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Avatars 97 will feature a display of Out of This World Art from digital artists working in the virtual worlds medium. Get a preview from our Avatars 97 conference artist and VRML Knight C. Scott Young, who returns this year with Chrome Angel 97.

C. Scott Young's Chrome Angel 97
Remember the famous Chrome Angle from Earth to Avatars?
Well, C. Scott Young, the VRML Knight has brought her back for Avatars 97!
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What doth the Angel tell us this year?

C. Scott Young's Angel 1

We bid thee welcome and We bid thee well.

I am a shard of the great Goddess,
Ancient and old,
I am this and I am more
I am Inanna of Summeria
She who is love
And she who is war.

C. Scott Young's Angel 4
In this place known as Cyberspace I am as well the Avatar known to be the Chrome Angel.
C. Scott Young's Angel 3
In the year of the past You gathered as Company Clans came together in a Tribal Circle. You shared of who you are, of what you had created in the freedom of creation as one tribe and one nation.
C. Scott Young's Angel 2
And now you gather again, To form this circle That you have always been apart of. So bless it be.
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