VLEARN 3D 2001 - Knowledge Spaces & Information Landscapes
Interactivity and Information Visualization in Virtual Worlds

Please join us on December 1 for Vlearn3D 2001!

On behalf of the advisory committee for the Vlearn3D, I would like to invite you to participate in the upcoming 4th annual Vlearn3D conference in cyberspace. VLearn3D 2001 -- "Knowledge Spaces and Information Landscapes" that will team up with and AVATARS 2001 Avatar CyberSpace Odyssey " that will follow on December 2, 2001

VLEARN 3D 2001 -- "Knowledge Spaces & Information Landscapes" - Interactivity and Information Visualization in Virtual Worlds (program here: )

WHEN? Saturday, December 1, 2001 10am 2pm PDT 1pm 5pm EST 6pm 10pm GMT ALL SESSIONS ARE FREE (please register here: )

WHERE? In the AWedu Education Universe (download the free browser here: and see preview page here:

VLearn3D 2001 is the fourth annual Vlearn3D conference in cyberspace. This year we will present three informal panel discussions and a keynote address on creating innovative and efficient information spaces. The goal of the event is to explore the diversity and depth of rich, compelling knowledge spaces where collaboration, communication and interactivity can enrich the online learning experience.

This year's worldwide event in the Education Universe will feature a Keynote Address by Katy Borner, "Collaborative Visualization Creating Information Landscapes and Memory Palaces." and three informal panel discussions:

  1. Humans in cyberspace exploring the humanities in rich, visual contexts
  2. Learning tools for interactivity and dynamic data visualization in science worlds
  3. Mentoring, counseling and tutoring in living knowledge spaces

View the schedule and abstracts here:

PRE-CONFERENCE VIRTUAL TOURS with students from Cornell University
9am to 10am PDT - Noon to 1pm EST - 5pm 6pm GMT

Informal tours through education worlds in AWedu will be offered by Margaret Corbit and students of Cornell Theory Center before the conference.

Please meet in the VLearn world in AWedu. VLearn3D 2001 is held in conjunction with the Contact Consortium's AVATARS 2001 - an Avatar CyberSpace Odyssey, December 2, 2001


Vlearn3D 2000 "Live3D, Learn3D" See transcripts and screenshots from last year s conference here:

If you are interested in presenting in one of the panels we still have some room left! Please contact us.

Bonnie DeVarco

Chair of the Vlearn3D Committee

Contact Consortium,