
Drifter: tuna moist
Roland: including the use of objects from anwhere...not just the one object path
Zeke: Don't make it too easy to build ... else the RifRaf will start building !! LOL
Peacekeeper 59: let's let roland finish his talk so we can get to the Q & A
BinaryBud: oooo
racgator: i agree there roland
Ewasx: woooo hooooo!
Lone Dragon: cool
Chloe: try building without a properties box!...it's easy...see me in awschool :)
MaiTai: 'll be glad to help you out with one Zeke
Roland: the browser needs to have better support for multiple universes
Chloe: lol zeke
kato: that will be a great feature
Infinity Man: Chloe :)
Roland: or, any support :)
racgator: yes
kato: separate paths
MACgator: sheesh,,,stop being a peacekeeper pk59
Roland: better 3D hardware support would be nice too :)
Shaggy 2 Dog: BYE
racgator: bye shaggy
Lightwave: YES
Infinity Man: yes
Haba: better sound system :o)
Roland: that's tough though...the only way I see that happening is with a native Direct3D port of AW
Sidris: Roland, whose idea was gravity? I broke both of Shanubia's ankles!
MACgator: 3dx and 3dfx??
Roland: i.e. no more RenderWare
Lone Dragon: YIKES
racgator: lol sidris:-))
MaiTai: get down with your bad self Roland !!
Roland: that's a big one...
Ewasx: LOL
Uldor: huh ? getting rid of Renderware ? sacrilige !!!
Infinity Man: very big
Infinity Man: it's the basis
selda: no more renderware?
Zeke: gosh ... that would be a big step !!! brrrrrrr
Mauz: to VRML?
Roland: also an issue I would really like to see addressed is...
Roland: easier world hosting

racgator: ????easier???
Bluescruiser: ack DON'T say VRML, even as a joke!!!!!!!
MaiTai: yes !!!!
Uldor: world hosting on any server :)
Roland: the original vision of AW was one of fewer, larger worlds that people spread out through...
racgator: i see
Roland: but the reality has been one more of many, small worlds
Zeke: LINUX !!!
BinaryBud: larger Database Record capability..:)
Roland: people like to have their own, small private worlds...that they can control completely
racgator: mmmmm
Roland: which makes sense
Infinity Man: yeahBud
Roland: it's like having your own web page...same thing
Roland: but the hosting problem prevents a lot of people from having their own worlds up 24/7

MaiTai: I had one , it was a blast
Zeke: yes ... very nice !!
racgator: yes i see....
Uldor: something cheap :)
Chloe: yres it does :((
racgator: ahhh yes...of course
Infinity Man: ake it active/x on the web?
"tuna girl": if you can do that..i will regist and get membership
Roland: I have some plans for something I call a "macro sever"...a single server that can easily host hundreds or thousands of worlds at once
Chloe: there's another 20 bucks :)
"tuna girl": maybe...
Uldor: cool tuna girl
Roland: it's actually not that hard...I would like to see that happen in 1999
Zeke: EGAD Roland !!!
zg: are you sure roland :)
racgator: wow...roland...big plans ahead
Roland: well, that's some of the big stuff anyway :)
MaiTai: <---thinks roland is for the little people
Roland: I see I've overshot my time...dang....
Uldor: let's make it happen before 99 hahaha you got a month !
Zeke: Good stuff Roland !!
"tuna girl": the problem is that i dont have my own VISA card !
Infinity Man: nono
Roland: but I don't have anywhere I need to be, so if you want to stick around I don't mind having a discussion now
BinaryBud: what about the DataBase Limits? :)
Kasper Voyager: We are not in a hurry :-)
Zeke: Very impressive !!
racgator: no roland.........thats great...and i can see no reason why that wouldnt be possible
Crow: I dont like having a lot of worlds... too many world now... I liked it when there were only 30 somethign worlds... you could make a would popular then... nowdays your lucky if anyone even comes in...
Rifraf: will there be a telegram "history so you can see what you sent?
MaiTai: Poland for Preident !!!!
Kasper Voyager: I think you left one big thing out: the invention of gravity which I think was in summer 96
Little Cupid: Roland - keep going - only our av's keep looking at their watches - we don't! *grin*
Sidris: Thanks, Roland. Fascinating presentation.
Lone Dragon: sure
MaiTai: Prsident!!
