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The Contact Consortium offers a range of membership and participation possibilities. As of July 1999, our individual membership has converted to a an open participation (no charge). We encourage you to send us your details in our online form below and join our mailing lists for the many Consortium Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Your membership in our organization depends on your level of participation, so please send us details about your interests and we will do our best to direct you to affinity groups within the Consortium.

For institutions and corporations, see our membership categories below and general membership benefits and then fill in our online form and we will reply to you promptly.

Affiliate Membership
    For other non-profit membership organizations, $100 per year
Research/Educational Membership
    For universities, colleges, schools, non-profit institutions, government agencies, $200 per year
Smaller Company Membership
    $500 per year
Full Corporate Sponsorship
    $2000 per year
Members can qualify for discounts at our workshops and conferences. Member Corporations and Institutions can present their vision and products to the industry at our events. All members have access to our other services, including listserv news updates, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), our World Wide Web site and industry networking functions.

Request membership information now by filling out our online form. Or join now by (1) clicking on the following links to download a Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat PDF version of our membership form, (2) printing out and filling in this form and (3) sending your form and cheque or money order to our address at:

    The Contact Consortium
    P.O. Box 66866
    Scotts Valley CA 95067-6866 USA
Please make cheques payable to the Contact Consortium.

On-Line Application Form

First Name: 

Last Name:  


Address: City: State:
Zip: Country:
Phone: Fax:
E-mail: URL (optional):

Membership Type:

 Full Individual (free)

Affiliate ($100) (other non-profit membership associations) Research/Educational ($200) (universities, colleges, schools, non-profits, government agencies) Smaller Company ($500) Full Corporate Sponsor ($2000)

Membership Benefits

The following membership benefits have been established for each level of membership:

General Membership Benefits

  • Participation in our online experiments
  • Subscription to email news updates
  • Select discounts at our seminars and conferences
  • Deduction of taxable income from membership fees and other donations
  • All members will be listed in the membership directory on our website and, if they opt, can have their websites or mailto links included in the directory.

Membership Benefits for each Category

Individual and Student Membership
    Members at this level are free to take part in research, assume roles of leadership and responsibilities in research and online exercises. Individual members can also present at our seminars and conferences, given acceptance of their proposals. Individual members can also propose new projects, speak at our conference and seminars, participate in job and career networking and list their websites in our membership directory. Lastly, individual members can be actively involved in contributing digital art or other building components to the virtual community environments of the Consortium.

Affiliate Membership for other non-profit membership asssociations
    As Affilitates, the Consortium and Affiliate organization promote each other's organizations and events. The Consortium and Affiliate may take part in each other's events by sharing speakers and other program activities, combining exhibition space and sharing revenues from such events. The Consortium and Affiliate may offer discounts to each other's membership on their conferences. The Consortium and Affiliate organization may share each other's membership list and direct promotional or informational materials to each other's memberships. The Consortium and Affiliate organization may work together on a number of projects for education, research and other public benefit. Lastly, the Affilitate organization appoints an official liaison to represent them in the Consortium (with the Consortium reciprocating).

Research/Educational Membership for universities, colleges, schools, non-profits, government agencies
    Members at this level can benefit from Consortium membership by participating directly in Consortium research programs, including on-line virtual world exercises. The Consortium can engage in joint grant application and research with this level of member. These organizations can propose whole programs, such as panels and live exercises, to occur at Consortium conferences and invite Consortium speakers and programs to be part of their seminars, colloquia and conferences. Non-profit institutions receive discounts on our conference packages. Lastly, these organizations can receive Consortium educational programs in-house at preferential rates.

Individual Company Membership
    Individual Company members benefit by being able to participate fully in Consortium activities, including research and online exercises. In addition, Individual Company members receive discounts on exhibit space at our conferences, symposia and seminars. In addition, Individual Company members can present a vendor tutorial at our annual conference where their products or services can be showcased to a dedicated audience. Lastly, Individual Company members receive discounts on seminars on virtual worlds offered by experts from the Consortium.

Full Corporate Sponsorship
    Corporate sponsorship is the highest level of membership in the Consortium. Sponsors can take advantage of the full expertise of the Consortium assisting them to develop or use virtual world technology. Our experts will evaluate environments produced by Corporate Sponsors and give detailed feedback. The Consortium will feature the technology and programs of Corporate Sponsors at our events and in our print, TV, radio and online media. If appropriate, the Consortium will carry out online exercises using the Sponsor's virtual worlds, where appropriate. The Consortium will help a Sponsoring Corporation identify partners for projects and individuals as potential employees from our membership and contact databases. The projects of a Sponsor will be featured on a special page in our website, providing the virtual worlds industry with a high visibility web coverage of the work of the Sponsoring Corporation. The Sponsor's approved corporate logo will appear on this special web page and elsewhere on our website.

    In addition, Corporate Sponsors receive discounts and preferred placement in exhibit space at our conferences, symposia and seminars. Employees of Corporate sponsors receive discounts on conference packages. Sponsors are able to present a vendor tutorial at our annual conference where their products or services can be showcased to a dedicated audience.

    Lastly, Corporate Sponsors are entitled to receive an in-house half day seminar on one of a selection virtual worlds subjects. If travel is involved, all reasonable travel expenses are expected to be covered by the Sponsor, but there is no charge for the seminar.

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