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How Your World Can Be A Part Of The Conference

Do you own / run an exciting, innovative or just plain wacky world in the Active Worlds Universe? If so, we want to hear from you!

Part of the Live 3D, Learn 3D & Avatars 2000 Conference is the Worlds Tour where people such as yourselves invite us, and everyone at the Conference, into your own Worlds to see the exciting new techniques you are employing, or the new objects you are using, etc.

If you would like to enter your World for a Tour, please complete the form that follows giving us the name and a brief description of the World, the name of the Caretaker, the URL to the Worlds web site, the URL to the worlds logo (Logo should be a JPG of size approx 128X128 pixels), and the time you might be able to perform the tour. Possible dates are 14th / 15th October 2000.

Enter Your World

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