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Avatars98 Session

The SIG is sponsoring a session at the upcoming Avatars98 conference. It will be held Saturday, November 21 in ActiveWorld's AV98 space. The session will run from noon-1:30pm PST. Once inworld simply click on the session listing on the Big Board and you will transported to the meeting area.

The session is entitled "Sociology and Anthropology in Virtual Worlds" and the speakers thus far are:

Janet LeValley, Ph.D. "Avatar Embodiment and Self-Growth"
Reed Riner, Ph.D. "SolSys: Textual vs Rendered ???"
T.L.Taylor, "Digital Materiality"
more to be added!

There is space open in our session so if you are a member of the group interested in presenting your work simply drop me a line! Look forward to seeing everyone there! -- T.L.Taylor

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