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ITU Research Incorporated is a research and development company specializing in an innovative man-machine interface design including multiple finger gesture based three-dimensional input device named TouchCube. ITU Research is seeking the business arrangements for raising venture capital or licensing/corporate partnering to commercialize the TouchCube and the TouchCube technology based input devices. ITU Research, Inc. also offers a wide range of research and technical consulting services in the area of computer based systems control and computer graphics. ITU Research's comparative advantage lies in its patented and otherwise proprietary 6DOF input technology, which provides an intuitive and economical interface to computer for the broad array of applications such as 3-D computer graphics, computer-aided design and manufacturing( CAD/CAM ), and robotics.

Contact ITU Research at:
Taizo Yasutake
ITU Research, Inc.
email to: taizoy@aol.com

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