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av01avvy is divided into platforms at different levels. If you walk off a platform, you will be teleported to the next one.

The Avvy Awards is a contest for the best avatar in a certain category. There are six categories:

  1. Human
  2. Animal
  3. Fantasy
  4. Cartoon
  5. Best Bang for the Buck (500 vertices or less)
  6. Animation (may be combined with any of the previous categories)
Contestants may enter an avatar in any of the categories. The first 5 categories may be combined with the Animation category.

To view the submitted entries, click here

Avatars may be submitted until November 23rd 12:00 midnight VRT (November 24th 2:00 a.m. GMT). To submit, use the forms provided on this site. You will find them in this page's menu Submissions, which has 4 forms, one for each system: ActiveWorlds, Traveler, Atmosphere and Other. Read the forms carefully before submitting your avatar!

Entries are grouped by category on the platforms. Each category has a bot parading the avatars in that category. There is also a bot at GZ (the central platform) showing a slide show of all submissions.

The Avvy Awards ceremony will be held on the theatre hovering above the central platform. A teleport at GZ takes you there. Check the time on the schedule of events.

Best Popular Avatar is a popular alternative to the Avvy Awards. Magine's VoteBot will take citizen votes for Best Popular Avatar in 3 universes: ActiveWorlds, OuterWorlds and 3DWorlds. See the submitted entries page for details!

avvy awards submissions: Casay
world curator: Netwire
object design: SET & AMD