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Avatars99 Year 2000 Special Event Photo Album
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Rolling the Millen-O-dometer to bring in the
"New Model Year" on December 4th, 1999
Ten Story 1999 appears
Cloak of Time Envelopes 1999

Unveling of Y2K

Year 2000 Rolls In to Attendees delight

Avatar Crowd Converges on Giant Number 2000
Floating above the first '0'
Drifting up to join the crowds under the Y2K dome   Drifters reach the pinnacle of the 'O'
Crowds form a line high on top of the Number   A whos who of avatar cyberspace
Y2K is mobbed!   Crowds hovering over Y2K as it transitions to yellow
Blue version of Y2K
Blue Y2K seen from below

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