Avatars99 Colonizing Cyberspace

Avatars99 Log of Oct 3 1999 CCON and Av99 Executive Planning Meeting
Meeting Place in AV98

See also: Original Agenda


* Active Worlds chat session: Sun Oct 3, 1999 11:22 AM *

Immigration Officer: You are being joined by Raki.
Daphne: Hello Bruce.. Huge d/l here.. I'm frozen for the moment.. LOL
Raki: Anyone here for the CCon meeting?
Daphne: Hello Raki.. Im here but not for the CCon meeting *S*
Daphne: I believe Bruce is the av in the middle here. *G*
Daphne: but he's often afk. LOL
Raki: Yeah, even in real life :)
Daphne: there is a sign here.. "Welcome CCON mtg.. click to join
Daphne: there are only the 3 of us in world at the moment t h ough
Raki: I've been hanging around in there. I think I've go do some email til it starts
Daphne: LOL OK.
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by Raki.
Daphne: Peacekeeper emblem has changed.. and so has the ActiveWorld emblem.. Lots of work to do in here if this is where AV99 will be held this year.. :o)
digigardener: hi all
Raki: Hanging around waiting for some action.
digigardener: hi all
Nanzy: Hey Bruce
Raki: Yo Bruce what a big bot you've got
digigardener: heheh
digigardener: my camera is live now
Raki: I've just been emailing alex dunne over at game developer mag about the conf
Nanzy: Bruce, does the kearme stuff work? And how do I use it?
digigardener: well let me start it up
digigardener: might be overkill for this meeting
digigardener: yes i think it is a good idea getting the gaming folks involved
digigardener: they have a lot of tech, motivation and experience in doing ALs so far
digigardener: been ignoring them
digigardener: but thats where u and bru come in :)
digigardener: sorry we couldnt come over today nanc
digigardener: nanz
Raki: Well he wrote an editorial this month about game designers not knowing what is going on in the labs so I had to point out that DB3 is the place they should be.
digigardener: galen is stil in maui
Raki: HMMmm is she ever coming back to the farm?
Nanzy: When will she get home?
digigardener: Sue you can ask Nanzy to let you know when the NASA cheque comes
digigardener: well tonite i hope :)
Raki: Tell me when the NASA checck comes
Nanzy: I;ll keep an Eye out for it
Raki: I am still waiting for some snails from speakers and some have concerns about how the money will reach them
Nanzy: I don't think I have your email adddress, tho
digigardener: nanz we will have to do a buncha money orders and mail them out one day
digigardener: to all those flyers to db3
Raki: suewilcox@bigfoot.com
digigardener: hi stu
San Marco: Hi Bruce
digigardener: join me in ze pod?
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by San Marco.
Raki: By the way I haven't heard back from Donna, is she out to lunch?? :)
digigardener: welcome stu!
San Marco: what's up
Nanzy: thanx
Raki: Hi Stuart
San Marco: Hi Sue!
San Marco: what's going on at the mo?
Nanzy: Hi Stuart
Raki: You are but a tiny triangle still despite my 17.6 frame rate
San Marco: oh
"Nancy": nothing faras I can tell - the list shows 6 people now in AV98
digigardener: well this is a combo ccon board mtg (if we get a quorum)
digigardener: and av99 exec mtg
digigardener: lemme go to gz and see if folks are there
Raki: How many is a quorum?
digigardener: well steve, bonnie, patricia moi i guess
Nanzy: one more than half
digigardener: and margaret if she can come
digigardener: hi
San Marco: sorry am I butting in?
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by Bonnie DeVarco.
San Marco: not too good Sue unfortunately
digigardener: (to San Marco) nope you are a key person, for much is about av99
digigardener: (to San Marco) far from it :)
digigardener: welcome bonnie!
Raki: So I'll have to put you on my Tshirts to mail list?
Bonnie DeVarco: hi folks!
San Marco: I am just doing a demo - how long will you be here?
digigardener: folks this is an open mtg of ccon with a major item being av99
Raki: Hi Bonnie
"Nancy": oh i'm sorry to hear that, Stu, altho I know you've got much to deal with at home right now.
digigardener: so all are welcome
Nanzy: Hi Bonnie
