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Avatars99 Log of Oct 14 1999 Core Design/World Builders Gathering

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* Active Worlds chat session: Thu Oct 14, 1999 1:11 PM *


Team meeting starts out in AV98 Ground Zero

Immigration Officer: Avatars98 is over.. see Conference Report at www.ccon.org/conf98
San Marco: Hi Bruce - just going to close this world to others
digigardener: hi all
jupytr: hi
XelaG: hi
San Marco: ok now a private world
Razzle: mornig
digigardener: ok folks, are we having a pre-groundbreaking meet?
XelaG: evening here :)
San Marco: this is a building team meeting Bruce
digigardener: okies
San Marco: who is chairman?
Razzle: well lets see Stuart you callled the meeting :-)
San Marco: (chairperson sorry)
San Marco: ok
digigardener: our chief architect :)
San Marco: bow...bow
Razzle: clap clap clap
San Marco: well I just want to establish a few things.....
San Marco: first - who will be helping with the building...
San Marco: second - what is our strategy....
San Marco: thirdly - frantically looking for other things to put on the agenda...
XelaG: lol
Razzle: lol
Windancer: haha
San Marco: 4th - couldn't find anything else
Razzle: object location
digigardener: well win and raz have asked me to add a few folks to avatars-admin\
San Marco: so thats 4 things
Razzle: as we had stated to talk about a few days ago
digigardener: who said they are builders etc
San Marco: are they coming to this meeting?
Razzle: don't see them online..
digigardener: maybe to the groundbreaking?
Razzle: thats casay and cyberguy
Razzle: in thier cases we can fell them in
San Marco: oh hang on - I got a TG from Cas
San Marco: oh - she is at work right now
Razzle: yep :-)
Razzle: as to cyberguy he is going to be handling object co ordination
San Marco: so lets make a list - Razzle, Win Jup, Cas, Alex, me, Digi, Jeanphi (maybe), Cyberguy
Razzle: and will be working with me on that one
San Marco: so is that the full list?
Razzle: gawd I hope not
San Marco: hmmm
Razzle: I hope bruce has more volleenteers :-)
San Marco: Bruce?
digigardener: well we can post a call for volunteers
digigardener: to the main avatars list
digigardener: but you will have to screen folks
Razzle: ok
Razzle: if this makesup the coor list
San Marco: yes - Dave can you do the screening?
San Marco: and post to the list?
digigardener: I know there are folks wanting to build worlds to attach into the event, for the grand tour
Razzle: was bit to be here for the world tour part
Razzle: sure have them contact me
digigardener: If i posted to the list and had them contact Raz? OK
San Marco: yep
Razzle: we have jupytr for art world
Razzle: bit was for tour world
San Marco: just going to talk about the diff worlds now
Razzle: how about people for the other worlds
Razzle: anyone you had in mind for them
San Marco: ok what are they?...
Windancer: we do have some people that have volenteered, do we have a list of those that signed on with av99 available?
San Marco: Artworld - Jup
San Marco: Discussion worlds - already taken care of by Raz & Win
digigardener: also the webcam wall: the cyberradio guy "Eds TV"
San Marco: Tour World?
digigardener: Tour world: Bit?
digigardener: AlphaBit
San Marco: isn't the webcam going to be a separate world?
Razzle: thought that was Bit I thought
jupytr: thorus
digigardener: thats right
Razzle: yes sep world
San Marco: so Bit will be doing which one?
digigardener: does anyone know Grendel, he is TGing to volunteer to help build
Razzle: tour world
San Marco: ok
San Marco: yes I know Grendel
San Marco: he works with Sajinka
Windancer: yes I know him, hes with the education dept in Vancouver
San Marco: Bruce did you put her on the AV99 list?
Razzle: so that leaves avvy and exb
San Marco: Sajinka and Grendl definitely want to help
Razzle: yes thought I saw her name show up in the re
digigardener: I can let grendel into the meeting
San Marco: I'll contact her and see what she is willing to work on
San Marco: ok Bruce - get his cit no
digigardener: I added him
San Marco: ok
XelaG: 266607
XelaG: bot info :)
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by Grendel.
San Marco: clever
Razzle: hehehe
San Marco: so where were we with the diff worlds?
digigardener: well we have a proposal for a "story of my world" entry form
Razzle: well we have av99, avvy, and exb
San Marco: Bit is doing Tourworld - who is doing webcam world
digigardener: which will be evaluated for inclusion in the Tour de Worlds
digigardener: I think Thorus
Razzle: is he a builder per say?
San Marco: Thorus is doing Tourworld?
digigardener: I think Thorus is just good at cams
digigardener: Bit might be best for the tour, as she does the Cys
San Marco: well to be honest each person will have to have others to help in each effort
San Marco: just that they will head up the local team
digigardener: Yes, perhaps we should post this list of who does what and who can help in general to av-admin
Razzle: right
Windancer: yes
Razzle: Bit def for tourworld
San Marco: I want to post a list of team leaders and ask others to join
Razzle: as we had already talked to her about that
San Marco: hopefully we will get a good spread
San Marco: so now on to exbworld
digigardener: ok good plan stu
San Marco: hmmm exhibition world is tricky as I have firm ideas about that
San Marco: Dave?
Razzle: ahh ok
Razzle: Well lets work with you on that one as well
San Marco: would you and Win have time to work on the exb world (with a team)?
Razzle: LOL
Windancer: :)
Windancer: no worries
San Marco: we still have to finish the hubworld
San Marco: (or start it :-)
Razzle: yes we do :-)
San Marco: and of course finish the VDR
Razzle: well win and I already know we will be bouncing around alot
San Marco: so you and Win won't be getting any sleep for a while :-)
jupytr: i can help elsewhere too, if needed
Windancer: yes :) also we have to think of the main world, the AV99 it self
San Marco: Ok that would be good Jupytr
San Marco: Alex- how are your building skills?
