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Speaker's Page:
Claude Lattaud

Art & Science of Community

8am - 10 PST
[4pm - 6 GMT]
Blaxxun CCPro*
and Active Worlds

Claude Lattaud ("Rasalgethi")
1994-1998 Researcher at LIAP5, Université René Descartes, Paris.

will host a group discussion on the topic:

Artificial Life in Virtual Worlds

The Blaxxun CCPro location is at Virtual Worlds / Real Place / French Quarter / House Aldebaran.
Blaxxun discussion conducted in French.
The Active Worlds location is in AV98 world, 30N 26.75E 290.
AW discussion conducted in English.

An introduction to Artificial Life methods in general, and particularly those used in Virtual Worlds. These discussions are for anyone who wants, first, to know more about ALife, and secondly to debate about the effects and interactions of Artificial Creatures on Virtual and Real Worlds.

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