Bonnie DeVarco: Hi Nanzy
Bonnie DeVarco: Stu, Sue
"stevedipaola": hi all
"Nancy": hi bonnie, nanzy, digi - everyone
Nanzy: Hi Steve
Bonnie DeVarco: hi steve
Raki: oh steve, you've lost weight!
digigardener: hi all hi steve
digigardener: waving to you on camera here
digigardener: decided nto to try audio
digigardener: text is better to log by
Bonnie DeVarco: I couldn't download anything free from there
San Marco: just going to IHI for demo to Eric
Nanzy: me neither
digigardener: (to San Marco) ok see u later
digigardener: (to San Marco) come back in a bit
"stevedipaola": they do make it hard to download hearme
Raki: Yup just what I found
"Nancy": good, glad i wasn't the only one who was confused
"stevedipaola": who are we missing
digigardener: well patricia franklin is away i think
digigardener: but marg corbit
digigardener: should be here
digigardener: or was it the other way around?
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by shard.
digigardener: stuart will be back in a bit for av99
digigardener: welcome anita
"Nancy": you're right - Patricia Franklin is away and can't make it
digigardener: if you click on the Agenda sign you will get the agenda
digigardener: hi both Nancys
shard: aloha all
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by Bonnie DeVarco.
"Nancy": sue wilcox may be here too
digigardener: welcoe bonnie
Bonnie DeVarco: sorry was bumped off for a few moments...
digigardener: sue is here.. as raki
digigardener: sue are u there?
Raki: hello oh mighty CCon board
digigardener: we are not worthy !!!
Raki: I am but a humble explainer of biota.org's situation
digigardener: well who wants to chair the meeting (sorry i did not put any chairs here!)
shard: heheh
Bonnie DeVarco: I chaired the last one and bow to the next great chairperson volunteer :0)
digigardener: this is a historic first ccon actual board meeting in worlds (and open)
digigardener: well i will do that duty today!
digigardener: well why you were all called here today..
digigardener: there is a lot going on and as we now have a larger board that is getting more active
digigardener: i thought it important to make sure everyone is in the loop on av99
digigardener: after all it is our signature event
digigardener: but first..
digigardener: Sue Wilcox is here from Honolulu (lucky camper, probably doing this from a laptop in the water, holding it above her head)
"stevedipaola": hi sue
Raki: Huh I should be so lucky
digigardener: and the Digital Biota3/Open worlds conference is coming up soon
digigardener: nov 6-7 to be exact
Bonnie DeVarco: wild applause
Bonnie DeVarco: !!
digigardener: and Sue has assumed the role of "head of biota" as opposed to "head of lettuce"
digigardener: altho your head becomes like a cabbage after organizing a conference
"stevedipaola": hip hip huray
Raki: A slightly frayed head I must say
digigardener: sue has rescued the biota event from the proverbial compost pile
digigardener: so sue want to give a report on the evnet and i will put up a link on the Whatever sign
digigardener: for folks to explore
Nanzy: yeah sue
Raki: It looks as if the event is pulling itself toether pretty well.
Raki: Now I have Nancy to research the lifeblood coffee supply
Raki: And Donna hopefully to feed everyone
"Nancy": all hail the mighty caffeine
Raki: The AV seems set ok and steve has offered emergency support if I need more machines
Raki: Rudy Rucker is happy it seems
Raki: It looks a bit grim regarding hotels at a budget price
digigardener: at san jose state U
"Kyoti": Hello everyone it's me Kyoti I hope it's OK if I join in?
Raki: Not enough people have signed up in advance
digigardener: sure roger
Raki: I have about 30 attendees signed up
Raki: I've had some problems getting news posted in newsgroups
Raki: Particulary the alife one
Raki: Dunno what the problems is
Raki: Getting in there would make a differenct
Raki: I am accepting registrations until Oct 31st
Bonnie DeVarco: good
Raki: At that point I cast off from the islands
Raki: And communiciation gets a bit trickier
"stevedipaola": there is a stanford alife newsgroup that I can post the event on, if you want
