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Robin Sircus

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10am - 12n PST [6pm - 8 GMT]
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Robin Sircus ("LightRobin")
The Marriage of Souls

will host a group discussion on the topic:

Going Into the Light of Group Consciousness Online

General discussion of the art of pure communication, the potential of online relationships both diads and group, the art of balance between on- and off-line existence, love, oneness, telepathy, heart, intuition and imagination in respect to online connection, and the experience of consciousness being the same no matter what world we are in at the moment.

"My name is Robin Sircus and I was born in Brooklyn in 1952 but was raised in the relative safety of Massapequa, Long Island. I was educated at Northeastern University in Boston and graduated with a psychology degree from Queens College in New York. Twenty years ago I heard God's voice calling me from the deep sleep of arrogant unconsciousness, and this voice catapulted me on an adventure which still seems like it is only beginning today.

"My first stop was at Christopher Hill's University of the Trees in California, a place where I was confronted heavily with my own ego blindness. With some consciousness being born inside of me, I decided on a career in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, became an expert dowser, and eventually pioneered a new holistic approach which I call Biogenic Medicine. Through the years I facilitated many experiments in small group consciousness and developed a work I call Creative Communications, which I have successfully applied as a form of therapy in private practice.

"At age thirty nine, after a painful divorce, I prayed to God for a new life and the same day received a direct reply, in English, to go to Brazil to a small town called High Paradise. I sold everything and went, and my life has never been the same. In Goias, at the far end of the world, I was confronted with changes I never dreamed of. After three years a voice welled up inside telling me to begin a work (writing) which ended up leading me through the hottest fires of self-confrontation. Eventually the name of this work came through, The Marriage of Souls, and I was finally in the hands of a current, a force, that almost swept my life away. In the middle of this intensity an even deeper voice came into me, and out sprang the Oneness of Being, which is the subtitle to this book. This represented my own conversations with God.

"I have only recently returned to civilization and am now living in Niterói, a beautiful city across the bay from Rio de Janeiro, and am entering the internet with all the internal nuclear forces that I have accumulated throughout my years of trial. My authority and capacity to write these texts lies with the kind of truth which is independent of any authority. The words of The Marriage of Souls stand on their own and will survive the test of time. Though these teachings were in part divine inspirations, they are also emanations of my own heart's quest to step into the full light of day. Book one is the essence of what I have found, what I feel, and what my heart, mind and spirit are full of. It is the end result of a twenty-year journey into the light and through the darkness. I have unearthed an inner richness, a wealth that all the money in the world cannot buy, a love that penetrates to my innermost soul."

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