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A preview of the Webcams World.
Join Webcam Central and your cam and location will be part of our Webcam Wall and featured live at Avatars99 Colonizing Cyberspace on December 4th, 1999. You can also sign up as a physical "node" site.

We recommend downloading Kolban's Webcam32 or other webcam software and using it with your camera. This software is available for free use for an hour by hour basis (only and hour at a time) or indefinitely if you purchase the full version. The software that came with your camera may provide the same functionality. You need to be able to take the camera output and stream it to a JPG file on your website. It is this JPG file we will use to put your image on the virtual screen, and update it every few seconds.

Examples of a webcam webcast from a physical location out on the web and a webcam beamed into a virtual world

Special Instructions and Conditions

Please try to have your camera active by 10:00am Pacific Standard Time on Friday December 3rd so we can test it on in the Webcam Central area. On Saturday Dec 4th, 1999 your camera will show the world your physical location during Avatars99, the first conference of and in Cyberspace.

To attend this event virtually, download and install the Active Worlds platform from
and enter the world AV99 for the conference events, where you will find teleporters that will take you to the AV99CAMS world where your cam will be featured.

By submitting your webcam you agree to have an image from it reproduced on the website of the Contact Consortium ( If you provided a home page address, we will provide links back to your home page for guests who click on yoru cam in the world.

Please sign up on the Avatars mailing list for news of Avatars99 at:
for news of Webcam Central and other Avatars99 conference events.

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