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Press Release

AVATARS 2001: A CyberSpace Odyssey
is coming this weekend, December 1-2, 2001

Location: Virtual Worlds in CyberSpace and at locations around the world.
See your steps to attending the event and event schedules for both days at:

Have Avatar Will Travel!
Join us on a real CyberSpace Odyssey: AVATARS 2001 this weekend, Saturday December 1st through Sunday December 2nd. This will be our sixth annual Avatars event. We started this series at the ANA Hotel in San Francisco back in '96 and moved fully into Cyberspace in 1998. This year we are pushing the envelope again with new technology (bots like you have never seen them), new platforms (the brand new Adobe Atmosphere), some great art, worlds, speakers, exhibits, and a bigger, badder Avvy Awards.

This year we have four platforms participating:

  1. Active Worlds ( with their citizens' whimsical parody treatment of Kubrick's 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey on Sunday Dec 2nd. See exhibits, art show, cams of the world, and the Avvy Awards at this event. In addition, the parallel VLearn3D 2001 conference "Knowledge Spaces & Information Landscapes" will take place on Saturday Dec 1st in the Active Worlds AWEDU universe (see
  2. Our "new kid on the block" Adobe Atmosphere (, with an interplanetary journey to the new worlds in the Atmosphere galaxy and an Avatar Fashion Show (Saturday Dec 1st).
  3. Traveler ( with some amazing voice-powered spaces for the event, courtesy of OzGate and World Wide Party (Saturday the 1st).
  4. The Palace ( returns with their annual 24 Hours on the Palace event on Friday dovetailing into AV2001 on Saturday the 1st.

So I would like to invite you, on behalf of our wonderful AV2001 team, to participate as an exhibitor, contributing artist, webcam streamer, speaker, social volunteer, builder, avatar maker or just plain participant. We hope to see you in the various event worlds over the weekend of December 1-2nd, 2001.

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