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Avatars99 Onlive Traveler

Download Onlive Traveler from http://www.onlive.com/cgi-bin/travreg.cgi, install it and test your microphone by starting it, choosing OZGATE from the website it brings up and entering the world. You have to have a Win95/98/NT PC with soundcard (soundblaster compatible reccommended) and a microphone).

OzGate Traveler spaces showing Av99 mascots Avonaut and Avanaut as built by the OzGate team

Past Avatars for Onlive Events

Jewel and Boulder Man in the Avatars98 exhibit hall in Traveler (Boulder)

Jewel and Boulder Man in Active Worlds Avatars98 hall looking at themselves in the Traveler Avatars98 exhibit hall.. talk about a hall of mirrors!

Voice performance in Traveler Utopia at UT Austin

Explore the Onlive community further through our pages at the Avatar Teleport.

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