XelaG: hmm, i build bots ok :)
San Marco: I can vouch for that!
jupytr: heh
Grendel: I volunteer to be on the Win/Raz team! :-) <if they'll have me>
digigardener: yes stu, are we just going to refresh certain objects, like the ground object, etc, to change the look in exhb
XelaG: average i would say
San Marco: Bruce - I think we should get onto the detail later in each team
Windancer: do we want him Dave?
San Marco: Hi Grendel
digigardener: ok
Razzle: ahhh man :-)
Grendel: Hi SM
Grendel: :-p
XelaG: hi Grendel
San Marco: will Sajinka be able to help too Grendel?
Grendel: I think she is already involved in some way
San Marco: well I did speak to her but not lateley
Grendel: she was the one who convinced me to volunteer! :-)
San Marco: oh
Razzle: grin :-)
San Marco: ok so what worlds are left to discuss?
Windancer: maybe Sajinka and Grendel could do the cam worlds? Thous witht the actual cams etc?
Windancer: the main one
San Marco: hmmm - Bruce what is the main one AV99 going to consist of?
digigardener: the "webcam central" is certainly a simple design i thinlk
digigardener: well i think just a GZ entry area with very high frame rate and very clear directions to the conf worlds
Windancer: ok so if that does not take long we can use S and G in other places to
digigardener: kind of like this i guess (but without the framerate chewing cam)
San Marco: so the Avhub will be the conference lobby
digigardener: Avhub would be like the bigboard in here.. the gz for the VDRs
San Marco: oh right - yes
San Marco: so I think we have people for all the worlds right?
Razzle: avvy
San Marco: oh Avvy
digigardener: And we have folks for other functions, hosting, PKs, Speaker recruite and documentation
Razzle: who is handling that one?
digigardener: Hmm
San Marco: hmmm
Razzle: hmmmmm:-)
San Marco: (I hear finger drumming)
digigardener: well it is a world with a look similar to the art gallery
digigardener: and a function similar to the tour of worlds
digigardener: it shows the previous years avvy winners
San Marco: so.......
digigardener: and presents entries and winners for 99
digigardener: it could be a specially kitted out VDR
digigardener: with balooons
digigardener: and black walls with firework textures etc
San Marco: hmmm
San Marco: sounds like Bruce would like to head that team
digigardener: bit could contribute an auditorium setting
digigardener: like for the Cys
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by Sajinka.
digigardener: I guess i could work on that
digigardener: sajinka is tryihg to get in
San Marco: just tgd her
digigardener: and sue wilcox will be involved in judging the avvys
San Marco: I think we will need a coordinating web page
San Marco: where we can post designs and ideas etc
Windancer: can I suggest to that we do try to make the wolrds appear flowing and connected.. meaning perhaps the use of some textures etc the same in each world.. try and get a overall feel for the whole event.. (I know artsty stuff :) but I think it would be w
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by Sajinka.
digigardener: yes this is a huge job
Windancer: worth the effort, it would give a better presentation
digigardener: the webpage
San Marco: right Win - that was my thought exactly
Sajinka: Hello everyone :-))
digigardener: and sandra wood has offered to help
Windancer: ok good
XelaG: hi Sajinka
San Marco: Hi Sajinka
digigardener: hi Saj
Windancer: hi Sajinka
Grendel: Hey there Saj
San Marco: Grendel has volunteered you to do all the worlds Sajinka :-)
Sajinka: it's so good to see you all!
San Marco: (just kidding)
Grendel: HEY!
Sajinka: LOL
jupytr: heheh
Grendel: You tryin' to get me killed?
San Marco: who me :-)
digigardener: wow we have a super team this year
Sajinka: no problem, I've got nothing but free time ;-)
Razzle: hi Sajinka
San Marco: great
Sajinka: hey Raxx!
Sajinka: oops
Sajinka: Razz
Sajinka: what's the topic?
Razzle: <---feels like a pool tablke now raxx them up!
Sajinka: hee hee
San Marco: Sajinka - I'll post the log to you
San Marco: so folks...
San Marco: I think we should arrange meetings in separate teams next
Windancer: so we shall have the world team leaders, and still have to fill builders to some degree
San Marco: I want to give some thought to overall concepts first
XelaG: hmm, just one thought
San Marco: yes thats right Win
San Marco: yes Alex?
XelaG: i'm not a good builder, but my bot is good at somethings in that respect
XelaG: like cloning, etc
XelaG: if that can help...
San Marco: well you would be useful in the exhibition world I think
Razzle: exb world :-)
Razzle: LOL
San Marco: lots of similar and regularl objects
XelaG: well, if/when my assistance is needed, plz let me know...
digigardener: will we use the form and db for exhibs this year?
San Marco: sure will Alex
Razzle: ahhh good he provided 24 hour service :-)
San Marco: hmmm - I don't think I will have time to resurect the software Bruce
digigardener: ok it will be a h and crafted job
Razzle: well can we at least get a form up
San Marco: or bot crafted :-)
digigardener: i can have a webform for exhib design post to any number of folks
Razzle: so we know who will be wanting them
digigardener: or we can collect all webforms then start a hand build
San Marco: yes thats a good idea
San Marco: we can still ask people to choose designs as last year
San Marco: and size of booth etc
digigardener: sure, stu if you can get me those forms i will mount them on ccon
San Marco: ok
Sajinka: how many worlds are there going to be?
digigardener: but if we are going to do a refresh on booth objects i will have to regrab screen shots for the forms
Windancer: total 13
San Marco: thats true
digigardener: maybe..
San Marco: we'll have to think about that Bruce
digigardener: folks can choose basic booths..
digigardener: then use the bot to customize in-world?
XelaG: whats 'customize in-world'?
Windancer: so you have your mouse finger ready Saj :)
Sajinka: ;-) always!
Windancer: :) great
San Marco: well it means that Bruce wants you to write a building script for the booths Alex :-) Possible?
