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Community Project Issue #1,
Year of Our Lord April 28, 1996
** the Towne Crier **

Sherwood Forest's Community Broadsheet

Lots Now Available!

Townesfolk and all newcomers to our community! We have land for you to settle and build your huts, barns, withyworks and shops! There are nine fine pieces of land on the common. Please make your stake with the Land Manager today!

Lots A through M now available in Olde Towne:

See our fine new map below and choose your lot today!

Sherwood Builder Rusel DeMaria Gets Started, April 29, 1996
Rusel Building

Hot New Sites Going Up!
Laurels Farm
Laurel's Farm

Find the new icons all over the Website!
And pay visits to different parts of Sherwood!

See the new Sherwood Forest Community Map!
Sherwood Map

Want to build? See Guide to Builders

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