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Avatars99: Previous Years' Avvy Awards

Scene from last year's Avvys ceremony

Three Years of Avvy Awards

In the last three years we have received over 900 submissions to the Avvys. For inspiration, please see a sampling of some of the overall category winners below. And don't forget to submit your Avatar to this years Avvys.

Some 1998 Winners, See the Avatars98 Avvy Awards Winners Pages

Grand Prize
By My2Keys/Netropolis (Victoria D'Onofrio and Rody Galeano)
of VR Avatars
in Active Worlds format
"Marg" by Meetfactory
by Planet9
Best Episodic Performer

Some 1997 Winners, See the Attic Graphics 1997 Avvy Awards Pages

Avvy Award Overall Winner
Planet 9 Studio's Geisha was overall Avvy Awards winner

Bloater, best animation, by British Telecom

Annie by Meet Factory, best character design
Some 1996 Winners

Avvy Award Overall Winner
Web Design's Lisa3 was the Overall Avvy Awards winner

Announcement of the
First Annual
Avvy Awards!

See the Sue Wilcox VRMLSite 1996 Avvy Report.
Chrome Angel 97
C. Scott Young's Chrome Angel 97 Avatar
Rob Meyer's Fish
Rob Meyers' 96 Goldfish Avatar: only 23 polys!


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