Raki: Yes, that's the one I've been trying to post to
Raki: I think the moderator must have blocked me
Raki: I did write to the FAQ admin guy
"stevedipaola": i'll take a stab at it
Raki: I have sent out a xillion Press releases
Raki: Mostly now its just keeping on coordinating eveyone
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by queenbee.
digigardener: welcome margaret
Raki: The party is totally in Coco's hands so I cant report on that
digigardener: we are gettign a report on db3 from sue wilcox (raki)
Raki: Everyone can come to the party for free tho
Bonnie DeVarco: Hi queenbee!
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by Casay.
queenbee: Hi srory I 'm late
Raki: Hello Margaret, I'm looking forward to meeting you in real space
Nanzy: hi margaret
"stevedipaola": hi
queenbee: you too raki
Bonnie DeVarco: margaret, are you coming out for Biota?
Raki: I think that sums up where the conf is at. Any questions?
queenbee: hi steve
Casay: Hello
"Kyoti": hi Margaret
"Nancy": yes - are there any plans for a press presence at the conf. - do you want
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by San Marco.
"Nancy": that, do we need that ?
Casay: *enters just in time for the summation.. lol*
queenbee: yep, I get to come to biota conf :>)
Raki: It would be nice to have one. That was supposed to be something Coco was doing for Ur Studios
Raki: I think I'll have to ask Chris Cole about it.
digigardener: yes sue would you also tell us about plans to make biota.org into a separate organization
Raki: Well I was strongly considering splitting it off as a nonprofit
digigardener: eeek stu mech
Raki: But the hassles over admin and having no money to speak of makes it too much to take on
Raki: I am prepared to contine as modeator of the mailing list.
San Marco: how's it going?
Raki: To revamp the website and add a lot more info to it
Raki: And to look for major sponsors
digigardener: (to San Marco) great, will you give us a report about av99 in a few mins?
Raki: I think until we can get some serious money to pay for admin it wont fly
San Marco: I'll try
Raki: The othere thing is we need real projext
Raki: Not just a yearly or biyearly conference
digigardener: yes like nerve garden only more susstained
Raki: And no-one is coming forward to help
Raki: There are no suggestions just stalled projects lying around
digigardener: biota has the largest mailing list, i think about 500 people
Raki: It is not something to attract sponsors
Bonnie DeVarco: Geralds projects seem so exciting to be part of the biota trajectory
Casay: Curious, has anyone approached Ziif Davis and ZDTV?
Bonnie DeVarco: fluidiom
digigardener: if we opened up the list and allowed folks to post their works, vision, we would learn a lot
Raki: No its more like 350 and a lot fo those are old or repeats
Raki: Do you have a contact?
Casay: yes I do
Raki: What do we have to sell to them?
Casay: I also own the world here, ZDTV
Raki: Well if you can connect me I'm happy to talk to them
digigardener: folks, and sue, action items on DB3?
digigardener: so we can keep on movin in the mtg
Casay: Well, personally I think that ZDTV shoudl be using AW for their combiantion TV shows/chat
Raki: Connect me to sponsors and people who want to do stuff
Casay: k Raki, I will
"Nancy": should others post the DB3 announcement to newsgroups ?
Raki: OK bear in mind that we have no visuals at the moment
Bonnie DeVarco: Can't we work more closely with AW staff? Invite them to be more central in our board?
digigardener: sue can you send the latest db3 announce to the group?
Raki: Be careful don't flood them
Raki: People get v upset if you overdo that posting
"stevedipaola": i will tryto post to the greater stanford cs lists
Raki: OK, I have email for steve not for Casey
digigardener: i can add you to the ccon-admin list if you like sue
Raki: arrgh, not more email
queenbee: not such a painful list :>)
Raki: well if you say so but occasionally my husband likes to see me
digigardener: so folks is that it for the DB3 items?
Raki: Yes



