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  - event sponsors -

Contact Consortium The Contact Consortium
Contact, Culture and Community in Virtual World CyberSpace
event host

  DigitalSpace Corporation
DigitalSpace Corporation
Architects for an Inhabited Cyberspace
event producer
Activeworlds Corp. Activeworlds Corp.
3D Internet, Virtual Reality and Community Chat
event main sponsor

  - avvy awards sponsors -

Credo Interactive Credo Interactive
Credo Interactive provides 3D character animation solutions in digital media and 3D software
avvy awards sponsor: 3x Lifeforms Studio 3.5
Curious Labs Curious Labs
dedicated to revealing new approaches to character creation - through Poser, Poser Pro Pack and their new Avatar Lab products
avvy awards sponsor: (latest news: up to 3 copies of) Poser 4 + Poser Plus Pack and Avatar Lab
Adobe Systems Incorporated Adobe Systems Incorporated
avvy awards sponsor: Adobe Photoshop 6
Amabilis Amabilis
3D Canvas: an intuitive 3D modeler and animator
free and pro versions
avvy awards sponsor: 2 licences 3D Canvas PRO 5.0
DirectX to RWX and Viewpoint converters available here
Activeworlds Corp. Activeworlds Corp.
3D Internet, Virtual Reality and Community Chat
avvy awards sponsor:
1 world license P20/10 for 6 months
2 citizenships (or extension) for 1 year
2 t-shirts

Murasaki 3D Murasaki 3D
an Active Worlds resource
avvy awards sponsor: 2 prizes, each consisting of a choice of one buildset for single world use from the following list: Egyptian, Medieval, Persian, or Country Garden
Andras Andras
free AW tools for worldbuilders and much more
avvy awards sponsor: P20/10 world and hosting
Heartfall world hosting Heartfall
friendly, affordable, experienced, reliable & helpful World Hosting Services
avvy awards sponsor: 1 year world hosting (for P-20, 5 user world)
International 3D-modelling and world building community
2 Star Trek collectible watches, see picture
Brave Hawk
leather boot key chain for a man
copper bracelet for a lady

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