Avatars99 Colonizing Cyberspace

Avatars99 Teams and Members
(Active Worlds Event, Dec 4th)

Cross-Conference Teams

Office of the Conference Architect
San Marco (Stuart Gold)

Design Leads
Razzle (Dave Rasumssen)
Windancer (Merryn)
Working with San Marco and DigiGardener

Overall Conference Coordination
DigiGardener (Bruce Damer)
Logo Art
Andy Best and Merja, Meetfactory
Object Coordination and General Building
Cyberguy, Chloe, Sajinka, Al Kemyst, lady bunny, Lightfoot, Just In
Razzle and the PKs
In-World Avatar Contributors and Director
MyTwoKeys, Raiven, Netropolis
Shamus Young (special avs)
Avvy Awards Judging
MyTwoKeys, Netropolis and a selection of Judges, Raki (Sue Wilcox) advising
Speaker Coordination
Lydette (Lydia Bennett) with Dave Campbell, San Marco and DigiGardener
Bonnie deVarco (EduVerse/Track Speakers)
Stories of the Cyberpioneers
Bonnie DeVarco with Queenbee (Margaret Corbit) supporting reader and hosting of stories
Shard (Anita Roy Dobbs) for the form 4 submission
Threaded Web Newsgroup
Sajinka and Jupytr
Server Provision and Hosting
ENZO, Cryonic (Rick and JP)
Bill, Roland and the AW.COM team
Photojournalism and Documentation
M u n k u y
Webcasting and Audiocasting
Chloe (Av99CAMS) and Thorus

Public Relations
Lynn Macias
Raki (Sue Wilcox)

Website Development
Sandarroch (Sandra Wood)
DigiGardener (Bruce Damer)
General Bots
Community Rallying, Hosting in-World
Lucrezia Borgia (Mandee Tatum)
Mountain Myst and GKs

World Building Teams

AV99 Ground Zero
Windancer and Razzle with DigiGardener and others

Exhibit Hall
Windancer and Razzle with San Marco, CyberGuy and Ann as leads in getting it done

AV99HUB Bigboard for VDR Sessions and

Windancer and Razzle
San Marco (Design & Database)
XelaG (Alex) on Bots

AV99ART Out of this World Art Gallery
Jupytr and Killamo

AV99TOUR Grande Tour de Worlds
AlphaBit Phalpha & BitMaster

AV99CAMS Webcam Central
Chloe, Just In
& Thorus (of Ed's TV fame)
AV99AVVY Avvy Awards
AlphaBit and BitMaster
General Builders

Others as yet unassigned

DJ Party
Soul Man

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