Razzle: means hand building it XeleG and means your bot will be smokennnn
Razzle: :-
Razzle: )
XelaG: what sort of script, Bruce?
Razzle: ack lost my mouth again
San Marco: (XelaG getting worried :-)
XelaG: for building, or a booth-bot?
digigardener: well it may be a bit much in the time we have but..
digigardener: if a guy could stand in the booth and say to the bot "see this wall, place http://www.etc" on it
digigardener: (or one of us could simply "be" a bot for a day)
XelaG: hmmm, i dont think there will be time, altho it is possible using click
digigardener: (I feel less intelligent than a bot sometimes)
XelaG: that would not be too complicated to make
San Marco: of course this is something I was hoping to get my db and Alex's bot to do but time is too short
XelaG: the bot can detect if you click on an object and act on it
digigardener: well it is a bit of a stretch but maybe we can play around with it..
digigardener: and if we cant get it to work or users to really use it then we will go back to "the human bot"
XelaG: LOL

Groundbreaking meeting in AV99 Ground Zero built by Titans

Razzle: ok for this ground breaking thing win and I have set something simple up in aw99 for it
digigardener: yes we are almost at 2pm PST
Razzle: not sure if you were opening it to all or just those that come
San Marco: one of your great diggers Razzle? :-)
Sajinka: parrrtaayyyyy
Razzle: just something simple
digigardener: so stu are you going to send our a note about teams and leaders to av-admin?
Razzle: didn't have alot of time you knwo :-)
San Marco: yes I will do that
digigardener: do we open up AV99, is that where we are doing it?
San Marco: yes we should open it
Razzle: for the ground breaking yep
San Marco: so thanks all for coming
San Marco: it was a good first meeting
XelaG: :)
digigardener: yes indeedy
Razzle: guzzling coffee :-)
Razzle: yes was good start :-)
digigardener: so i guess should we step over into our futures?
Sajinka: looking forward to working wit hall of you! :-))
digigardener: to AV99..AV99 or Bust!!??
San Marco: thanks Sajinka
Grendel: <geez, and here I thought if I waited long enough to volunteer all the work would be done!>
XelaG: LOL
San Marco: hehehe
Windancer: will be fun thats for sure :)
Razzle: LOL
jupytr: agreed
San Marco: so lets all go to Av99
Razzle: ok Bruse you want to open the world?
Windancer: oh we shall keep you busy dont worry bout that
Razzle: lots of work for sure :-)
digigardener: well ok, i guess i am CT
digigardener: brb
Grendel: <very worried> :-)
Immigration Officer: Welcome to Avatars99 CENTER
Immigration Officer: Avatars98 is over.. see Conference Report at www.ccon.org/conf98
digigardener: its open guys, quck
XelaG: KLM
Razzle: to access the other plus key
XelaG: and sit on it
digigardener: before all the tourists arrive
digigardener: AV99
Grendel: well, first you find a tall building...
Sajinka: LOL
Immigration Officer: Welcome to Avatars99 CENTER
San Marco: hmm - interesting
jupytr: quite
digigardener: wow this is Fab!
San Marco: good work Dave
digigardener: wooowie and all in one day, those ozzies are working in a time warp
XelaG: landed
Windancer: haha
Razzle: hehehe
Grendel: are we supposed to read your lips, Win?
Sajinka: haha
Windancer: silent thought..
Razzle: naaa but I'm def getting good at reading her lips :-)
Razzle: as she mutters to herself at the keyboard :-)
San Marco: hmmm
Slate: Hello all
Sajinka: ooooh
Windancer: I do not!
jupytr: lol
San Marco: I've heard you Win and I'm the other side of the globe!
digigardener: welcome slate
Windancer: hey you!
digigardener: do you want to be on th e building team for av99?
Razzle: LOL
Razzle: seee
Windancer: watch it
Windancer: do not
XelaG: hi
digigardener: Slate made Moon folks, a true magnum opus
San Marco: do
Slate: Yes
Grendel: hi ya, Slate
Razzle: hi slate :-)
XelaG: ah :)
Slate: Aw shucks
Grendel: yer hired!
Windancer: Hi Slate , pleased to meet you :)
Sajinka: Moon rocks!
Sajinka: haha, that sounded funny
Slate: Ha!
Slate: Nice to meet you all
digigardener: slate met San Marco, our chief architect, and Windancer and Razzle, chief designers and building team leaders
digigardener: meet that is
Razzle: so is that logo at gz clear enough for you :-)
Windancer: nice to have you aboard Slate :)
San Marco: Hi Slate
digigardener: (to Razzle) god i cannot believe it, is it in parts?
digigardener: (to Razzle) i am not sure if i am running hirez
Razzle: yes it's in parts :-) it's part of what we are doing in the vdr rooms
digigardener: anyway slate you will have to let the exec crew know what you would like to be involved with
Slate: I'll be happy to help in anyway I can
Razzle: Ahh good welcome to av99 Slate :-)
digigardener: but folks this wonderful world with its very incredible gz logo (so clear hu?) is a good portent for the event on dec 4th
"groda": hej
digigardener: I am alway surprised to see how fast things happen in-world
digigardener: but it is not surprising when you consider the crew involved :)
jupytr: hej
San Marco: flattery will get you everywhere Bruce :-)
San Marco: (talking on behalf of Razz & Win of course)
Windancer: hahah


Windancer and her quickly improvised spade, San Marco on the right

digigardener: so who is the spade avatar?
Razzle: hehehe
digigardener: who will go underground and lift up that first clod (not me please!)
Razzle: sp av?
Razzle: ummm
Razzle: see win
Razzle: I told we forgot something
digigardener: a spade, a spade my kingdom for a spade !
Grendel: <thought digi was being racist there for a sec!> :-)
Razzle: getting one :-) hang on
jupytr: doh!
San Marco: me too LOL
Sajinka: oh you guys are terrible!
