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December 1st
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Traveler Platform

Traveler is a Colorful 3D Virtual Reality Real-time Voice Chat Community Multi-User System.

Our avatars are emotional and lip-synch faithfully to our words. Most of them anyway, others are sort of surreal. Traveler is IMHO the most immersive socializing application on the Internet, bar none. Our audio is also 3D. The spatial attenuation coupled with stereo directionality give this platform a very realistic feel to our environments. Put simply, it doesn't sound like we're all cramped into a closet. Our environments are more than things of beauty, they are functional living areas for people all over the world. It actually feels like you are in the same room with people. Some of us have known each other for six years and still share experiences like dance parties, drag races and church. In life, we try to choose our perfect places, like homes, schools, jobs and churches. If you could pick the perfect places for yourself in cyberspace, what would they be like? Join Traveler and find out.

Traveler History

In 1996, a company named OnLive! made a revolutionary 3D voice chat platform. It's name is Traveler. Steve Di Paola headed up the massive project that set the standards in shared VR voice chat enviroments. Stasia McGehee made the lion's share of the emotive avatars with voice actuated lip-synched animation.

In 1997, the VRML 1.0 standard was brought to Traveler. It was then that Dave Collins and his engineering team at OnLive! released the 2.02 version of the already popular Traveler VR browser. This version is VRML complient and is the current version of Traveler.

In 1998, OnLive!, along with The Palace and Electric Communities merged to form It was then that Jm Valera began work on the dynamic scripting used in the Destinations Page that we enjoy today. This allows users to see a real-time depiction of who is on-line as well as what server and space they occupy.

In 2001, was forced to close their doors. Fortunately for us, Bruce Damer of was just in time to buy the rights to the platform and the domain needed to keep Traveler going. He now hosts the Destinations Page and the better part of the avatars used in our live worlds.

Avatars 2001 will have special meaning to Travelers. Not only will we celebrate our platform's place in the avatar realms of the world again this year, but in fact, we will celebrate our very existence which was in very real danger of going away forever.

Brian Thomasson