Rifraf: LOL KV
Ewasx: heheh
Zeke: It would be great if the TELEGRAM system could cross UNIVERSES ...
MaiTai: LOL Little
Roland: okay...
Tesla: How will the personal worlds you guys do compare to what The Palace has been doing in terms of personal Palaces?
Roland: so...not sure how to handle this :)
Uldor: wow zek !
BinaryBud: ! ?
kato: nicely done presentation...good history lesson:-)
racgator: give us all a number roland...and we will take turns???
Zeke: What Uldor ??

Questions and Answers

Roland: hey BB do you want to moderate the questions? :)
Little Cupid: LOL - questions start firing now?
Bluescruiser: I like the multiple object paths.... I'm far to lazy to make enough objects to build an entire world.
Sidris: Roland, please tell us about gravity!
Tesla: yeah www.thepalace.com
BinaryBud: hmmm
Roland: hmmm..gravity....what about it?
Uldor: telegrams crossing universes Zeke
BinaryBud: i had a question actually..:)
Sidris: Give us a little history, whose idea was it?
Zeke: that would be perfect for interaction !!
Kasper Voyager: I think it was a big improvement to the worlds
Infinity Man: Issac Newton I believe
Roland: gravity ...as I recall...that was total spur-of-the-moment
zg: very useful to have gravity
MaiTai: sure your in bold, he gets pivked first
MaiTai: picked
Uldor: how does gravity work and what keeps the planets aligned ?
Roland: I added it one night when I was fooling around with collision detection
BinaryBud: :)
Roland: we liked it so much we decided to keep it :)
Andras: <s>
Drifter: flogisten keeps the planets alive, right?
Kasper Voyager: To me it made a big difference:-)
"Hovy": brilliant!
LuckyLuke: i only want to know about outgoing telegrams, Roland... are we going to see them?
"tuna girl": ‚Ä‚·‚Ä‚·
Sidris: it was a totally new experience for me and at first I admit - hated it...
Zeke: cool ... is there any possiblity of having collision detection apply to avatars ??
Crow: what about people cheating and stuff... like non PS's using special avatars... is that going ot change?
Roland: a history of outgoing telegrams...yes, that would be nice
MaiTai: will man ever get to light speed ?
Andras: 1:23PM Corn
LuckyLuke: yes...
racgator: how will the Q&A work....do we que??????
Rifraf: Whooo Hooo
Little Cupid: LOL Mai!
Roland: the whole telegram mechanism could stand for some substantial improvement
Zeke: how about a link of telegrams to email ??
LuckyLuke: when, Roland... outgoing telegrams?
MaiTai: I agree, like a "hide" feture
Roland: well "when" is the question I can never really answer :)
MACgator: LL :o))
LuckyLuke: hi mac : ))
Sidris: with all the chat programs that work so well in tandem with AW, is telegram improvement all that necesary?
Crow: Q&A = Many Questions & Few Answers.....
Roland: the best I can say is that I like the idea and I would like to see it happen
LuckyLuke: ohhh ok... : ))
MaiTai: I hate comeing on sometings and getting 100 mesages
kato: like save telegrams to text file roland
Haba: actually the telegram system should be replaced with internal e-mail :o)
LuckyLuke: ok.... thats a start, Roland... : ))
zg: yes - that would be good - save to text
CornwallUK: so nothin has started yet?
MaiTai: <----wants to be alone sometimes
kato: :-)
Kasper Voyager: Is it impossible to tilt objects in RenderWare?
Roland: well one thing about telegrams was, we didn't want to wind up just re-implementing email all over again :)
Roland: since we already have email :)
Roland: and it works pretty good :)

LuckyLuke: i agree....
Haba: but it's not inside aw
CyborMan: it be nice to make AV's turn upside down
MACgator: we should keep them seperate
blur: hello
racgator: roland...may i ask a question.....why are there so many peacekeepers......we all have mute..i agree we need to be careful..but there is overkill dont you think???
Roland: the idea was to provide a light-weight way of quickly getting in touch with others
LaurieAnn: We could have an Ignore feature
CyborMan: my rides would be more real in a loop
Haba: you don't get notification when an e-mail comes to you
Sidris: Yes, LaurieAnn!
CornwallUK: so nothin has started yet?