Grendel: <g>
digigardener: we have to thank andy best for the logos here
digigardener: and Merja, of Meetfactory
digigardener: there is a female av too
digigardener: a female avonaut mascot
San Marco: and why not?
jupytr: exactly

Groundbreaking, the spade is raised

digigardener: which i will forward on when I can find it :)
San Marco: lost her already Bruce tut..tut
Razzle: ok good :-)
digigardener: also are we going to use that fantastic neon design we saw two weeks back?
San Marco: I didn't see that
Razzle: for the tour world yes
digigardener: oh goody, who made that?
digigardener: stu should see that design
San Marco: where is it?
digigardener: you know the tour world should also have little postage stamps of a scene in each world by or inside the teleporter
San Marco: good idea
digigardener: could call these special tour porters "farcaster doors" in honor of the now deceased worlds chat, our first world :)
digigardener: just my nostalgia creeping in :)
digigardener: any other brainstorm idea whilst we wait for the groundbreaking?
jupytr: i'm brainstorming to fetch me a drink ;p
Razzle: Bruce this teleport object were thinking oif putting a new texture on it
Razzle: and that will be the one used thru out av99
Razzle: as you requested :-)
M u n k u y: hello:)
San Marco: let me call you about this
digigardener: yes perhaps and a little coding icon like the avonaut guy "pointing"
jupytr: hi munkuy
Razzle: yep :-)
M u n k u y: hi jupytr.. long time no er..chat:)
digigardener: i know that win had a kind of rainbow color on her porter from before
jupytr: uh huh
Razzle: no same texture
Razzle: just doesn't work well in a bright world
digigardener: might be good to have a sign part next to the pointing avonaut so that folks know this is a 'porter "to avvys" or something
Grendel: brb
digigardener: of course each world must have a "ground station"
Razzle: oh yeah will have to let people know they are teleports
digigardener: which has a set of porters "back to Av99 center" etc
raiven: Hello Everybody
jupytr: hi raiven
Razzle: hey raiven :-)
Slate: hi
raiven: Heyas :)
M u n k u y: hi there, raiven
Sajinka: hi raiven
Windancer: hi raiven :)
Razzle: but anyways we will def work on it :-) and come up with something :-)
raiven: Hey Jupytr, hey Razzle, Hows it goin Slate, Hey Munkuy! Sup Sajinka, how are you Windancer!! :)
M u n k u y: cool... I didnt know AW now suppoered .cob import..... guess I havent been reading my help manuals :P
Grendel: back
M u n k u y: wb
Windancer: good thanks :)
Sajinka: wb Gren
raiven: :)
digigardener: spade is here!!!
Razzle: Say Bruce here is your spad :-)
Slate: Great
XelaG: afk, eating dinner
raiven: And Spade is....
jupytr: like a shovel type thing..
Sajinka: haha
jupytr: heh
digigardener: win stand by the spade
raiven: So what's goin' down y'all???
Razzle: hehehe
digigardener: snap
digigardener: picture
Razzle: just remember sweetheart in a few weeks you get to have bruce dance :-)
M u n k u y: :)
raiven: *peers around for spade*??
Windancer: well true.. ok .. *smile*
digigardener: we will all be dancing in sydney australia
M u n k u y: Sydney, eh?..... <gets out calculator>.... Im gonna have to walk a ways.... hope I can learn to walk on water too:P
raiven: *gets out caluclator* This close to the mellinium? *does price checks*
Razzle: Yes that should be alot of fun :-)
M u n k u y: hehe
digigardener: so how do we do the groundbreaking?
digigardener: should i lift up the spade?
digigardener: and drop it under?
M u n k u y: YES!
Windancer: definatly!
Razzle: that might be good!
raiven: lift it up, and slam an avatar under!
M u n k u y: <gets out camera>
digigardener: i bettter get out of tourist mode here
digigardener: no specials
M u n k u y: ooh..I voulenteer for that job:)
Razzle: no don't have any
digigardener: ok guys willy to the job
Windancer: smile Bruce.. my turn *click*
M u n k u y: cool:)

The Spade enters the digital Earth

digigardener: ok guys watch the spade go up.....
Grendel: <child labor>
digigardener: cool spade, pointy end
M u n k u y: lol
raiven: LOL gre
digigardener: just like we use here for composting
Gimel Vav: Since you can't actually break the ground, we could have a Wind Breaking party instead.
Razzle: looking for that 5:00 shadow
digigardener: now hoisting..
San Marco: I'm already doing that Gimel
Grendel: that would be a gas Gim!
digigardener: getting ready for the plunge into digial earth
raiven: *Oh my gosh! :)*
M u n k u y: hehe
Sajinka: *drum roll*
raiven: *holds breath, and holds Munkuys breath too*
M u n k u y: lol
jupytr: lol
Razzle: lol
Sajinka: got to hold your breath around Gimel
San Marco: do it do it!
digigardener: here goes folks
M u n k u y: get goin already,,lol
Razzle: YEAH!!!!!!!!
M u n k u y: YAY!
Grendel: yay!
San Marco: ouch - my toes!!!
Slate: Wa Hoo
Sajinka: Woo Hooo
Grendel: worms!
raiven: *trips over stick... DAMN SPADE!*
San Marco: hoooray
M u n k u y: AHHH..its one my head.. you stuck the spade in my head
Sajinka: it's official!
Razzle: and now starft the work to the best event of the year!!!
