The Team

  - the big ones -
   they made all this possible
Contact Consortium The Contact Consortium
Contact, Culture and Community in Virtual World CyberSpace
event host

  DigitalSpace Corporation
DigitalSpace Corporation
Architects for an Inhabited Cyberspace
event producer
Activeworlds Corp. Activeworlds Corp.
3D Internet, Virtual Reality and Community Chat
event main sponsor
  • Mountain Myst (Kellie Williams)
  • Flagg (Tom Fournier)
  • Lucrezia Borgia (Mandee Tatum)
VLearn 3D VLearn 3D
Shared Virtual Spaces for Learning
event host on december 1st in AWEdu
  • Hypatia (Bonnie DeVarco)
  • queenbee (Margaret Corbit)
DigitalSpace Traveler
event host on december 1st
  • Brian Thomasson
    a.k.a. -=Oz=-
24 Hours On The Palace VI 24 Hours On The Palace
Virtual World Tour
event host on november 30th - december 2nd
  • MissP (Alyssa Factor)
  • PuppyLove (Jessica Hasson)
  • Mystican (Erik Glyttov)
  • Tybalt (Troy Lunt)
  • aniela (Elizabeth Osuch)
  • Electra (Anne Searcy)
  • Wizzard (Kent Starr)
  • Dr. Crusher (Mary Dixon)
Adobe Atmosphere
event host on december 1st

  - the inworld team -
   they did the dirty work
XelaG Quality Bots XelaG
caretaker, bots and web design
digitalspace team member
Daphne Daphne
av01exb booths and general organisation
av01avvy avvy awards submissions and coordination
Valery Milovic (jupytr)
av01art art exhibition
av01tour worlds tour coordination
amigosvr team member

av01tour worlds tour coordination
amigosvr team member

main architect and designer
amigosvr team member

consultant architect
amigosvr team member

DM3D Studios Pty Ltd DM3D Studios Pty Ltd
Dave and Merryn
architects of av01art (Avatars 2000)
Andras Andras
free AW tools for worldbuilders and much more
technical consultant
Slate (Troy A. Gerth)
logo designs
magsbot 'best popular avatar' vote-bot

  - the outworld avvy team -
   universes and galaxies broadcasting the avvy awards, Inc.
3D Virtual Reality Chat Community
avvy awards in expo
avvy avatars and best popular avatar vote bot in expo2

3DWorlds / 3DEE 3DWorlds / 3DEE
Virtual Reality Communications
avvy awards and best popular avatar vote bot in ~3dee~

  - the december 2nd assistants -
  the final touch - last but not least
Gatekeepers Gatekeepers
Peacekeepers Peacekeepers
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