Avatars99 Mascot: Avonaut
designed by Meetfactory

digigardener: ok onwards to the next big show..
digigardener: as you see around you, logo works from andy best at meetfactory keeps pouring in
digigardener: with our mascot Avonaut
digigardener: colonizing cyberspace
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by queenbee.
Bonnie DeVarco: what about Avanaut? :0)
digigardener: a major theme this year is to allow full colonization of the schedule
digigardener: ie: speakers sign themselves up AND configure their own speaking pods
queenbee: do we havea graphic of avonaut?
Bonnie DeVarco: got quite a few gals here...
digigardener: and stu is here to tell you about how we will try to do this (depends on how much we get done)
digigardener: Stu?
San Marco: HI everyone
queenbee: hi stuart!
San Marco: (me Stu:-)
San Marco: well there are 5 of us working on the Virtual Discussion Room concept
San Marco: pretty heavy programming going on and...
Casay: Hey Stu! :-)
San Marco: much of it hinges on the robustness of the AW platform
San Marco: i.e. I hope we don't break it!
San Marco: but things are a bit slow - partly because of RL being a bummer at present
San Marco: I just hope we will have something running at AV99
digigardener: yes sorry stu
"Kyoti": Is there anyway to have the speakers voice come through AW sound?
San Marco: anyway the principle is using Database and bot programming...
San Marco: to completely run the speaker schedule and their rooms
San Marco: allowing presentations and automated bot movements etc
queenbee: seems to be the time of year, Bonnie's dad died, stuart OK?
San Marco: (thats the theory)
digigardener: (to queenbee) hi that came to me
digigardener: (to queenbee) yes his mom is sick
San Marco: yes there is Kyoti
San Marco: but the downloads would be rather big I think
queenbee: I know, didn't want to interupt him.
digigardener: and to minimize the load on stu and crew..
queenbee: time of life maybe too age that is
digigardener: the rest of the event is planned to be hand built
digigardener: (sorry for interrupting stu, is that ok?)
San Marco: we were hoping to have the booths buildable by the db/bot method too
San Marco: but that's for AV2000 :-)
digigardener: yes a total turnkey show in 2000
San Marco: no prob Bruce
digigardener: i requested a dozen worlds from AW
queenbee: he
San Marco: ok that should do nicely
digigardener: and asked them to keep AV98 running
San Marco: but...
digigardener: because the org did not really have the budget to justify it and this is a good demo for everyone
San Marco: it maybe that we will have to host the VDR
San Marco: on our own server
digigardener: yes
digigardener: we will have to test that.. performance
San Marco: yes
digigardener: it is a very complex job, av99
digigardener: it is also spread out over days
digigardener: the other platforms were peeved that AW got all the attention last year
digigardener: so they get to choose their own day
digigardener: between oct 30 and dec 4
digigardener: so far blaxxun is on oct 30 with neal stephensons 40th birthday party
digigardener: they must do their own websites and schedule
"stevedipaola": we are planning a onlive traveler day ( near end of nov.)
digigardener: we will link them in, promote them and provide logo branding
digigardener: great steve!
digigardener: and palace, can you see if anyone at communities woudl get behind a palace day?
digigardener: two for one :)
"stevedipaola": not sure yet
digigardener: casay what about your palace folks
Casay: palace???
digigardener: bonnie and margaret, want to coordinate an edu speakers series again this year?
digigardener: sorry thoought you had palace expereience too
Casay: I do.. but never go there anymore
Bonnie DeVarco: I would like to recommend the EduVerse as a locus
digigardener: that leaves avaterra.. worlds away (spun out from fujitsu)
queenbee: Oh sure, we can use the Vleran list?
digigardener: and tammy sims is looking at it
digigardener: yes mandee should be involved
digigardener: one great theme this year is also: tour of worlds
"stevedipaola": i haven' t talked to the palace team yet, want them to do it - and I concentrate on traveler
Bonnie DeVarco: But people will need to switch from AW to AW EDU