Gimel Vav: Where's the champagne? That's what I came for.
digigardener: yes where is the cement mixer?
jupytr: over here
jupytr: lol
digigardener: people are under the world.. how quaint
Grendel: speech!
jupytr: <~~~~ is by the bar
M u n k u y: <shouldnt have been tunneling under GZ at the time> :P
raiven: The man who can lift the spade from the stone, shal be deemed.....
digigardener: damn gophers down here already
M u n k u y: hehe
Razzle: get the water hose out flush them out
digigardener: they are terrors i will let you know
Windancer: thought I cleared those last night
M u n k u y: <gets out smoke bombs> "Stand back"
digigardener: could uproot our whole efforts
digigardener: say.. can we have some wacky "atmosphere objects"
M u n k u y: there should be a gopher AV here:)
raiven: *throws snakes left and right*
digigardener: like paper hotdog wrappers
digigardener: cups etc
raiven: there, problem solved
XelaG: bye all, have fun :)
M u n k u y: lol
digigardener: we can scatter on t he floors to give a feeling of "used ness"
jupytr: bye xelag
M u n k u y: see ya X
Sajinka: bye XelaG
M u n k u y: hehe
Windancer: later XelaG :)
M u n k u y: <whips out notepad>
Razzle: Bruse you been spending alot of time at a baseball game or something?
raiven: Put that back munkey, sheesh
Grendel: Win: you forgot the party music!
Sajinka: now now, do we want to encourage littering? ;-)
Gimel Vav: No, but we want to encourage loitering.
M u n k u y: ok:(.. <puts notepad back at CVS where he stole... I mean bought it from> :P
Razzle: ummm music?
Windancer: the band hasnt turned up Grendel.. I booked they didnt show
raiven: and laboring
jupytr: music,.. please
Razzle: got a url?
jupytr: for midis? i have tons on my site.. if htat's what you mean
Razzle: yep
M u n k u y: I have 1:)
digigardener: guys who can do a fancy ground object?
jupytr: ok. one sec.
M u n k u y: <steps back>
Slate: Like?...
digigardener: like in av98?
Sajinka: like what sort of fancy object? :-)
digigardener: where it was like a whole building
Razzle: in what way do you want it fancy?
Slate: What just marble floors?
Razzle: yeah we can do that
Sajinka: lots of glitter and sequins?
Grendel: <so eager to please> :-)
M u n k u y: hehe....not me:).... <just learning>
digigardener: if we have a common ground object or pano? anyway some thing to think about
digigardener: common themes
Razzle: <---kicks bruce for even asking if we can do that :-)
digigardener: contribute ideas to the team
raiven: *kicks bruce for no apparent reason*
Slate: Classical? Modern? Historical?
M u n k u y: *<kicks himself>
Gimel Vav: *kicks bruce so as not to feel left out *
San Marco: how does Bruce do this? He is talking in world and on the phone to me at same time!
raiven: *kisses himself on the cheek*
San Marco: (Must be one of ZelaG's bots)
digigardener: well common themes are: the logos, telestations at gz to get people back to the other worlds..
Sajinka: hahaha
Windancer: hhaa
M u n k u y: well
digigardener: and maybe a common signage, like last year
raiven: And a common enemy would be good
Gimel Vav: How about some UNcommon themes.
Windancer: really you two, thats cheating.. you should be in whisper
digigardener: signs everywhere
raiven: err,, no i didn't say that! :)
digigardener: that go back to the conf pages etc
jupytr: gotta love those analog drum machines...
raiven: Hey Bruce, did Cryo ever give us a newsgroup to use?
digigardener: everyone listen: send me email with your ideas me via www.ccon.org and if you committed to being a team leader
Gimel Vav: How about signs that take you to broken links.
digigardener: i will post the log
M u n k u y: I got a cube like thingy I made...2 Interlacing networks of 3D lines...forming 2 cubes.... like a really dumb sculpture:)
digigardener: and try to get a page up with team names and team members
digigardener: hmm yes we could use a newsgroup i guess
raiven: Digi, we need an AW newsgroup set aside for av99 planning, JP already O.K.'D it
M u n k u y: We could also use free tee-shirts..everyone loves those:)
raiven: that way everyone sees all the messages
digigardener: I will post a page of team members, leaders to the list and you can get back to me if you are there or missioing or have other suggestions
raiven: rather than, emails all over with "he said she said they said why to do this over there no he said over there, no wait..."
digigardener: hmm who can request and run a newsgroup, i am a newbie to that
Grendel: ah raiven, you take all the fun out of committee work! ;-)
raiven: LOL
digigardener: folks send me ideas for teams, your roles etc via www.ccon.org
raiven: Trust me, last year it was a mess getting what was REALLY going on... a newsgroup would be optimal
Razzle: Bruce didn't you tell me Raiven was making all the av's for this years event?
raiven: *looks around* am i?
Slate: Ha!
M u n k u y: how about.... a cult team... where we all worship the logo dude in the spacesuit:)
digigardener: the avs organizing team and process is still being worked out
raiven: Well i'll be at my new job with a turbo computer...so avatars will be so much less time consuming yay
digigardener: altho we will accept submissions from several av designers
raiven: but that's besides the point, we need a newsgroup. and then we'll talk about av's :)
digigardener: and this does not restrict them from submitting to the avvys also
digigardener: raiven do you know how to run a newsgroup?
digigardener: did JP offer one?
Grendel: all those in favor of a newsgroup jump up
Razzle: <---hates n/g's
jupytr: if not a newsgroup, then a bulletin board.. java
Razzle: avoids them like a plage
sandarroch: we could set up something from a free service, like egroups
raiven: Jp = Cryonics right? (gets names confused)
Razzle: yes raiven
M u n k u y: <doesnt like newsgroups cause people like Eep write stuff in em>
Razzle: egroups is goiod for mass mailing
raiven: Razzle, well we need something where EVERYONE goes to see messages and get information, last year, i was constantly having to go to Bruce for confirmations on things. which wasted a lot of time
jupytr: i don't like them much either... they breed the rabid spellchecker mentality lol
raiven: we need a closed newsgroup for mass planning
raiven: mass emailing would mean, we got mail for EVERY facet of the project, when we only need info on parts we are involved in, say for me, i'd go right to the avatar posts in the NG
sandarroch: an egroup can be closed and can be webbased as well as email, I think
jupytr: there are message boards that run off java.. if usenet is too involved.
jupytr: it's just like a webpage. simple.
digigardener: hello is that you sandy wood?
