AV01ART needs artists to fill its gallery space!

What kind of artwork are we looking for?

Paintings, drawings, sculpture, digital art, photography, graffiti art, music, poetry, you name it. As long as your art is online, we can put it in the gallery. We are not accepting anything of an erotic or pornographic nature as this is an all ages show, nor are we allowing anything with a content of hate, prejudice, gross violence, etc.

How do I submit my works for the AV01ART Gallery exhibition?

Here is a list of requirements. PLEASE READ:

Questions, Help, Difficulties or Problems?

If you have any questions, are experiencing any problems or need help with any of this, send a brief email to curator, jupytr (email She will answer you back promptly.

Visiting AVATARS 2001 and the AV01ART Gallery.

To visit any of the AV01 worlds, you must download and install the Active Worlds 3D browser, which runs on Windows PC's only (sorry 'bout that MAC users).

To visit the gallery on the big opening day, December 2th, download and install Active Worlds from After installing, run the software by double clicking the AW icon that appears on your desktop after installation. Once in the AW environment, you will see many little black triangles. This is the equivalent of waiting for a regular 2D webpage to load so just be patient. It's worth the wait. Next, enter AV01 world. To do that you'll need to click on the little globe icon on the left of your AW browser. Once you've clicked the globe, it will open up a section underneath with all the worlds available. Scroll down until you find AV01 (worlds are in alphabetical order). AV01 is the hub world for the event. You can reach all things AV01 from there. Simply click AV01 and you'll be at ground zero. Wait for the world to load and you'll be able to navigate. Follow directions to AV01ART world. Also, on the right side of your browser you will be able to find information about the event. Just drag the edge to open it wider if you need to. (You can also close it in the same manner.) This is the web page area of the AW browser.

Submissions Deadline.

Have your artwork submitted no later than November 28th. Anything submitted after that time will be rejected. Sorry, but we do have deadlines ourselves and work to be done. And remember, first come, first serve. We have limited space so get your submissions in asap. There is a 3 piece submission limit. One submission per artist, please. If we find you are using another name for added submissions, obviously some will be disqualified unless we have the extra space before the opening.

Submission Form - What we need from you is:

Additional Information:

If any artists are interested in having a full time, personal gallery in the artists' community, Zero Gallery Village (ZGV), click here for more information. We can set you up with a personal gallery all your own, that stays in ZGV full time. You can have as much artwork in it as you'd like. You can add new artwork at any time as well. Lots of people come through ZGV and they might not see your artwork otherwise. It's a great oppertunity and is totally free. If any artwork is ever sold as a result of your works being in ZGV, no commissions are ever taken. How does that sound? If you want more info by email, click here to send an email to ZGV's curator.


By submitting your art you agree to have an image or images from it reproduced on the website of the Contact Consortium ( If you provided a home page address for each artwork, we will provide links back to your home page for guests who click on your art or signage in the world. Please sign up on the Avatars mailing list for news of Avatars2001 at: for news of the art show or other Avatars2001 conference events. Please Note: This is a public open space event. People may take pictures! Each artist owns their own intellectual copyrights but should understand that this is a public showing, and that visitors may take screen shots of your works on display. This is similar visitors taking pictures at a real world open space gallery. Users may take away visual momentos in their rolls of virtual film. We will label your works with your name so that proper and due credit will appear to the public.