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James Hoegl's Proposal
For a Towne Hall

James Hoegl's (Theone) Towne Hall Proposal
His Plan for the Towne Hall
Community Hearing

James Hoegl's (Theone) Towne Hall Proposal (edited)

These plans I drew up are of course not well done since you probably don't have the right program to view in reg plan type. I think that this plan is probly one of the many ideas you have. I also have some, but I gave you this basic one to mess around with. you could put the meeting hall at one side if you decide that offices are not that nessasary.

The offices can be used for many things. One is that you can put computers on the desks and use them for many things. Two is to identify all the people in the community and three is people can use those to powwow others. The computers can have all the actions for all the things listed above.

Plus if you want to arrange a meeting it would look very neat. The reason for the meeting hall is for basically just looks. Unless you wish to meet there occasonaly.

AW plans to have text soon or when there final version comes out where things auto upload to the server and download to the people around you, so I was planning to put up a board on the back wall since there is a limit of 10 avitar sight. So then you just write what you want everyone to see and they read it.

Well if you have modifications just E-mail em back to me and Ill work on it a bit more.

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James Hoegl's Towne Hall Proposed Plan

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