digigardener: where there will be a telepark and a tour and schedule of worlds and their builders
digigardener: to tell the story of the worlds
digigardener: often missing is the story
"stevedipaola": cool
digigardener: yes switching Universes is a real problem and challenge
Bonnie DeVarco: Why don't we have a story contest?
digigardener: now thats a great idea BdV
Bonnie DeVarco: Put out a call for the best story in 3000 words or less
Casay: many ppl won't switch univereses for one event, esp if they don't have citizenship...
digigardener: yes and the writer has to put it online
Bonnie DeVarco: building worlds is very different from project to project
Bonnie DeVarco: yes, they post the story with screenshots
Bonnie DeVarco: good way to promote particular experiments
digigardener: yes bonnie has done that extensively on her pages
digigardener: it is a great format
Bonnie DeVarco: I could put together a call for stories and run it by AW admin
digigardener: bonnie want to see if there is anyone (doesnt have to be you) who will lead that effort?
Bonnie DeVarco: then we post it soon to the lists
digigardener: thanks!
digigardener: Storytelling is a big thing right now
digigardener: digital storytelling, and we have some great ones about life in world, but often they are not captured
digigardener: steve, that goes for traveler too.. all one format.
"stevedipaola": yep
digigardener: what we need is a set of frameworks: these are the elements of av99 to try to represent in your world, your site and your event day etc
queenbee: Im a good reader..... need a jury probably.
"stevedipaola": i like using storytelling as a main theme
digigardener: yes how do we determine which worlds get onto the tour?
"stevedipaola": for all the world events
queenbee: yes, lots of spaces are colonized now, so lets tell the stories of the pioneers...
digigardener: we have to filter a bit
digigardener: stories are so important
digigardener: yes the stories of the first colonists of cyberspace
queenbee: you could make hte submission of your story as the first and required levle of particpation
Bonnie DeVarco: wow, nice idea
queenbee: nothing fancy required. all welcome to tell their own.
Bonnie DeVarco: need a shorter word count though for that
queenbee: right. first level could be 500 words or less, even 300
Bonnie DeVarco: 500 sounds good
"stevedipaola": we can have a story contest in each world, best make it on the website in some media
digigardener: wow so can someone put up a framework site for that? we can have a simple webform for the URL, name, name of world, platform etc
Bonnie DeVarco: cool but must request visuals too
queenbee: right WEb is the least common denominator
queenbee: If someone writes the form, I can post it with SciCentrs pages
digigardener: sorry i cant do webwork, i am maxed out coordinating people
queenbee: just email me a copy
shard: Need someone to just create framework for the story submissions??
digigardener: thats it, and a webform, nice design i guess
queenbee: volunteering shard? I will host pages....
digigardener: with a theme "the first colonists of cyberspace tell their stories" or something
queenbee: I think we should be able to get some good pr for the site, too.
digigardener: shard do you want to be on the avatars-admin list? (as she get assimilated)
shard: My time is limited -- it sounds like this is a limited task -- so, tentatively, yes, I'm volunteering
queenbee: great!
Nanzy: what are we offering as incentives? are these stories to be judged?
digigardener: (to shard) your current email addr hon?
shard: Ah shucks, Digi, thought you'd never ask. (This is Anita, y'know) I was too assimilated last AV98, so have to take a small bite this time.
shard: postmaster@studioae.com
shard: OK, postmaster@studioae.com, for anyone's records.
queenbee: Um,,,,, ! Submission deadline???? not much time!
San Marco: Sorry I have to leave as I have family here from the US of A!
digigardener: OK stu..
queenbee: Best to all, STuart
Bonnie DeVarco: by stu!
digigardener: thanks for supporting us today
Casay: See ya Stu! HUGZ!
digigardener: and let us know if you need help or other support
San Marco: Thanks - Bruce could you send me the log of this meeting?
digigardener: yes i am logging and will make a page with screen shots
digigardener: for all
San Marco: great - bye all :-)
"Kyoti": Bye Stu
Nanzy: bye stu
shard: Bye Stu !
"stevedipaola": bye
digigardener: ttfn
"stevedipaola": the stories can make for great press
digigardener: so we have a team for the storytelling?
queenbee: So the first event is )ct 30, do we dare ask for stories by then?
digigardener: well i think we can have the site up, and poeple submitting
digigardener: it would be for blaxxun


