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W. Wes Horlacher

Virtual Workplace

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2:15 - 5:15 PST
[10:15 pm - 1:15 am GMT]
Active Worlds

W. Wes Horlacher

will host a group discussion on the topic:

Establish Your Unique Place in Cyberspace

Don't let "thinking outside the box" merely land you in a different box, however new and open it may seem. Expand your thinking beyond the fashionable new boxes. Don't let "Online," "Interactive," "Avatars," "Virtual," "Worlds," or even all of "Cyberspace" itself box you in, stifling your true Cyber-potential! Get the gumption to *stay* on the expanding frontier of transformational technologies and social phenomena.

W. Wes Horlacher is a seasoned consultant specializing in all aspects (creative, design, production, technology, management) of Online/Interactive Multimedia organizational development:

  • Crafting and implementing New Media strategies.
  • Expert in consistently transforming "bleeding edge" technologies into successful "leading edge" enterprises, including several award-winning projects for high-profile clients and corporations.
  • After over twenty years of providing a broad range of consulting services to the emerging media industries, Wes now focuses on establishing his own cyber-enterprises.
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