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Scene from last year's Avvys ceremony

In the last three years we have received over 900 submissions to the Avvys, the premier awards recognizing design expression of the embodiment of human personae in cyberspace. The Fourth Annual Avvy Awards are brought to you by the Contact Consortium and contest coordinator Victoria D'Onofrio, who is known as MyTwoKeys in Active Worlds and was grand prize winner of last years Avvy Awards. You can reach MyTwoKeys at: To enter the avvies follow the guidelines below. We hope to see you on December 4th for the big event!

Your guide to the Avvys Submission

Is your avatar destined for stardom?
Three Years of Avvy Awards
Get Your Avatars Ready!
Submission Guidelines
Submit your Avatar

Is your avatar destined for stardom?

TV has the Emmys, Hollywood has the Oscars, and Virtual World Cyberspace has the Avvy Awards (the Avvys or Avvies, for short). Submit your avatars and compete for fame and prizes. Send your submissions in soon -- our submission deadline is December 1st 1999 and final judging and the awards ceremony will be held December 4th, 1999 physically at Digi's Garden (a Northern California face to face event node of Avatars 99) and virtually (online) within the AV99AVVY virtual world within the Active Worlds universe. Download and install Active Worlds enter the world AV99 and then look for teleporters to get you to AV99AVVY.

In 1996, 1997 and 1998 the Annual Avvy Awards generated some first class avatar designs. These Avvies were awarded for categories like most bang for the buck, best non-humanoid, most realistic, and best overall. This year there are some new categories for the Avvys and the entries are already streaming in! Take a look at some of the last three years' winners and get your Av set to journey to the Avvy Awards ceremony.

Get Your Avatars Ready!

Gallery of Avatars
Need food for thought? See the gallery of virtual worlds and their avatars.

Explore avatar worlds through the Avatar Teleport. Peruse the last three years of Avvy Award winners. There are also many books on avatar design, virtual worlds and the design approaches to this new cyberspace. Get your avatars ready for submission to the Avvy Awards. When you are ready to submit, go down to the Submission Guidelines below.


A wonderful prize, Canoma: make photorealistic 3D worlds for ordinary scanned images! Thanks goes to Robert Seidl of Metacreations

Another wonderful prize, Lifeforms 3.5, a premier character animation and authoring tool, returns for the third year to the Avvys, brought to you by credo interactive, the character motion company.

Winning avatars will receive select prizes such as software packages like Canoma and high profile coverage in the media, on the web on the Consortium home page and elsewhere. More prizes will be announced closer to the submission deadline and at the conference.

Submission Guidelines

See the Contest Rules & Judging and Categories below. If you have questions about the Avvies, formats to submit your avatar, contact contest coordinator MyTwoKeys at:

Contest Rules & Judging:

  1. All entries must be received by 5pm (PST) December 1, 1999.
  2. VRM97 (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) compliant avatars will be viewed using standard VRML browsers such as Blaxxun Contact, Cosmo Player or Intervista Worldview.
  3. Suggested avatar file size limit is 60k, 1000 polygons.
  4. Non-VRML avatars must be submitted with instructions on how best to view them (ie: Active Worlds RWX format).
  5. Winners will be announced at 8pm (Pacific Standard Time) December 4, 1999 at Digi's Garden (a Northern California face to face event node of Avatars 99).
  6. Contestants can also join the award ceremony virtually by going to the AV99AVVY virtual world within the Active Worlds universe. Download and install Active Worlds to enter this space.
  7. Winners not present physically or virtually will be notified via email.

Contest Conditions

  1. You do not have to be present to win.
  2. Only winners will be notified.
  3. By submitting your avatar you agree to have an image of it reproduced on the website of the Contact Consortium ( if it is a winner. We will provide links back to your home pages from all winning avatar entries if you provided a website address
  4. Please sign up on the Avatars mailing list for news of Avatars99 at:
    for news of the Avvy Awards and other Avatars99 conference events.

Submit your avatar(s) for nominations in the following categories:

  • Most Realistic Humanoid
  • Best Non-Humanoid
  • Best Bang for the Buck (most elegant & efficient use of polygons and texture mapping)
  • Best Gesture Set
  • Best Image or Sprite (WorldsAway, Palace, Virtual Places)
  • Best Episodic Performer
  • Best from a younger avatar designer
  • Weirdest (you mean that is an avatar?)
  • Best Overall

The Avvy Awards Submission is Now Closed

Please dont miss our ceremony at 5:20pm Saturday Dec 4th, Pacific Time US. In the AV99AVVY World in Active Worlds


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