Soul Man: hey all
sandarroch: hi bruce, yes
sandarroch: it's me
Razzle: raiven simple put :-)
Razzle: I don't run a ng pgm on my system
digigardener: want to talk about the webpage?
sandarroch: sure
raiven: That's too bad Dave, NG's can be used as a wonderful collaborative medium
digigardener: folks who has web design skills
Sajinka: I do
Windancer: umm me
sandarroch: me too
Slate: I web - some
M u n k u y: I have an Dreamweaver 2... and know basic HTML
digigardener: well sandy has offered to be our webster for the evnet
raiven: Well, my current job is as a webmaster but i don't know if i can find time to do the av99 site
digigardener: and i am finally getting to the point where we can get the site going
Sajinka: I work with DW 2 all day long.... day in and day out.... <sigh> heheheheh
M u n k u y: hehe
M u n k u y: Tedious, eh?
digigardener: got categories, team members, timing etc finally (sorry sandy for the delays)
sandarroch: I have dw altho I prefer Homesite
Sajinka: can be, yes :-)
raiven: I like net objects fusion :)
sandarroch: sure, altho this is going ok too
Slate: Break the site up into chunks we can share
sandarroch: oops
sandarroch: sure
M u n k u y: I dont use it that much... just leave it to eat hard-drive space:)
Windancer: thanks again for the Sydney event.. we are both so looking forward to it :)
sandarroch: you mean now?
Windancer: we will need to collaberate me thinks.. allissio mentioned that he spoke to you about it all
M u n k u y: <coughs>
Slate: Love to try a little VRML on this.
Sajinka: so is the website a matter of redoing an existing one or creating from scratch?
M u n k u y: VRML....thtas an evil language "Hisssssss>
Sajinka: ewww, hate vrml :-p
Slate: Ha!
Grendel: I must away...I vill avait orders, mein herrs!!
digigardener: folks we are off and running
Sajinka: bye Gren :-)
M u n k u y: hmm...
sandarroch: tomorrow might be better? or later on tonight - also have a singing practice in a while
digigardener: we are the 5th world
digigardener: in pop
Razzle: bye Grendel :-)
Slate: You would rather have DirectX
M u n k u y: <dances with joy>
digigardener: a good sign!!!
Slate: Bye
M u n k u y: hmmm
digigardener: well we will see you all
raiven: Bruce, if not newsgroups, than something, i just want a place where i can see, listed, everyon's messages, in different areas, and have the ability to access them whenever i want.
M u n k u y: man..this object at GZ has sharp edges.. someone is gonna lose an eye on it
digigardener: yes we should request a newsgroup
Sajinka: yes, if we don't have a common place to go for info then we will get buried under inefficiencies and confusion
sandarroch: Sajinka, Slate, Munkuy, can I get in touch with you about the website
Sajinka: absolutely
M u n k u y: sure thing.....
sandarroch: will talk about how to break into chunks
raiven: just like last year sajinka... :)
M u n k u y: daniel_pawlak@email.com
Slate: ....hmmm
sandarroch: ok, will do - and any advice, sounds like you worked on it last year
Sajinka: sajinka@home.com
M u n k u y: k.... we can talk about how to split it up
raiven: So anyone know how to setup a newsgroup? if not i will try and find out how, and get AW.com on it if possible?
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by DJ Party.
M u n k u y: mind you though..Im not the best at graphics... so someone else has to do those.. I can write the website..and put the graphics in though
raiven: Then we will need a list of contributers
Sajinka: I can find out here at work about the newsgroup set up... I could email you.
digigardener: (to sandarroch) seems like there are lots of folks willing to "help" on the website
jupytr: i do excellent graphics. ask me if you need anything at all.
sandarroch: yes!
M u n k u y: oh..cool
Slate: Well I am a graphic designer...
raiven: We will need a list of all team leaders, and team participators, then we shal see if we can get a closed newsgroup, and give the access password to all involved
sandarroch: yes please, jupytr
sandarroch: and slate
M u n k u y: hehe
Slate: eep
digigardener: I tg-ed JP to ask for a newsgroup
M u n k u y: WHERE?..lol
raiven: my email is rune@earthlink.net please email me
Sajinka: I can help with graphics, if needed :-)
jupytr: i'm a graphic artist, web meister.. all that. if you need me, i can usually help out with whatever. i'm flexable
Sajinka: ok, will do raiven
DJ Party: Hello Digi, anything you need help with?
digigardener: i will get a team leaders page up
digigardener: well DJ what kind of team do you want to be on?
digigardener: building, obj design, hosting, etc?
digigardener: thanks Jup!
DJ Party: Well, I would like to be a PR type person, maybe be in contact with the companys. Most likely hosting.
digigardener: sorry folks, so many threads
digigardener: well DJ you are persistent, do you want to let people know abut AV99 in-world?
M u n k u y: :(
raiven: Did JP respond digi?
DJ Party: Yes, IN world
M u n k u y: :)
DJ Party: Like possible be the head of hostests or something like that
digigardener: be at AW and AWGate and get folks to sign up on the Avatars list at www.ccon.org/conf99
M u n k u y: hes not online
raiven: i c
digigardener: I will probably email JP and Rick on it
DJ Party: I want to be in Avator 99
jupytr: dj party is very very young... i've seen him around before asking to help everyone ; )
Razzle: DJ also advertize it in oct31 at the party when we open it tomarrow ok
DJ Party: k. Will do.
digigardener: (to jupytr) yes indeedy maybe he is good as a "town crier"
digigardener: DJ where do you live, your age?
jupytr: maybe ; )
DJ Party: CT 13, I am very responsible though, ask Razzle
jupytr: he used to bug me and filmkr for like, ever. he's 12 or something
DJ Party: I am helping with the sounds in OCT31
digigardener: folks note also that there will be major parties (in physico) all around the world
Sajinka: I have to get back to work now - raiven, I'll email you this afternoon about the news group setup.... everybody else, talk to you soon! :-))
M u n k u y: :)
jupytr: major parties? weee heee lol
Windancer: bye Saj :)
digigardener: ok saj
raiven: Thanks Sajinka
M u n k u y: hehe
jupytr: b'bye saj
digigardener: so in LA, all of USA, europe, Oz
digigardener: physical gatherings called NODES
M u n k u y: see ya Saj....
