a merry cyber party
in honour of J.R.R.Tolkien's
eleventy-first birthday


January 3rd-5th 2003
in ActiveWorlds


Lady Murasaki

Susan Katarzis (Lady Murasaki) won the AVVY Awards for best avatar at our Avatars 2001 conference. In the early fall of 2002, when she heard we were organising a new event in honour of J.R.R. Tolkien, she offered to create some avatars for this event. Here are pictures of a few of them, beautiful in 2 dimensions, but much more beautiful in 3D Virtual Reality.

Please follow this link to visit her gallery.

Lady Murasaki's web page is at



Barton H. Sparks Jr. (Shankahtus) entered his Gandalf avatar for the 2002 AVVY Awards contest. When the contest was cancelled, he kindly offered it to us for the Avatars event. And to top up his generosity, he made us a dwarf avatar, Gimli, and a few elves.

Please follow this link to visit his gallery.

Visit Shankahtus' page at



Ezequiel Sanchez (SET), from Argentina,, designed last year the setting for Avatars 2001. His contibution this year includes Legolas, three orcs, and a balrog (not for public use, reserved for bots).

Please follow this link to visit his gallery



Volker Hatzenberger (Ananas) lives in Germany. One of his first avatars was an entling, which he kindly gave to us.

Click here to view it.



Alex Grigny de Castro (XelaG) retagged, recoloured and made animations for one of Active Worlds famous avatars: birde.

You can see and download them at Please hit the back button to return to this page.