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A great way you can get involved in Avatars98 is to become a speaker. How can you speak at a conference held inside cyberspace? Picture yourself standing in a custom-built "discussion pod" in cyberspace, managing discussion with friends or colleagues while avatar guests flow in from around the globe. Sound complicated? Well, we are making it easy for you! Simply fill out the form below and tell us about yourself and what you would like to speak about. You can choose from several types of session format, including a debate, group discussion or interview. Our conference program committee will review your request against the schedule and get back to you on whether your session is appropriate to the program and can be fit in.

Recommended Topics and Past Speakers
If you are visiting these pages, you probably have some opinions or even passions about a greater inhabited cyberspace beyond webpages. In the past two years, over 150 speakers have presented their views at our conferences. See the program for Avatars97 and program for Earth to Avatars 96 for their topics, views and biographies. Here are some suggested areas of interest to the greater world audience:

  • How to design virtual worlds worth visiting
  • The art of creating and nurturing virtual communities
  • Technologies behind multi-user worlds
  • Stories from life in digital space
  • Digital biota/artificial life and amazing behaviors in cyberworlds
  • Virtual worlds for learning, working, healing, entertaining
  • I-commerce frontiers in inhabited cyberspace communities
  • How to earn gainful revenues from and to fund cyberworld communities
  • The societal impact of these worlds
  • and finally... Why are we doing this?

In which world will you present?

Views of a discussion pod in Active Worlds

Depending on which virtual world you select below, you will be expected to download and install the software for that virtual world and carry out your own rehearsal (use it) to familiarize yourself with its interfaces and customs. If you select Active Worlds, we can build you a custom speaking area in the Av98 world. This custom area is called a discussion pod and is a 3D auditorium where you will stand, surrounded on three walls by your words, web page links, and images. People will gather there in the context of your talk and be able to listen to your words, read your resources, and discourse with you and other attendees. You might be able to have a custom area built in another world platform other than Active Worlds (note that Active Worlds is Windows only) if you make arrangements with their owners or communities ahead of time.

What will happen on the big day?
On the big day, November 21st, 1998, you will enter the proper spot in the virtual world of your choice to hold your session. Your session will be posted on the Big Board, which lists all activities for the day. We will do our best to promote your session in advance, to ensure you will get folks online and in place for your time. To really ensure a good turnout, you should also take some initiative -- email friends and colleagues and point them to the Avatars98 pages. Remember, this is an experimental medium, and it's the first time an event of this scope has been carried out inside these worlds, so your patience and diligence is appreciated. Additionally, as these are open, public spaces, all kinds of behavior can be expected from attendees. No screening of attendees will be done beforehand. We expect most guests to be civil, interested in what you are saying, and willing to participate. If there are problems, you will be able to contact Avatars98 hosts for assistance. More guidelines on community netiquette and on presenting in-world will be posted closer to the event date.

How do you get signed up?
You will select your world platform when you fill out your session submission form below. We highly recommend you download, install and use the world of your choice well before the day of the event. Please fill out the form below. Items in bold are required. If you have any problems or questions, contact Speaker Chair Bruce Damer.

Session Submission Form
About You

Your name:

Your preferred title or 'world name':

Your affiliation:

Your email address:

URL for your homepage or archive of works:

URL for a JPG-format version of your picture (if on the web):

URL for your bio if it is on the web (if not, enter text below):

Your biography (if not listed in the URL above, write or cut-and-paste it in here):

About Your Session

Type of session you would like to host:

Speaker Track you believe suits your topic [Note: track assignment is determined by the track team]:

Short title of session:

Longer description of your session:

Website URL for session content (if available):

Web URL to JPG image you would like associated with your session (art piece, photo etc):

Duration of your session:
hours mins

Time your session will begin (in 24-hour notation, with time zone indicated):
[Note: Speaker tracks in the Av98 Conference Hall in Active Worlds will be supported from California time (PST) 10am to 8pm on Nov 21st -- that's Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 6pm Nov 21st to 4am Nov 22nd.]
hour time zone (if not selected, US Pacific Standard Time assumed).
[We recommend setting your session between 12:00 noon US PST and 20:00 (8pm) US PST -- in GMT, that would be 8pm Nov 21st to 4am Nov 22nd.]

The World Platform for Your Session

World platform you will use:
(If you select Active Worlds we will build your "discussion pod" in the Av98 Conference Hall.)

Are you experienced in using this world?
Yes No, but I'll figure it out. No, and I could use some help.
(If not, we request that you download and install this software well ahead of time and familiarize yourself with it.)

Web URL that would take people to the world space in which you will host your session:
(If you are hosting your session in Av98 in Active Worlds, we will publish this location.)

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