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June 1995 News

WorldsChat(tm) by Worlds, Inc.

The first inhabitable 3D Internet space

Enter a gallery and pick an *avatar*.. a persona (choose from fish, businessmen, cyberfolk, chess pieces and other characters) and enter the WorldsChat space station. Most social activity goes on in the Hub although you can catch the surrealistic scene of avatars (representing other participants) jumping over a cable on one of the station's pods. You communicate through a MUD-like chat session in a window. Download the client (Windows only for now.. 2.5 Megs compressed, 4-5 Megs after installation) from:

This is the first proof-of-concept that realistic 3D navigatable spaces complete with other participants are possible. We at the Consortium expect a wave of these environments over the next one to two years. We hope to keep up with these developments and provide a valuable forum for this new form of human contact.

New Members

As the Consortium completes the design of its membership structure, an increasing number of people and organizations are requesting involvement at a variety of levels.

In addition, Keith Ferrell, Editor-in-Chief of Omni Magazine has joined the Consortium as a founding Board member.

The Consortium Abroad

The Consortium presented its vision at the XPLOR conference in Nice, France May 30-June 2. WorldsChat(tm) from
Worlds, Inc. was installed at the Internet Cafe in Nice and demonstrated live in front of 300 European business executives at the conference's closing session. Several members of the press covered the event and articles will soon be appearing on the Web and in print.

The Consortium was also presented to a number of the leaders in the burgeoning Internet and media industry in Prague in the Czech Republic. The possiblity of a Virtual Prague exhibition as well as cooperation with the Czech Technical University was discussed. Dr. Pavel Slavik of the university is expected to visit SIGGRAPH in August and will pay a visit to us here in Northern California.

Our LISTSERV is up and running, subscribe!

Our LISTSERV is now prepared to deliver future updates like this one. If you would like to subscribe, simply reply to that effect to this email and we will get you signed up. Stay up to date with these fast moving developments, subscribe!

See lively Usenet Newsgroup discussions on Graphical MUDs

Discussion in the MUD, MOO and other multi-player Usenet Newsgroups have always been lively. With the appearance of DragonSpire, networked versions of games such as DOOM and 3D worlds like WorldsChat, discussion of the merits and drawbacks of graphical MUDs is more heated than ever. Check it out at the Newsgroup:

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