digigardener: we had 40 last year
DJ Party: Cool
raiven: Speaking of those, have you spoken with Ecafe digi? i'm trying to get in touch with them
M u n k u y: well..is there any "NODES" in Washington D.C.?"
digigardener: so plan to host a physical gathering in YOUR town or house or bedroom or treehouse :)
raiven: i wanna go to a treehouse!!! lol.
digigardener: wasnt in DC last year
DJ Party: All of us should?
jupytr: hahaha
M u n k u y: sorry....no treehouse:(
jupytr: well, i have a house.. and a tree...
Soul Man: i would love to help with AV99 i have great references and other experience as a team leader, builder, teacher, peacekeeper...and a lot of other things, just ask if u need anything
M u n k u y: grr...make one..im 12 miles from D.C.... transport would be easy..lol
digigardener: yes ECAFE is on for the oct 30th event for blaxxun and should be OK for dec 4th.. can you ask them about Dec 4th?
raiven: yeah, i prob wont do much with the oct30th one, but defintaly am shooting for the dec4th
digigardener: everyone make sure you do intro yourself on avatars-admin
Razzle: already did that :-)
raiven: avatars-admin?
digigardener: that is in Los Angelse Folks
M u n k u y: whats that?
DJ Party: So digi, what are our posts?
digigardener: I will post this log and a bare bones team leader page and let everyone know
M u n k u y: k...
digigardener: your teams can grow as more folks are accepted into the process
digigardener: up to a sane limit of course :)
Slate: All sounds good. See ya folks - gotta book
jupytr: bye slate
digigardener: ok slate glad to have you on the team
sandarroch: bye slate
M u n k u y: k..we have a few teams established as of yet.... Web Site design..Object design... but we need more:(
Slate: glad to be had -bye
digigardener: can everyone say theirphysical location
digigardener: slate is in the midwest
Windancer: bye Slate, see you again soon :)
digigardener: i am in northern california
sandarroch: Toronto, Canada
Soul Man: --==Minnesota==--
DJ Party: Ok. And when will this be postede and where?
M u n k u y: Virginia.. near Washington D.C.
digigardener: win and raz are in australia
DJ Party: CT
digigardener: san marco is in north london UK
raiven: LA California
Windancer: Victoria, Australia
M u n k u y: gee...sorta spread out:)
jupytr: upland, ca
digigardener: we are a global team
M u n k u y: hehe..yes
digigardener: we are going to make history in cyberspace follks
Razzle: not at all munkuy.. seems to have been working well so far :-)
digigardener: we will be the true Millennial event on the net
M u n k u y: hey.. if we combine our efforts..we could take over the physical world too:)..hehe
digigardener: what else is as cool after all :)
digigardener: thorus is in germany
raiven: Yes, once we get heads of projects, each head will get a team, and then each team can gather skilled friends of theres to help, the volume of contributors will flower out expotentially!!! :)
digigardener: and lets aim for 10,000 people
M u n k u y: YAY!
digigardener: last year we counted 4,400 people thru the server
DJ Party: Ok. Where will the list of leaders be postd and when?
DJ Party: Cool.
digigardener: that we felt were distinct individuals
digigardener: see www.ccon.org/conf99
M u n k u y: yes:)
digigardener: for the pages, when i get em up :)
M u n k u y: yeah.... thats why theres website design:)
M u n k u y: <coughs>
raiven: *pats Munkuy on the back*
raiven: hairball?
M u n k u y: thanx:)
jupytr: lol
M u n k u y: hehe
Razzle: <---playing DJ here :-)
M u n k u y: yeah....lol
raiven: Wow, so, a big question, is one digi braught up earlier what is a theme we can call agree on?
Soul Man: ok, sent, i hope we can wor something out *G*
raiven: pretty midi dave
M u n k u y: for this world?
raiven: what is it called?
Razzle: caribleu.mid
Razzle: thats all I know
jupytr: it's caribean bleu by enya
Razzle: ask jupytr :-)
jupytr: heh
raiven: haha thats funny, i just got the mp3 of that song the other day
digigardener: see www.ccon.org/conf99
digigardener: 4 pic
Soul Man: *looks at his fried speakers and wipes away a tear*
raiven: and was hearing this, and was like, this reminds me of enya
M u n k u y: I think it should be the theme that digi suggested earlier... sorta a carnival theme... with the hotdog wpappers and stuff lying around:)
Sajinka: hey kids, I'm back for a sec with a quick bit of news
San Marco: sorry I've been afk
San Marco: I have to dash now...
M u n k u y: wb:)
M u n k u y: hehe
jupytr: bye san marco. take care
Soul Man: bye San Marco
San Marco: great party - see you all very soon :-)
digigardener: thanks stu!
M u n k u y: see yas
digigardener: for your support!
raiven: carnival is too low tech for my taste, and if its going to be low tech, it should be like inspiring, mystical.... you know... monuments and temples etc
Windancer: bye Stuart :)
raiven: l8 stu
Sajinka: how soon do we need the newsgroup type thing up0?
San Marco: bye :-)
M u n k u y: yeah....
jupytr: mystical.. sounds good..
digigardener: well folks thanks for coming out
Sajinka: can I get an answer on this?
sandarroch: sorry i was late, got the time wrong
M u n k u y: how about.... a geometric theme.. the objects wouldnt be hard to make at all...... mostly primitives..... showing how easy it is for anyone to do stuff in a virtual enviornment
Internal Affairs: hey bruce
raiven: soon as possible, and we may be able to get AW.com to host it
digigardener: well i will have to wait for jp
jupytr: why look primitive though? when we can look lifelike?