CornwallUK: so nothin has started yet?
Haba: in aw, that is...
MaiTai: was a very good idea
Roland: re: peacekeepers, I'm not involved with the peacekeepr organization, I can't answer questions about it
Chloe: what did Laurie say sidris?
Zeke: yes ... but it would be nice if it was a user option to have his/her telegrams emailed to their email address when they are not online
BinaryBud: ?
racgator: ok roland..sorry
LuckyLuke: the tele's work fine... just ... i have a short memory and i would like to see what i told...
Rifraf: Teles are a good addition, Roland
Sidris: An ignore feature for teles
MACgator: the mute button could do with being big abd bold on the browser
Tesla: Roland: How will your personal worlds compare to what The Palace has been offering over the last three months (free)?
blur: Roland...who about having a "Whiteboard" here????
Roland: yes...ignore for telegrams falls under the category of "improved privacy"
Sidris: Think that green checkmark will ever become "controllable"?
Crow: I dont like mass-comunication, and teleporting and stuff... I like it when you had to find people and stuff... kinda like in the midevil times and stuff...
Roland: which includes a variety of features...
blur: who=how
MACgator: strawb,,,www.city4all.com
Little Cupid: Oh yeah - good question Sidris!
Roland: including the infamous green checkmark...
kato: how about remove the check mark on peoples names roland..make that an accept mode
Sidris: Yeah, Swine, go to C4A and stop hollering!
Chloe: yeah the gren check mark...will it be controllable?
kato: hehe
LuckyLuke: can u tell us about those features?
Uldor: no www.outerworlds.com Strawberry :)
racgator: well thank you for your talk roland i really enjoyed it.....good luck with your future plans....bye all:-))
Drifter: I picked up avirus when I d/led C4A
Chloe: woo hoo!!
kato: think alike sidris
Strawberry Wine: thanks mac
MaiTai: down with the green check mark !!!
LuckyLuke: bye rac : ))
Sidris: Couldn't it be done similarly to the invisible feature ICQ uses?
MaiTai: by Rec
Roland: my idea there right now is to make contact lists more reciprocal...
racgator: bye LL;-)
Rifraf: Bye Rac
racgator: bye mai
Little Cupid: www.outerworlds.com <------ strawberry wine :-))))
racgator: bye rif
Roland: in other words, you can choose to only expose information to the people who are on your contact list
blur: Roland....could you get us a "Whiteboard" here please????
Haba: what about the full screen feature?
Zeke: good idea Roland !!
MACgator: c4a is free and virus free
Ewasx: hhmmm.....
racgator: be excellent to each other *****thwaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnngggggg*
MaiTai: agreed
Little Cupid: Blur? Why do ya want a whilteboard for? LOL
"tuna girl": i need game !!
Roland: hehe
Roland: hmm I don't know, I don't see a whitebaord happening soon
Bluescruiser: <Cheers for Roland>
LuckyLuke: yes.... great idea... u can do a lot with that... : )))
Lightwave: whiteboard= chalkboard
Roland: it's a nice idea but there's so much other stuff that is more important
Glitha: so keep icq for the whiteboard
MACgator: yeah,,,the activeworlds quake2 server
Glitha: its free
blur: A white board so we can exchange blueprints and communicate in more than just words
zg: Roland - any chance of offline building anytime (preferrably soon)
Strawberry Wine: whats whiteboard
Little Cupid: LOL - use POW WOW ;-)))
Roland: offline building....welll
zg: netmeeting blur
Kasper Voyager: I asked if it's impossible to tilt objects in RenderWare.
LuckyLuke: Roland.. those private improvements are VERY important to some ppl...
Sidris: Hey, telegrams and whiteboards are redundant. Everyone uses icq and pw and has them.
zg: you can do it roland
Roland: another nice feature to have
Zeke: gosh ZG ... and I thought my ideas were bold !! LOL
Magine: strawberry, it's like a drawing program
blur: SW a white borad is like a chalkboard
Magine: offline building, now that would be nice
zg: i get really high phone bills
Strawberry Wine: no blur
MaiTai: offline building would be a good thing
Strawberry Wine: its offline building
zg: i'd like to reduce them
Roland: however building is so tightly integrated with the server, it's really not possible to build without a server
Roland: however, that said

zg: hmm -local servers?
