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Events and Conferences

May 20-21 1999 is the first annual Virtual Worlds in Formal and Informal Education Workshop ("VLearn One") at the Cornell Theory Center at Cornell University, Ithaca New York. This event is sponsored by the Cornell Theory Center, UC Santa Cruz and the Contact Consortium's VLearn Special Interest Group. This event will be "worldcast" connecting many locations together through virtual worlds as was done with Avatars98. Contact Margaret Corbit if you would like to participate in this event on the east coast of the US and Bonnie Devarco for UC Santa Cruz participation. Consortium co-director Bruce Damer will present a special keynote session at the workshop at 1:30pm on the 20th of May.

The Contact Consortium and V-Learn is participating in a number of conferences this year. Please see the upcoming events pages.

Active and Completed Projects

See the V-Learn Collaborations pages for the most up to date list of projects involving virtual worlds in the learning setting.

Other Project Pages

TheU Virtual University and its Architecture Competition
were the first learning spaces sponsored by the Contact Consortium and continue to provide a basis for pedagogical experimentation in the medium of virtual worlds.

The Virtual High School Feasibility Study undertaken by UCSC last Spring built a demo high school in Active Worlds with hopes of it becoming part of the delivery system for college preparatory courses online. See the virtual tour at the web site below and peruse the agenda (conference) to see more about what was done at: http://vhs.ucsc.edu

A student/professional collaboration in cyberspace to build a 3D version of the UCSC campus in Summer 1998 which should debut in late January. Please take a look at the private team page for the V-UCSC project:

Please take a look at the education page that was put together for the Avatars '98 Conference:

For other papers and themes relevant to this list, please see our
hotlink library on virtual worlds in education.

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