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Join us for Avatars 97 as a volunteer, speaker, sponsor, or press. Feel free to contact the following people to express your interest in being part of the Avatars 97 team! Promote Avatars 97 on your homepage with a Logo Link.

Please feel free to contact us regarding sponsorship, speaking, volunteering, media coverage or attendance for Avatars 97. Reach the conference organization team at:

Conference Logisitcs Co-ordinator: Nancy Levidow at nancyl@ccon.org
Program Co-Chair: Bruce Damer who can be reached via our Webmaster
Program Co-Chair: Michael Powers at powers@insideout.net
Outreach and Web Links/Speaker Coordinator: Wendy Sue Noah at wendysue@pacbell.net
Exhibitor/Registration Coordinator: our Webmaster at nanzy@ccon.org

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