Our Team

Jupytr - art department, av02art

Lady Murasaki - avatar and object design, Rivendell, advisor

Lady Pippin - rivers, scenery

Bassa - in-world building and setting up locations, decoration

Denkar - object design, Khazad-Dûm

SET - object design, Orthanc

AMD - object optimising

Ananas - object designer / provider

Andras - technical support

Elysium - sky boxes

Gobman - fireworks

J o - fireworks

Netwire - in-world building

Nightraven - disk-jockey

Poseidon - scenery

SWE - object designer

Shankahtus - avatar design

Tuor - graphics

XelaG - coordination (DigitalSpace), landscape, object design, Hobbitton, West Gate of Moria, Ground Zero (Gee Zed)

Gatekeepers - reception of guests

Peacekeepers of AW - peace task force