digigardener: this leads to another issue..
digigardener: if the event is spread out over several days..
digigardener: how do we do an awards for the avvies, the stories?
"stevedipaola": i was also thinking of realtime in world stories the day of each event, and the best get retold
digigardener: yes the realtime is vital steve
digigardener: you are right
digigardener: in fact it woudl be part of the grande tour de worlds
queenbee: Yes, open archive? as we go, barring X-rated adn flames?
Raki: How do you plan to have the Avvies judged?
Raki: By format - by world?
queenbee: How does celebrity work in AW?
digigardener: well we could do an avvies per platform possibly
"stevedipaola": in world attendees can vote on there favs and the best get submitted to the webpage
Raki: Over a period of time with prizes in each world category?
digigardener: and suggest to each platform that they collect their avs
queenbee: probably have too andthen post winners to a main site
digigardener: cause how do you judge a palace av versus a traveler av?
digigardener: they have too different a basis
Raki: Exactly you have to do it by world
digigardener: i think each event day would like to have an avvies finale
Raki: Yup
"stevedipaola": do we need to put nominees on the site for a vote - alot of work
queenbee: do you get a lot of voters?
"stevedipaola": not sure
Raki: Have entrants at a set time early on. Then move them to a webpage
Raki: Then have the results at the end of thhe day
Casay: voting in AW anyway seems to be more a popularity contest of the creator and not ness. the best work. maybe judges???
"stevedipaola": think your right about judges
Raki: Well I was assuming you would have judges
queenbee: last year's winners -> judges?
Raki: Interesting idea
Bonnie DeVarco: yes, good one queenbee
Casay: oh, I must have misunderstood, thought you were talking about setting up a page for general voting purposes
Raki: But do they get to enter
Raki: I dont think some o f them would like missing out on the entering part
queenbee: hard one there for last year's winners, there's teh rub
"stevedipaola": so either we have realtime event per world or submit work to website ahead of time and have winners annouced at event
Raki: I for one wouldn't like to rule out Victoria and Rody from entering
queenbee: STaff at worlds = judges?
Casay: are they even going to enter this year???
digigardener: i think it is good to have a finale announce per world on their event day
digigardener: otherwise it goes out of people's consciousness
Raki: True
digigardener: maybe previous grand prize winners cannot enter again, but is that fair?
"stevedipaola": so people show up as there entries
digigardener: others will be trying to best them
Raki: No, let the best enter, its evolution you know :)
digigardener: well that is interesting but not that practical
queenbee: who judged last time?
Raki: Me and Dave Marvit
digigardener: so i guess we need to suggest to each platform a format to collect their avs for the awards
digigardener: maybe do a central entry page? letting folks choose platform and put in an url?
Raki: Yes
queenbee: yes,
queenbee: gives folks a heads up about other worlds
Bonnie DeVarco: seems most efficient approach
"stevedipaola": yep
queenbee: all linked from AV99 pages from CCON?
shard: Beg pardon, all, must scoot off to work. Will post to list when story form is ready...will discuss details with Bonnie first. G'bye -- nice to work with this crew!
queenbee: bye shard.
Nanzy: bye shard
shard: Bye Bruce! Nice to be taking part in AV99! Lots of luck with all!
Bonnie DeVarco: bye shard!
Raki: So how do you think the judging should be handled?
"stevedipaola": so then seperate by platform,judge, then post matrix of winner types for each world?
digigardener: bye shard
"stevedipaola": bye
digigardener: well i could set up the entry page
Nanzy: last years winners become this years judges
queenbee: Find two suckers for each platform, one designer one with other expertise
digigardener: and then have it email the forms to raki and central ccon
"Kyoti": Bye Shard
queenbee: k
Raki: Problems with the blaxxun one. I am out of touch travelling
Casay: If hte winners are willing to judge..
digigardener: maybe we can ask each platform tocome up with judges
Nanzy: tell them it's one of the prizes for winning
digigardener: well prob is some winners will want to enter
Bonnie DeVarco: good psychology
Raki: Yes, I like that - the price of fame
digigardener: and some we may not be able to reach
queenbee: yes, you typically build the
queenbee: Honor in
digigardener: but it could work!
Raki: So email them all
queenbee: place to start from...
Nanzy: play to their vanity
digigardener: like the one who complains about the food becomes the chef?
Nanzy: yeah
queenbee: y
"stevedipaola": worst case, we all are the judges
queenbee: ;-(
digigardener: well why dont i set up the form, run it by you all then we can announce the avvies
Casay: not I, hopefully wil lget an avatar or two entered myself
digigardener: and start getting entries
Bonnie DeVarco: peer judging -- isn't that the way they do the cy awards?
digigardener: and then ask each platform av99 coordinator to help nominate judges, and perhaps include suggestions of last years winners?
"stevedipaola": best to keep the catagories small if there is a winner per world
Nanzy: good idea bruce. time is short
