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Membership Fees Policy and Procedures
Membership Benefits
Expense Reimbursal Policy and Procedures
Intellectual Property Policy and Procedures

Membership Fees Policy and Procedures

Membership fees (in US dollars) are as follows:

Membership is renewable on an individual basis, one year following the date of receipt of the fee R

Founding members had one year free membership, which expires on June 8, 1996.

Our June 8, 1996 meeting established that a family membership policy will be put into place when a need arises. There is no family membership policy until that point and individuals in the same household will be required to pay individual or student fees.

Expense Reimbursal Policy and Procedures

Policy was established and approved during our June 8, 1996 meeting that all reasonable expenses incurred up to 100$ will be reimbursed, given available funds. All expenses in excess of $100 must have prior written approval (majority vote by email) by the board if they are to be reimbursable later. All expenses incurred during the year 1995 by directors of the Consortium and others will not be reimbursed but the Consortium will supply receipts for tax purposes (see motion at March 8, 1996 annual meeting below).

As adopted at our annual meeting on March 8, 1996, the Consortium will provide on request receipts for tax purposes for expenses incurred in 1995. No director or member of the Consortium received reimbursement in our formation year as there was no bank account or funds available for reimbursal.

1996 Reimbursal Items

For 1996, the following items are reimbursable: Expenses over 1000$ must be approved by the board in advance.

1997 Reimbursal Items

For 1997, the following items are reimbursable: All expenses must be accompanied by receipts.
Please feel free to suggest other items which should be reimbursed.

Reimbursal Procedure

For reimbursal, submit your receipts to our Webmaster. Note that items over 1000$ not approved by the board in advance may not be reimbursed and it is a good idea to get approval for anything over 100$. Items which are on the reimbursal list above will be refunded, given sufficient funds, in a timely manner.

Intellectual Property Policy and Procedures

Policy was established at early meetings of the Consortium in the spring and summer of 1995. All rights to intellectual property contributed to Consortium projects are owned by the contributor, but the contributor grants the Consortium use of that property in perpetuity for educational, promotional, research or other non-profit purposes. The contributor is free to pursue any commercial or other opportunity relating to the work.

Should the combined work of several contributors comprise an economic opportunity, then, if all the contributors are agreeable, the Consortium will pursue commercial interests, given adequate license or royalty terms agreed in advance to benefit the Consortium.

Review or revision of this policy is invited if contributing members desire it.

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