CyborMan: but if you built off line no one come on except to chat
MACgator: offline building ,,,yes
Chloe: Roland explain how many ppl give you suggestions...i mean how long the list of wishes are ...and how hard it is to implement things :)
MaiTai: under stand
Strawberry Wine: i hate the server i always loose it
Roland: the ability to run a world server on your PC, and build in it without being connected to the net...now that's possible
kato: someone posted in the ng's they buillt offline...you'll have to read it...old article
kato: :-)
Bluescruiser: Roland.... Offline building might be done by having a world server serve to an AWB locally, independant from the net
zg: aah - that sounds good
Kasper Voyager: And how would you make sure that 2 ppl don't build in the same place then
MACgator: exactly cybor,,,offline building gets me to repay next year
zg: and then upload to the liove server?
Roland: that is something I've wanted to do for a while
Sidris: good question, Kasper
zg: it would only work if you controlled your own world i guess
Roland: well Kasper that is the problem...that is why you need a server
"tuna girl": ƒeƒXƒeƒX
Zeke: after all ... 98% of the smarts is in the browser anyway !!
Sidris: well, wait. duh... you can see what's been built already even when you're offline
LaurieAnn: When will we see voice added?
Andras: no Sidris - you can't
CyborMan: only if it's cached
Roland: hmmm Zeke the world server may be doing more that you think :)_
HenrikG: what about mirror universe servers? every time a world lose contact to it it goes down..
kato: yeah..how about voice
Sidris: ok, then not so duh ;)
Bluescruiser: No, but you could build locally and upload, and make THAT subject to the BI's aproval.
zg: Yes - that would be nice
Roland: mirror universe servers...another nice thing to have...difficult to implement though
Roland: I do think about that one though
kato: LOL
Chloe: Roland explain how many ppl give you suggestions...i mean how long the list of wishes are ...and how hard it is to implement things :)
Little Cupid: LaurieAnne - ya DON'T want voice added - believe me! Try out TALKWORLD. ;-))))
Zeke: well Roland ... I meant as far as the building interface is concerned ...
Bluescruiser: Uh oh... gotta go
MACgator: yes blue:o))
Andras: how about the "Online Registry" update?
Kasper Voyager: Roland: is it possible to add tilting objects?
Little Cupid: Byeeeee Blues! *waves*
MaiTai: later blue
LuckyLuke: bye blues
Roland: ah yes, the infamous voice
Sidris: We have sooo many communication programs available, put the emphasis on improving the building aspects
"tuna girl": agggg
nikona: Roland will we ever be able to tilt objects to build with like 45 degrees?
Crow: is it posible to make the cords floating instead of integers, so you can get a more accuret location?
kato: voice as an "option" would be nice
MaiTai: not needed
Zeke: yes ... rotation of objects along the Y-axis would be nice !!
MACgator: ....still wants MP£
zg: use traveller if you need voice
Roland: so far my experience with internet voice has been pretty negative
MACgator: oops mp3
kato: and a flag showing your using voice
LuckyLuke: hehe... why would u do that, roland?
kato: :-)
zg: mp3 :)
MACgator: no voice please
MaiTai: mine too
Roland: it works okay for one-on-one, sometimes...
Sidris: i.e. - netmeeting sucks
LuckyLuke: yes... the net is still to slow...
Chloe: crow you can get an accurate coord from the bookmark ini
Haba: better sound system before mp3!!!!!!
LuckyLuke: i agree...
Roland: but I don't see anyway we could have a group discussion like this with voice...
LaurieAnn: true
Little Cupid: So true Roland
kato: true
Ole Miner: true}
Roland: not with this many people,. not with the current technologyu
nikona: will we ever be able to tilt objects????
Zeke: Roland ... is it possible to do y-axis rotation with objects ??
Kasper Voyager: Not to mention you wouldn't understand my accent :-)
Roland: since so much of AW is about group chat...voice doesn't seem like it would help
MaiTai: it would be a disaster
LaurieAnn: lol
Little Cupid: LOL Kasper
Andras: object rotation!!!