digigardener: yes in fact Bit is on the av99 team
digigardener: she does the cys
digigardener: she woudl be a fabulous judge and event coordinator
Raki: Don't forget to ask the judges to say why they picked each winner.
digigardener: (to Raki) sue what is your phone num, charles O wants to call u
queenbee: As to the stories and tours and realtime aspects, could we invite
digigardener: yes well maybe you could give them guidelines
digigardener: sue
queenbee: a few of the first settlers to give tours
Raki: 808 596 4449
Nanzy: good idea
"stevedipaola": yea
Bonnie DeVarco: yes the two-digit crew
Raki: I wrote a blurb about the judging process last year. You could recycle most of that
digigardener: yes that is valuable
"stevedipaola": recycling is a good thing
digigardener: well let me try to get that out
digigardener: we should try to get both submission sites up by the end of the week
Bonnie DeVarco: (tw0-digit as in citizen numbers)
Raki: I was thinking more of consistency actually
digigardener: so folks have enough time to get their stuff in
digigardener: to the next item?
Nanzy: what is next?
digigardener: well what about sponsorship?
digigardener: for av99?
digigardener: got to get some money back into the coffers
digigardener: and another possibility is grant writing
digigardener: some NSF deadlines coming up
"stevedipaola": communities.com is too cheap - i asked
digigardener: oh sorry!
digigardener: blaxxun maybe
digigardener: avaterra?
digigardener: problem is.. if they are doing their own event, why sponsor?
digigardener: worlds inc is out i think
digigardener: and AW.com is donating worlds etc already
digigardener: booth sales?
digigardener: orange county conv center wants in
digigardener: and howard community college
digigardener: a few hundred buck there :)
digigardener: ideas?
"Kyoti": It would be nice if we could get some of the big internet seller Amazon ect to have manned booths.
Bonnie DeVarco: Are any of last year's sponsors already on the docket again?
Casay: Hello???
Nanzy: where is everybody/
Raki: How about approaching Nikon. And other digital camera makers?
"stevedipaola": is intel still interested in us?
Raki: You also might get the Avatar Booth people to stump up money
Raki: Steven Crampton
Raki: I have his email somewhere
Raki: sjc@3dscanners.com
digigardener: hmm all good ideas
digigardener: can we agree to post our thoughts and contacts to the ccon-admin list?
digigardener: i will ask the avatars-admin list too
Bonnie DeVarco: that is a good idea
"stevedipaola": sure
digigardener: we will have a larger general meeting of the av99 design and hosting team soon
digigardener: when AW gets our worlds up
digigardener: yes all sponsors gave donations for booth space
digigardener: and some donated prizes fo the avvies
digigardener: so folks i know this has gone on for 82 minutes
digigardener: now
digigardener: so are there any final motions, points of biz?
digigardener: does everyone know what they have committed to?
digigardener: anyone who is as yet not overcommitted, now is your chance :)
digigardener: all silence
"stevedipaola": steve - post to stanford,berkelye lists - think about judges for onlive, setup onlive day
digigardener: ok
"Nancy": i'll post it on the Well
Bonnie DeVarco: work with Margaret and Mandee to set up an education track
Bonnie DeVarco: work with Shard/Anita on story announcemtn
digigardener: bruce - set up and get approved avvies page, mails here and to raki, get it announced
Bonnie DeVarco: announcement
Raki: que?
digigardener: bruce - post notice of next meeting of design and hosting team to avatars-admin and ccon-admin
Nanzy: did i manage to not committ to anything?
digigardener: a bigger meeting
Bonnie DeVarco: find sponsorship $$$ and interest -- alll
digigardener: bruce -get minutes of this meeting up and out
Bonnie DeVarco: I got three screenshots of it
digigardener: yes think about folks with bucks who would think this is cool
digigardener: and gotta have prizes for avvies
digigardener: great send me those shots
Bonnie DeVarco: k
Raki: Contact Misty at Macromedia
digigardener: by the way, we will support nodes.. local av99 sites, again
digigardener: one here at the house
digigardener: u guys want to do nodes for the dec 4 event?
Casay: *Get Tilda and Dash to be judges and give out Prizes... they are ZDTv's avatars
digigardener: can u send me and sue their contact info?
digigardener: ok guys, see the agenda?
Bonnie DeVarco: you mean livecam nodes?
digigardener: yes the live cams and local party spots we had
digigardener: we have a live cam coordinator already
Bonnie DeVarco: yep Al Lundell will likely have some about town
digigardener: cyberradio
digigardener: we will have a webcam central area again
digigardener: and an art show
digigardener: jupytr will do the art sho
Bonnie DeVarco: is John Graham working with you on this Bruce?
digigardener: show
Bonnie DeVarco: for live streaming of anything?
Bonnie DeVarco: maybe his company can sponsor
digigardener: yes, i hope we can use GTS to do speaker broadcast
digigardener: yes indeed if he has dough, good idea
"stevedipaola": should there be a party for av99 - pot luck at the digi garden - is that the aw day
digigardener: yes we will have an all day shindig
Bonnie DeVarco: cool how about the RealPlayer group who did V-Learn in Spring?
digigardener: pray for decent weather
digigardener: yes derek rayburn .. i have sent him a note


