Avatars99 Colonizing Cyberspace

Avatars99 Draft Framework

1) What are our goals this year?
Our goals this year are to show the world that inhabited virtual worlds on the Internet are alive and well way back in the 20th Century and that we are hard at work pioneering a new way to interact, share, work, learn and play way forward into the 21st. In ten years do we want to be still sitting here surfing web pages and typing into chat rooms with no shape? No way! Cyberspace is about *space*, *place* and *a human face*. So who is going to build it? It is you and I right here in 1999 who will bring about this greater world online. Be a part of Avatars99 and help us colonize Cyberspace!

See the page for What Is It All About for our welcome message for '99.

2) Who and how are people colonizing cyberspace?
The stories of the colonists.

3) Key Themes for Avatars99

  1. The Pioneers' Telepark: live tours of worlds made by the first colonists of Cyberspace with a telling of their stories?
  2. The Cybertradeshow: back by popular demand, the emergent exhibition featuring booths, wallposters, bots, links to pages, private event teleports, card swipe, hot dogs, video and audio.
  3. Big Board Live Events: ground zero for conference sessions with live speakers on many topics about Cyberspace, life in-world, place design and any old crazy topic.
  4. The VDRverse: Virtual Discussion Rooms, a new technology giving the Big Board live event presenters instant and rich meeting rooms, and fully bot-powered (hey, they will record your sessions, run your slides and even turn out the lights!)
  5. Webcam Central: give us a window on your world, jack your camera onto our big wall of monitors, a veritable CNN Center of cyberspace
  6. The Millen-O-dometer: a once in a lifetime world, roll into the Millenniium riding the (virtual) world's biggest odometer turning over all four numbers from 1999 to 2000.
  7. Out of this World Art Gallery: an Avatars regular since 1996 (back when we were physically based!) grow the show by hanging your work in OOTWAG.
  8. Is your Avatar a Star?: submit your av to the Avvys awards and possibly immortality.
  9. The Biggest Global Nodal CyberParty: you think Burning Man was a big shindig? well become a node in Avatars99 and host an event at your space (in-world and out-world). How about a Burning Av?

4) Sections of the website to be:

Calling all Colonists: Story and Space
Book my Booth!
Get Your Event on the Big Board
Millen-O-meter: what do you think Century21 Cyberspace will look like?
Jack in My Cam!
Hang My Art!
Avvy Awards Submission
List My Node!

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