Roland: okay...object rotation...hehe :)
LuckyLuke: good Q zeke
nikona: tilt objects
Roland: maybe someday :)
Lightwave: lol
Chloe: Roland...how can we improve the building features??????? we have cc hat proggies galore :))
CyborMan: lol
Tesla: Voice seems to work great in OnlIve Travel;ler
HenrikG: it wouldn't be voice.. more like shout:)
Tesla: Especially for groups
LuckyLuke: thats a carefull no, Roland hehe
CyborMan: building is easy now
Roland: okay folks....I'm pretty burned out :)
Kasper Voyager: Yes, is it possible in RW?
Andras: :o))
Crow: Chloe..... but then you would have to make a book mark of it, and then go into the ini file and all that stuff... I wana just look... expecially when making stuff like roller coasters
MaiTai: very so
kato: thanks roland
Roland: I need to take a break
Andras: Thanks Roland!!
LuckyLuke: thanks Roland... : )))
Zeke: Hey Roland !! THANKS !!!
kato: good job roland
Mauz: thank you Roland :)
MaiTai: if you can you can cuild
selda: thanks Roland
"tuna girl": thanks roland
BinaryBud: THANKS Roland!!!
LaurieAnn: Thanks Roland..
kato: *clap*
Lightwave: thanks roland
Haba: thanks Roland
MACgator: thanks roland
Roland: I hope the little history I gave was interesting :)
Zeke: We LOVE YA Man !!
zg: thnks roland - take care
icey: thanks roland
Little Cupid: Thaaaaanky roland ;-)))
Sidris: Thanks, Roland. Fine job! **Clap**
Ewasx: Thank You Roland!! : )
Magine: thanks, roland
HenrikG: cheers Roland:)
Rifraf: well done, Roland
Ole Miner: GREAT JOB ROLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!
MACgator: later all
BinaryBud: BB gives Roland the clap......***Clap***
Roland: it was fun for me going over the old versions last night and recalling it :)
Kasper Voyager: Okies, Roland :-) Thanks for this presentation, brought back memories :-)
MaiTai: Standing applouse for Roland !!
Ewasx: VERY interesting!
Sidris: One hand clapping....
Zeke: clap clap clap
LuckyLuke: **clap** **clap**
Sidris: ugh, BB! LOL!
Little Cupid: *applause*
LaurieAnn: *clap* here,here
Roland: nice to have the perspective...remeber our humble roots :))
CyborMan: the old days
BinaryBud: :)
MaiTai: thank you sir for your time
Lone Dragon: Roland,how bout a tech lecture soon?
Roland: and remember...AW will always be a work in progress
kato: hehehe..i remember
CyborMan: when only AW was around
Mauz: see my JUST updated AW history page at http://tnlc.com/mauz/awhistory.html :)
Roland: it just keeps getting better :)
Crow: when is the original Cy going to be back in al the worlds?
Immigration Officer: Avvy Awards Ceremony will happen at 5pm Pacific Time
zg: we should all be thankful for that Roland
Zeke: aaaahhhhh ... the disclaimer !!! LOL
CyborMan: no other worlds
Little Cupid: Greaaat page mauz ;-))))
Sidris: moisture packets and "stinkjets"! yaya!
BinaryBud: The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.
Little Cupid: Oh very good BB
LaurieAnn: Thankful for Protag also !!
Zeke: Er
Little Cupid: Woohooo to Protag!
Zeke: We're behind you all the way Roland !!
Chloe: *puttin on her high heeled texas boots*
LuckyLuke: well.. im glad with what it is now... if u can improve it... wow!! : ))
Ole Miner: Keep UP The Good Work
Roland: I look forward to the future versions that we'll soon be using :)
BinaryBud: The chief cause of problems is solutions.
Zeke: I am too Roland !!!
zg: :)BB
Roland: I will relay that to Protag :)
Zeke: Your hard work is noted and appreciated Roland !!
LuckyLuke: yeppers BB : ))
Sidris: Chloe, the boots and that dress just don't get it, hon
Roland: okay...thanks a lot everyone
"tuna girl": : )
CyborMan: thank you
Kasper Voyager: When you whine about some detail not working right, it gives you perspective to think back to the BBS days :-)
Roland: enjoy AW and I'll see you around :)
Andras: thank YOU
Lone Dragon: thanx Roland
Zeke: take care !!
BinaryBud: There is never enough time, unless you're serving it.
"amazing98": Thank you Roland and BB... *hugs*
icey: cya roland thanks
Roland: bye bye :)

session ended at 5:30pm PST

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