digigardener: to close the meeting..
digigardener: take a look at 8/3/99 agenda
digigardener: or 10 that is.. cannot get used to the american system of dating
Bonnie DeVarco: k
digigardener: there are items from the last meeting not yet addressed
digigardener: such as the redesign of the website
digigardener: for ccon
digigardener: we did do some items:
digigardener: eduverse launched (i hope ccon has a link on that page btw)
digigardener: theU was copied into the eduverse
digigardener: we went to free membership and have gotten 22 postings in the past 2 months
digigardener: dont know what to do with these folks except reply with a "join the lists and join in" note
digigardener: did cog tech etc
digigardener: so we are doing some of our items
digigardener: anyone else have any motions, comments about last meetings items?
"stevedipaola": this worked
Bonnie DeVarco: no for the moment
digigardener: yes indeedy!
Bonnie DeVarco: except i would like
Bonnie DeVarco: to start the nomination process for the advisory commitee
digigardener: yes that is critical
digigardener: to building up our org
Bonnie DeVarco: Strongly want to nominate Mandee Tatum
Bonnie DeVarco: especially since EduVerse is moving forward
Bonnie DeVarco: Anita Roy Dobbs (aka Shard) as well
digigardener: yes say, can folks post the names, backgrounds and contact for nominees to ccon-admin?
Nanzy: 2nd that nomination
digigardener: we can categorize advisors
digigardener: by domain
Bonnie DeVarco: will do
digigardener: reed riner is our only advisor so far
Bonnie DeVarco: what about NASA folks
Bonnie DeVarco: Al Globus?
digigardener: yes i think there is a huge field of possible advisor
digigardener: we have to explain to them what it is about, what they get out, put in?
Bonnie DeVarco: I have with Mandee and Anita
digigardener: does someone want to write up a little precis about advisors?
Bonnie DeVarco: but will f/u with short bios and contact numbers
digigardener: jim funaro should be offered
Bonnie DeVarco: I thought we already voted him in in that capacity
digigardener: yes but he doesnt know about it :)
Nanzy: we did
Bonnie DeVarco: along with 'grandfather status on Board :0)
digigardener: yes, so who would like to take on chairship of the advisory board process?
digigardener: (to Bonnie DeVarco) dont forget to send me those screen shots :)
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by Bonnie DeVarco.
digigardener: sorry looks like bonnie got bumped and is back
digigardener: here is what jsut said..
digigardener: yes, so who would like to take on chairship of the advisory board process?
digigardener: then i think we can close the meeting
Bonnie DeVarco: okay geez guess I will :0)
digigardener: as I see steve is looking at his watch (involuntarily)
Bonnie DeVarco: will try to get things rolling on that right away
digigardener: thanks bonnie, you are a trooper
digigardener: wow steve!
Bonnie DeVarco: no prob
digigardener: so lots to do but folks, we are inventing a new medium
digigardener: you only get to do this once or twice in a lifetime
Bonnie DeVarco: well it is certainly evolving itself quite well too!
digigardener: so what if it pays starvation wages :)
digigardener: like the logos for av99?
Bonnie DeVarco: ahhh the joys of pioneering
Bonnie DeVarco: yes BUT
"stevedipaola": tis true
Bonnie DeVarco: Astranaut
Bonnie DeVarco: female
"stevedipaola": lol
digigardener: Avonaut actually
Bonnie DeVarco: hmmmm
digigardener: hmm right
Bonnie DeVarco: I mean AVAnaut
"stevedipaola": he finally got it
Bonnie DeVarco: or Eve-naut
Nanzy: yeah
digigardener: cool
"stevedipaola": ok is it time to call it a meeting
digigardener: i will send off the request to andy
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by Bonnie DeVarco.
"stevedipaola": being a cyber pioneer is nice, but my son keeps coming by and telling waht a nice day it is
Bonnie DeVarco: okay well see ya all before I get bumped off again
Bonnie DeVarco: have a great day out there in the outerverse
Nanzy: bye everyone
"stevedipaola": thanks all, thanks bruce for running it all
Bonnie DeVarco: good meeting bruce
Raki: Ok bye folks
Bonnie DeVarco: thanks!
digigardener: ok
digigardener: thanks for taking the time
digigardener: this sunday
digigardener: i think this works
digigardener: i will post minutes etc
digigardener: bye for now
"stevedipaola": say ya tomorrow bruce at noon
digigardener: ok steve..
digigardener: try to get here by noon so i can take u guys to lunch
digigardener: restaurant closes at 1pm
"stevedipaola": sounds good
digigardener: okie dokie


Original Agenda

Oct 1, 1999

Dear Ccon team, here is a suggested agenda for those who would be able to make the Sunday 1pm PST in-world board + core do-ers meeting in AV98. I think it would be great if you folks could try to download and get into www.hearme.com and we could try to use that during the meeting. It is a great multi person voice app from mpath that really works for small groups. It can also be run in the web/simultaneously with AW. I will attempt to set up a room and get all you into it. Also if you have a webcam make it live as we can put our faces onto a pod in AV98 to give some more realism.

Suggested agenda:

1. Progress since the board meeting, refer to minutes at:

2. Avatars99, progress, call for participation (see the avatars-admin CFP at the bottom of this email), we have about 30 volunteers and a basic announce page at:
Issues for Av99:
a) volunteerism from the board
b) fundraising, have to recharge our bank accounts if possible

3. The upcoming Digital Biota 3/OWorld conference Nov 6-7 and the status of Biota.org

4. Grantwriting and other fundraising efforts, got to do some

5. New motions, new business?

6. Setting of next meeting, did this one work?

Adjourn, lets try to keep it under 90 mins. if the tech dont work we will go back to good old chat, got to log it anyway.

at your service..


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