Sajinka: well I can tell you some good news
jupytr: tell ; ))
Sajinka: I can build it and host here at work but it won't be till next week
Sajinka: it would be a form
M u n k u y: for the simlicity of it:)
M u n k u y: cool:)
Sajinka: with different categories to submit to
raiven: oh, a web pased form one?
M u n k u y: simplicty even
Divaz: Hello everyone
Sajinka: yes
jupytr: hi divaz
raiven: that would work, but one like the AW ng's would be better
Divaz: i thiugh this lace should have GOOD avarters
Sajinka: why so?
Internal Affairs: yeah
Internal Affairs: it is av99
raiven: dont worry divaz :)
Internal Affairs: with AlphaWorld avs
Divaz: why
Divaz: ?
M u n k u y: well..nice AVs are always cool......
raiven: want nice avs, go visit Taraflux :)
DJ Party: digi, what is the next thing we should worry about
M u n k u y: but dont forget our old friend Cy when putting new.... cool ones in:)
digigardener: well folks keep watchin www.ccon.org/conf99
Divaz: gtg
Divaz: bye
M u n k u y: AHHHH
Sajinka: if we went with the form then it could be up next week and aw wouldn't have to host it
M u n k u y: its a bendy Cy:(
digigardener: for details on the page and event
digigardener: and make sure you are signed up on the list
M u n k u y: k, digi
digigardener: this is very important
digigardener: the Avatars list is how we reach folks
M u n k u y: k.....
DJ Party: Ok.
digigardener: and now i have to get to work on the pages
Sajinka: all I would need is our own theme to plug in... I could give the specs for graphics to slate or whoever
DJ Party: Ok
M u n k u y: please keep us all informed of newsgroups and stuff.... so stuff can get done easier
raiven: What do you think bruce, should we go with Sajinka's web pased NG or try and see if AW.com can do it
digigardener: so i will say sayanara
M u n k u y: see ya Digi
sandarroch: bye
DJ Party: Where should we look for the list?
Sajinka: hang on one sec if you can...
digigardener: well whoever wants to set up o a new s group
jupytr: later digi
M u n k u y: k
raiven: lets have Sajinka do it
Sajinka: we already have this thing built
Sajinka: we can customize it and make it pretty... a
digigardener: can u put it up now?
Sajinka: I will take care of that then and let you all know when it's up and running :-)
digigardener: if so i will link it into the homepage right now
M u n k u y: Saj.. contact me is theres any work on the web site you need
digigardener: and we can all try it out
Sajinka: no, it will be next week - that 's the thing.... can we handle that?
digigardener: (no time like the present)
digigardener: ok well let me know the URL to it
Sajinka: ok Mun :-)
Sajinka: yes, I will - asap :-)
M u n k u y: k:)
raiven: let me know too please Saj :)
digigardener: thanks for that saj
Sajinka: ok, gotta go now... lemme know if you find something that will work out better or faster...
Sajinka: sure - see ya later :-))
digigardener: ok guys
raiven: Thanks, ok bye
digigardener: i am off too
sandarroch: bye sajinka
Internal Affairs: cya bruce
raiven: Yeah i am out ... late all!
digigardener: on to the webpage
DJ Party: Where is the list of leaders?
M u n k u y: cool...we wanna get as many people involved as we can.....the more help the better:)
raiven: glad i happeneed to drop into AW when i did!
digigardener: i will let you know sandy sooon
sandarroch: ok, ttyl
M u n k u y: so am I:)
digigardener: yes raiven more news on avs later
digigardener: bye all
M u n k u y: keep in touch:)
digigardener: raiven ask ecafe about 4 dec
Internal Affairs: bye bye Mr. Damer
raiven: bye all
raiven: Yeh
DJ Party: Where is the list of leaders, digi?
digigardener: let kit know
Razzle: no worries will close the world after this is over
raiven: i tried calling them, and sent an email, no go, will try some more
raiven: late
digigardener: (to Razzle) thanks.. are we set for OZ too?
M u n k u y: k
Razzle: no we will e-mail ya on that
Razzle: and get it worked out that wya
digigardener: (to Razzle) ok i expect i will do a cameo appearance with you folks live on a tour
sandarroch: jupytr, did you work on last year/s site?
jupytr: nope
Razzle: right just expect a e-mail :-) with win's questions
jupytr: i was deeply involved in a one woman project ; )
sandarroch: intriguing
digigardener: (to Razzle) ok and i may have to request a later time in the day saturday
digigardener: (to Razzle) as i have a dinner with bruce sterling
jupytr: i've been on aw a long time, but basically working alone.
Razzle: ahhh ok
digigardener: (to Razzle) i will email all folks..
jupytr: building fanatically.. not chatting/making friends, etc
jupytr: ; )
sandarroch: where do you build?
digigardener: (to Razzle) if it can be say after 11pm PST it would work ok for me
M u n k u y: well..gtg..later:)
jupytr: wow.. where don't i build hehe
sandarroch: bye munkuy
jupytr: mainly in cofmeta
jupytr: and my world, nsideout
M u n k u y: ooh..one sec...
jupytr: but i have places in most public building worlds
Razzle: ok sounds good :-)
sandarroch: ah, now I remember your intro on the lsit
digigardener: jup if we come to LA we will have to visit you
M u n k u y: yeah...jupyter's place in COFmeta is cool:)
digigardener: may be in LA nov 12th
jupytr: no doubt bruce ; )
jupytr: right by my bday
M u n k u y: If anyone wants to see my place..goto AW 19n 19w:)
digigardener: ok folks signing off or i will be here 4 ever
sandarroch: will do, munkuy
jupytr: see ya bruce. take it easy
digigardener: bye all
sandarroch: by
M u n k u y: k:)
Windancer: bye Bruce :)
M u n k u y: dee ya digi
M u n k u y: see.hehe
digigardener: poof goes the magic dragon

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