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Oct 3, 1999 CCON Meeting Agenda/Avatars99 Preliminary Planning

Oct 1, 1999

Dear Ccon team, here is a suggested agenda for those who would be able to make the Sunday 1pm PST in-world board + core do-ers meeting in AV98. I think it would be great if you folks could try to download and get into and we could try to use that during the meeting. It is a great multi person voice app from mpath that really works for small groups. It can also be run in the web/simultaneously with AW. I will attempt to set up a room and get all you into it. Also if you have a webcam make it live as we can put our faces onto a pod in AV98 to give some more realism.

Suggested agenda:

1. Progress since the board meeting, refer to minutes at:

2. Avatars99, progress, call for participation (see the avatars-admin CFP at the bottom of this email), we have about 30 volunteers and a basic announce page at:
Issues for Av99:
a) volunteerism from the board
b) fundraising, have to recharge our bank accounts if possible

3. The upcoming Digital Biota 3/OWorld conference Nov 6-7 and the status of

4. Grantwriting and other fundraising efforts, got to do some

5. New motions, new business?

6. Setting of next meeting, did this one work?

Adjourn, lets try to keep it under 90 mins. if the tech dont work we will go back to good old chat, got to log it anyway.

at your service..


Avatars99 Mascot: Avonaut
designed by Meetfactory

CFP FOR AV99, Sent Sept 30th

Dear Folks,
Welcome to the Avatars-Admin list! This list is for those who want to be involved in the core team building and hosting the upcoming Avatars99 *colonizing cyberspace* conference slated for dates between Oct 30th (the blaxxun events) and December 4th (Active Worlds). If for any reason you don't want to be on this list, or need help on the list, please see the list page at:

Why don't we start by..

1. Introduce yourself to the list (your av-name and real world name if you like)
2. Whereabouts you live so we know which time zones we are working with
3. Your passions for virtual worlds and avatar life, why are you doing this?
4. What you did at Avatars98 if you were involved (even as a spectator)
5. What you would like to do most at Avatars99, which could include:
Building objects or avs
Construction in one of our dozen themed worlds (working with our
design team of San Marco, Razzle and Windancer)
Coordinating speakers
Helping with the exhibits, art show, webcam wall
Helping with the "grande tour de worlds"
Hosting on the big day, people coordinating
Helping with the webpage and upkeeping it
Contributing art/logos to the themes (we have Avonaut, thanks MeetF)
Submitting or coordinating the Avvy Awards
Other stuff i have forgotten!

6. Your In Real Life bio if you like, urls etc

So Reply if you please and we will get to know each other and "self organize" somewhat. More about the format of the worlds and conference later.

If you want to see how we did it last year, and how much fun we had, see:

Lets get going folks.. we are going to show them how it is done, to push the limits of inhabited cyberspace again and make this a truly millennial event!

Bruce Damer (Digigardener)



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