Second Annual Avvy Awards

Is your avatar destined for stardom?
Last Year's Avvy Awards
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Is your avatar destined for stardom?

TV has the Emmys, Hollywood has the Oscars, and Cyberspace has the Avvy Awards (the Avvies, for short). Submit your avatars and compete for fame and prizes. Send your submissions in soon -- our deadline is October 20th and final judging will be held October 24, 1996 at the Come as Your Favorite Avatar Haloween Party (the official Avatars 97 Party) at the Anon Salon on 9th and Howard Streets in San Francisco. Note that you do not have to be registered at the Conference to enter the awards.

Last year the first Annual Avvy Awards generated some first class avatar designs. The first annual Avvies were awarded for categories like most bang for the buck, best non-humanoid, most realistic, and best overall. This year there are some new categories for the Avvys and the entries are already streaming in! Take a look at some of last year's winners:

Last Year's Avvy Awards

Last year we had over 400 submissions to the Avvies. See the overall winner and Sue Wilcox's review of the awards below.

Avvy Award Overall Winner
Web Design's Lisa3 was the Overall Avvy Awards winner

Announcement of the
First Annual
Avvy Awards!

See the Sue Wilcox VRMLSite Avvy Report.
Get Your Avatars Ready!

Gallery of Avatars
Need food for thought?
See the gallery of virtual worlds and their avatars.

Get your avatars ready for submission to the Avvie Awards. See some examples such as Lisa3 above or Rob Meyers' Goldfish below. Also a good place to visit is the Out of This World Art Gallery where you will see C. Scoll Young's Chrome Angel 97, official moniker of Avatars 97.

When you are ready to submit, go down to the Submission Guidelines below.

Chrome Angel 97
C. Scott Young's Chrome Angel 97 Avatar
in the Out of This World Art Gallery

Rob Meyer's Fish
Rob Meyers'Goldfish Avatar

This avatar won the title of most realistic avatar at the 1996 Earth to Avatars conference. This Goldfish from Rob Myers at Cosmo Software is under 100 polygons, realistically textured and features lifelike fin and swimming motions.


Winning avatars will receive high profile coverage on the web on the Consortium home page and elsewhere. Prizes will be announced closer to the submission deadline and at the conference.

Submission Guidelines

See the Contest Rules & Judging and Categories below. If you have questions about the Avvies, formats to submit your avatar, contact contest coordinator Kirk Parsons the Avatar Guy.

Contest Rules & Judging:

    1. All entries must be received by 5pm (PST) Monday, October 20, 1997.
    2. VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) compliant avatars will be viewed using the Cosmo Player browser
    3. Suggested VRML avatar file size limit is 60k, 1000 polygons.
    4. Non-VRML avatars must be submitted with instructions on how best to view them.
    5. Winners will be announced at 10pm (PST) October 24, 1996 at the Come as Your Favorite Avatar Haloween Party (the official Avatars 97 Party) at the Anon Salon on 9th and Howard Streets in San Francisco.
    6. Contestants can also join the award ceremony virtually by going to virtual worlds at Avatars 97 Online.
    7. Winners not present physically or virtually will be notified via email.

Submit your avatar(s) for nominations in the following categories:
    • Most Realistic Humanoid
    • Best Non-Humanoid
    • Best Bang for the Buck (most elegant & efficient use of polygons and texture mapping)
    • Best VRML 2.0
    • Best image or sprite (WorldsAway, Palace, Virtual Places)
    • Best episodic performer
    • Weirdies (you mean that is an avatar?)
    • Best Overall

Submit your Avatar

Fill out this form and submit it. If you have problems or questions, contact Kirk Parsons, the Avatar Guy.



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